CHAPTER ONE-Written by Cecilia

Part 1: Knurlnien
Stone Heart

Murtagh braced himself for the gruesome, yet "necessary" assignment King Galbatorix had given to him. He was to look through the male prison,overflowing with captives,and give them a choice between life and death. The so called "life" meant joining Galbatorix's army while the "death" meant having a spell put on you by Murtagh that would slowly and painfully kill you. You could, if you were a coward, decide while you are suffering that you like the answer yes better and he would lift the spell, but as I said. If you were a coward. Murtagh was hoping that the prisoners were cooperative because he hated destroying innocent people. Especially his people.
Everybody seemed to think that he was pure evil because he had chosen to be on the bad side. What they obviously didn't know was that he didn't have a choice. it was that or death. Murtagh wished there was some way he could let the people at the Varden and his family know where his alliance really lies, but Galbatorix and his people kept such a close eye on him. The only time he was really alone was when he slept, and even that he doubted.
The elves hate me.He thought to himself.The dwarves even call me Knurlnien behind my back.
Over all the insults and all the hatred there was one thing that hurt the most.
Eragon no longer trusted him. His own brother!
"Brother." Murtagh said to himself.
The taste on his tongue that came when he said that was sickening. The foul taste wasn't because he hated Eragon. He loved him. It would take
all the magic in the world for Eragon to trust him again. Maybe never would they have a brother had done everything he could under the circumstances to prove his honesty but he had come too close to being discovered. Murtagh, ashamed of himself, quickly pushed all the thoughts to the back of his mind and started getting ready for the duty he had been assigned.

Part 2:Du Maela Brisingr
The Quiet Fire

There was a quiet fire. People were gathering around this fire to warm themselves. She joined them. The flames felt good on the outside but nothing could warm her cold, cold heart. A small child went closer the fire, shivering and in need of major warmth. He inched closer and closer. Suddenly a few of the logs snapped and a group of hot coals flew onto the child, burning him. He shrieked and jumped away from the hot fire. She flinched, feeling his intense pain as if it were her own. The adults were all coming around him and some were running to the well to get water to cool his limbs. The child screamed so loud he was probably heard miles away. She held her ears shut but the sound only increased. He lay there writhing in pain and she could do nothing. Her condition kept her from doing anything. She pressed the sides of her head together trying to get rid of the sound. The boy was rinsed with the water and stripped naked, except for his underwear, so that the man who was trying to help him could observe the wounds. He touched the burns. The child screamed louder than any man could think possible. She also screamed. Louder than him.

Eva woke up screaming so loud that her lungs threatened to explode. Angela was bent over her with concern clear on her face.
"Eva! are you alright?EVA!" Angela yelled gently taking the young girl into her arms.
Eva just stared at her with cold empty eyes. She could see Angela's lips moving but no sounds came out.
The only thing she could hear was the little boy screaming and the throbbing of her head.
Her eyes could move but the rest of her body seemed to be paralyzed.
Never before had Eva experienced a nightmare like that.
She felt much too old for her 15 year-old body.
It was like she matured 40 years mentally yet still remained a teen physically.

Part 3: Fodhr

King Galbatorix sat on his throne. He felt something he had never felt before in his life. Grief. He felt like he was mourning the loss of his Shade. Galbatorix had refused to let himself feel ANYTHING towards anybody who worked for him because he knew that they would soon die. He knew that many would die in the war and the great battles still to come. Somehow that self inflicted rule hadn't applied to Durza. Not that Galbatorix had realized until the Shade was killed by that fool boy. Eragon. The disguting farm boy who decided to be the Dragon Rider. It sickened Galbatorix that this BOY had murdered his Shade. Probably the closest thing to a friend he had ever had. There was no way Eragon was getting away with it.
Especially since Galbatorix now had Murtagh in his power. The boy would die a slow and painful death listening to his dragon scream in agony.
The king touched the scar on his face gently. The boy must pay for everything people like him had done to Galbatorix and of that he was sure.

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