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This is my first attempt at a 100 word. I did the math and it could count as a prequel to "The Birthday Wish". Thanks to Southern_Witch_69 for this once-over!/I

center~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SS HG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/center

Severus was sitting in his library sipping firewhiskey. As he was staring at the fire, Hermione, love of his life and wife of three years, walked in.


"Yes, Hermione?" he asked as she walked over to him and sat on his lap while handing him a card.

"What is this for?" She just smiled at him. He opened it. It was a Father's Day card.

"But I'm not a father…" He sat confused as her smile became larger.

"Now you are," she whispered.

"You're… you're… I'm going to be a father?" he questioned.

"Happy Father's Day, Severus."

He smiled.

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