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Chapter 7

"Yes ma'am." I said breathlessly as Elliot walked around to the passenger side of my car and waited for me to unlock it. We stand there looking at each other. Lightning flashed in her eyes and I swear I heard a distant rumble of thunder…

"Perry?" Elliot snapped me out of my daze and her lips twitched on the side to a half smile. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, if you're not sure, we can just…" Her smile started to falter and I cut her off immediately by unlocking my door and stepping in; I reach over and unlock her door as soon as I'm in the car.

"Get in, Barbie." I said gruffly, and she quickly acquiesced. I started the car and tried to control myself and not fly out of the parking lot like I want to; or just pull over and get this started right here and now. No, Perry. Do this right. Treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Oh god, my inner thoughts are getting mushy now? Best not to think about that. Let the scotch dull those senses and just get her back to your place. Now.

Her hand snaked her way into mine, and she started to gently circle her finger around my palm. Just that small motion makes me bite back a moan; it's funny how the smallest things can rev your engine. My thoughts continue racing around but I work at keeping them in the back and not letting them become fully formed. Her finger, it's so slender and so soft. I bet her body is exactly the same…My foot automatically pressed down harder on the gas pedal at that thought.

There are no words spoken between us during the ride, but the air is thick with an excitement and expectation. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Barbie was just excited about this as I was. That little thought sent my heart racing even faster. I'm too old for this; when was the last time I was so excited about a woman? I've always been intrigued here and there by women—and god knows I was crazy about Jordan when we first divorced—but this was different. This was a new experience with a woman that I might potentially…gulp…like.

Ignoring Elliot's invitation to her place, I head straight for mine. It's closer. And right on queue I pull up in front of my apartment. Without a word, we both step out of my car and meet up at the hood. We link hands and head for my door. Together, hand in hand, Elliot and I step forward into a room where we have no idea what to expect. Tomorrow I will think about what everything means, or yell at her for taking advantage of me when I was in a vulnerable state. But tonight, tonight we are going to dive in head first and see where it takes us.

I unlock my door and before it's even shut behind us, I slam Elliot against it and begin to kiss her. I swallow the squeal of surprise that slips out of her mouth as soon as her back hits the door and she began to kiss back then. This passion that stole over me, it stole my breath and sent my head reeling back to gulp in air. My eyes locked on Elliot's and lightning flashed again. I felt that bolt of lightning shoot straight to my core and something broke loose. It felt as if a dam that was holding back…what?...anger…or passion…whatever it was, it burst forth and dragged me under the current with the force.

Elliot gasped, "Perry—what just happened?" Did she feel it too? My response was an incoherent grunt as I yanked her button down shirt apart and buttons went skittering across the entrance to my apartment. Elliot moaned and that almost sent me over the edge. I picked her up and carried her to my room. I needed a bed for this.

My mouth was on hers even before her back made contact with the mattress. I wanted to devour her; I couldn't get close enough to her. "Too many clothes…" I mumbled as I pulled my own shirt off. Skin to skin is what I needed, what I desperately craved right now. This wave of emotions that broke free seemed to need something to feed it. It had been so long since it had been fed and it was hungry. Love. It wanted love. And passion. And what Elliot gave me ignited my hunger even more; it just fed the flames.

I let the waves pull me under and prayed I would drown and die a happy man tonight. Be careful what you wish for…

I know, I know, a cliffhanger is very tricky if you're not sure when you'll be able to write the next installment, but this story is going somewhere fun, so I'll write another soon, I promise!