Nasuada sat on her leader's chair, longing to be there for Bekha but when business calls, you have to work instead. She was currently settling a debate between two men. The first man said the second had stolen his pig. The second man claimed that the pig wandered onto his farm. They were arguing it out between themselves, while Nasuada massaged her temples. Finally, she had enough of the yelling.


Both men jumped, and looked in her direction.

'' Beggin' yer pardon, miss, but I need mah pig back. Ah have five youngin's and a wife tah feed at home.''

The other guy looked at him in disgust.

''Ma'am, he's lying. He has no kids, and just a fiancée. Who doesn't even live with him.''

''Yeah?! Well Gandhi here still lives wif his ma n' pa'' Randil looked at Gandhi in triumph, sure he was going to win this round.

Nasuada stood up. ''If you're going to fight so much, neither of you will get the pig. It will go to the soldiers, for while they are risking their lives for your asses, you're in here fighting like a couple children over a stupid pig!''

Both men looked ashamed.

''We're sorry''

''It's still mah''

''SHUT UP. THE BOTH OF YOU. Gandhi, your apology is accepted. Randil, if you're going to go on like this, I WILL force you to join the army. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?!?!?''

Gandhi bowed, while Randil looked mildly embarrassed.

''Ah don't care, marm, ah have nothin' else tah do and nowhere else tah go.''

Nasuada's look softened. ''Randil, why don't you come with me. We'll get you set up. Gandhi, you can go home.''

Gandhi left, while Randil looked slightly uncomfortable and awkward standing there. Nasuada turned to Trianna. ''Take care of this paperwork please, I need to go somewhere.'' Trianna bowed.

''Of course, your ladyship.''

Nasuada walked off with Randil, while Trianna rolled her eyes behind her back.

Eragon abruptly sat up. He sat there with a startled look for a couple moments, as if awakening from a nightmare. He slowly calmed himself, then stepped outside his tent to rest his nerves. He started walking around the border of the encampment, when an arrow pierced his chest. With a strangled cry he fell to the ground.