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"Where is my daughter? Where's Bella?" He cries out. His voice is tinged with anguish and desperation. I take a deep breath, steeling my nerves, and go out to greet the father of my newest daughter.

"Chief Swan," I say with a small nod as I push through the door.

He turns his head toward me, glaring at me with blood shot eyes. "Dr. Cullen, I need to know where my daughter is."

I make sure to maintain eye contact and a kind face. "I am so sorry, but she passed away this evening."

"Wha...Why...Bella?" He stumbles out, gripping the nearest hard surface to hold his body up. "She..." he pauses, lifting his eyes back to mine, "Why didn't anyone call me? I am her FATHER!" He yells out in the small room, his voice reverberating off all the metal in the morgue.

"Since Bella was eighteen, she chose to have a Will drawn up which included instructions for after she passed away," I state calmly.

"What are you saying?" He asks. His heart is racing and slightly erratic, and I need to somehow calm him down before he faints or has a heart attack.

"Chief Swan," I start, moving toward him slowly. "Please follow me."

I turn and exit the morgue. I can hear his steps behind me and the unsteadiness of his breath as we make our way to the elevator. We ride in silence with still bodies but very different postures since Charlie Swan is holding onto the railing as if his life depended on it.

When the door dings open, he follows me to my office where I direct him to take a seat.

He falls into the chair, letting his body collapse beneath him, and I take my place behind my desk, across from him.

"Thank you for letting us continue this conversation in my office," I say, grabbing Bella's folder that Alice gave me from Jenks. "I thought it would be best to speak in private."

He nods and looks down at his lap before speaking to a spot immediately to the left of my face. "She had a Will drawn up?" He asks, repeating the information I gave him previously.

"Yes, she wanted to be cremated," I start, sliding the folder across the desk.

"That's fine," he interrupts, grabbing the folder and placing it in his lap. "Where is her... body now?" He gulps, swallowing his tears.

"The cremation has already taken place," I answer. "She wanted it done as quickly as possible," I explain. "I think she was trying to take care of everything, so it would be easier for you and her mother."

"Easier?" He questions with a harsh laugh. His jaw trembles as a shudder runs through his body. "God," he sighs out, rubbing his face roughly with his hands. "Damn it," he curses into his palms.

"Chief Swan," I say and he lifts his tear stained eyes to mine. "She wanted for you to have her ashes."

He stares at me with slumped shoulders and clenched fists. "I failed her," he murmurs more to himself than to me before he closes his eyes. "I am... was... a horrible father."

"I'm sure that's not true." I say, trying to comfort him.

"It is," he cries out. "Bella was such an amazing girl - bright, pretty, kind, forgiving, but I never told her any of that. I was fucking fool not to tell her I loved her everyday, and don't get me started on her mother." He shakes his head forcefully, gritting his teeth. "I am never going to forgive myself. My poor daughter, oh God, Bella," he yells, breaking down completely.

I remain silent as he sobs into his open hands, letting out small cries of anguish. After a few minutes the tears are replaced with a glassy, unfocused stare.

"When," he starts in a whisper, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his shirt. "When can I pick up her ashes? I'd like to plan a memorial service for her."


He nods as he stand up, his knees trembling beneath him. "Is there something else I need to do? Papers I need to sign? I... I ..." he stutters. "I don't know what to do."

"You need to choose an urn," I answer in a calm voice.

"Right," he replies in a dead voice. "Who do I talk to for that? What would she want? I have no idea what she would like. How do I make these decisions when I barely even knew my daughter?" He questions, his tone turns frantic as his questions come quicker and quicker.

I grab the card of the only funeral home in Forks from my desk and rise to my feet. I walk toward him and place it in his palm. "You can call them for all of the arrangements. As far as which urn to choose, go with the one that feels right."

He nods, putting the card in his pocket, the blank stare once again covering his face. "Do you need to have someone come get you?" I ask, concerned with his ability to drive in the state he is in.

"I'll be fine," he mumbles. "I just need to be alone."

"Alright," I reply, not willing to fight him on the subject. "We have her things gathered." I pick up the bag that Nurse Clearwater placed in my office, filled with her personal belongings, and he absentmindedly puts his arm out. I put the strap over his arm, and he moves it onto his shoulder.

"There is some paperwork you need to sign at the nurse's station tonight before you leave," I let him know, and he turns to leave. I follow him out, closing the door behind me, pointing him in the right direction.

"I am sorry for your loss," I say, giving him my condolences as our parting words. "She was an extraordinary, young woman."

"I am not worthy of your apologies, Dr. Cullen," he replies in a quiet voice as he turns and leaves.

I watch him, with his hunched shoulders and slow gait, until he turns the corner out of sight. Sighing, I let my mind wander over what Bella's childhood must have been like, and I can't help but think we have a long road ahead of us.

With this though, I make a vow to give as much fatherly love to Bella as I can. She will never doubt her self worth if I can help it. I just hope she'll let us in, let us be the family she never had.

I reenter my office to grab my briefcase and to shut off the light. I walk slowly down the hallway, silently riding the elevator to the main floor.

After I get in my car, I rest my head on the steering wheel for a moment, replaying the event of the day in my head and my conversation with Chief Swan. My thoughts turn to Edward, my oldest yet youngest son, and I pray he is strong enough to give Bella the love she deserves.

I turn the key, starting the engine, and drive toward the chaos waiting for me at my home.

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