Title: Her
Author: Valk
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 220
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Rude/Tifa: pregnancy – She looked good like this.
A/N: I wrote this for the last round of Springkink in July and finally remembered to upload it here. I know I fail.


He stood around the corner, watching her as she selected fresh fruit from the market vendors. He had to admit, she still looked beautiful. After years of battle and heartbreak, her inner strength pulled through and, now look at her, she was starting a family.

Rude continued to watch as the blond walked up to her with a sack of purchased goods over his shoulder. He leaned in to kiss the brunette and the Turk felt his stomach drop. He knew Cloud and Tifa Strife were happily married, but that didn't make his love for her any easier to forget. Strife had caused her pain in the past, but if she could forgive him and happily bear his child, then Rude decided he could disregard his jealousy and be happy for them.

The blond glanced straight in his direction, eyes narrowed, while Tifa continued to shift through the fruit. Rude simply nodded, showing his peaceful intentions. He knew if she wasn't able to, then Hojo's fodder could easily protect her, but still he vowed to stay nearby if she ever needed help.

Goddess, how many times he'd wished she would look at him the way she looked at Strife. If only it were he… He slowly turned and backed into the alleyway. Perhaps in the next life. Perhaps she would be his in the next life.