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Seven years, that's how long I've known Jacob. We met in our sophomore year of high school. He was in my math class and we had to sit next to each other. Jacob wasn't exactly a mathematician, but I was immediately smitten by him the moment he introduced himself. Jacob and I remained best friends and eventually turned into something more during senior year. Jacob and I decided that we would both go to the University Of Alaska and kept up with schedules, work, and grades. In the end, we worked out really, really well.

Jacob proposed to me last year while we were watching "Edward Scissor Hands" on pay-per view. It was obvious what my answer was, and we were married on our old high school campus in La Push, Washington. My parents loved Jacob as did the rest of my family, and Jacob's dad and all of his old football buddies always picked on me like I was their little sister.

Four months ago, Jacob thought it best that we should move out of our apartment on the La Push Indian reservation and find someplace bigger and fit to live in. We immediately began house searching and found a cute one-story house in Seattle in a neighborhood where every house was three miles apart.

We're moving in four days and our tiny apartment is filled with cardboard boxes. We decided we would move in without any help and we would do just fine. I'm lying on our bed, stripped of sheets and pillows which Jacob -very brilliantly- already packed away into an unlabeled box.

"Hello, Mrs. Black." Jacob purrs from the doorway.

"Jacob, what are you doing?" I try to arch my neck to see him, but he's beyond my line of sight.

"Oh, you'll see soon enough." Jacob's tone is teasing.

"Jacob, what is going on?" I'm just about to get out of bed when Jacob jumps out in nothing but a leopard-print Speedo.

"Rawr baby, rawr." Jacob claws at the air and has me clutching at my sides laughing.

"Jake, take that off, right now." I cry out between laughter.

"Your wish is my command." He laughs as he rips off the Speedo.

"Jacob!" I yell as he stands there naked.

"What? You told me to take it off!" He acts offended and puts his hands up.

"Jacob, I don't want to see your pee-pee right now!" I cover my eyes, pulling my shirt over my eyes.

"Yes, that's right, take off your shirt!" He laughs, jumping onto the bed.

"Jake, Jacob, its wiggling!" I squeal. He laughs and stands on the bed, shaking his pelvis.

"Is it still wiggling?" He laughs.

"Jacob! Stop it!" I turn away, laughing.

"Let's just have a little fun before we move." He laughs, getting on his knees and kissing me sweetly.

"Fine, just don't wiggle it like that again!" I laugh and he slowly takes off my shirt.

"Yeah, take it off!" He cheers and throws my shirt off to the side.

"Jacob, I swear!" I cover my chest with my arm and he kisses slowly up from my belly button to my neck, over my arm.

"I'm sorry." He smiles as he licks from the bottom of my neck to the very bottom of my ear.

"Jake." I moan and he slides off my pants.

"Yes?" He laughs, playing with my underwear, running his thumb from hipbone to hipbone under the elastic band.

"Don't laugh." I tell him, covering my hands over my mouth.

"Why would I-oh." He bites his lip to keep from laughing at my Hello Kitty underwear.

"Shut up!" I smack him playfully.

"These are my favorites." He smiles and slides them off of my legs painfully slow. We're now fully naked and he kisses me slowly, our tongues rubbing against each other.

"I'm sure they are." I whisper into his ear and he moans.

"Don't toy with me Ness." He nips at my lower lip as I lean back.

"Or what?" I ask and he lays back. I lean over and straddle him.

"Or I'll have to tease back." He laughs as he suddenly thrusts his pelvis up and I yelp.

"You suck." I laugh and we begin to make out again. He rolls over so that he's on top of me and he hitches one of my legs around his hip as he hovers over me.

"So punish me." He laughs as he slides in torturously slow. I grab the tops of his shoulders and grip at them, digging my nails into his skin.

"Jacob." I moan and he chuckles, sliding in and out slower and slower.

"Say please." He laughs and I grip harder, needing friction.

"Please." I whimper.

"I don't think you really want it." He teases.

"PLEASE damn it!" I cry out and he picks up the pace, satisfying my "need for speed". The coil in my stomach begins to push together as the room gets really hot and Jacob's mouth is on mine. He's going fast now and I'm yelling so much its embarrassing. I yelp his name and he quickens the pace again.

"Whoa Nessie." He moans and the speed he's at is perfection, making me feel superhuman.

"Jake." I moan and he runs his hands up and down my figure. His mouth on mine is delicious and I'm feeling my stomach tighten with anticipation. He pulses against me and I can feel he can barely take it anymore. He cries out my name as I feel him snap inside of me and the coil in my stomach snaps and Jacob sighs, sliding down next to me, gathering me into his arms. I glance at the clock: TWO HOURS we were at it.

"I love you Renesmee. Sleep now, tomorrow is a new day." He whispered into my hair and kisses me again before we fall asleep there, intertwined with one another.

* * *

"C'mon Renesmee, just please try to set up the cable for me." Jacob whines from the kitchen as he's trying to install the microwave.

"Ugh, fine." I shuffle into the bedroom and grab the cable cord from the cardboard box labeled "TV". I pulled the cord all the way out and look for the hole at the back of the cable box. I find it and stick it in. It fits in perfectly and I grab the other end to stick into the television.

The dimmest light in the world isn't giving me much to work with so I open the blinds to let in some light. I find the hole at the back of the television and try unsuccessfully to plug it in.

"C'mon." I mutter as I try to stick it into the hole. I'm becoming frustrated quickly and I lean back, running a hand through my hair. "Just ease it in." I talk to myself, trying to slide it into the hole. It's not working and the ceramic change jar sitting on the side of the table is threatening to fall off. "Son of a bitch!" I yell, and shove the ceramic jar off of the TV stand and it breaks into six large, sharp, shards on the floor.

"Renesmee? Are you okay?" Jake called from the kitchen. I pick up the shards and place them on the dresser, running my hands through my hair again, sweat making my stringy curls stick to my forehead.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I mumble and try to stick the cord back into the TV. Jake jogs in and laughs at the vision of me in these short-shorts bent over, trying to find where to put this cable.

"Here, I'll do it." He shoves himself into the space between the TV and the stand behind it, and with one flick of the wrist, its in. "All done." He smiles and I smile back sarcastically.

"Thanks." I mutter and cross my arms.

"Hey, don't get mad. I'm just extremely experienced with electrical appliances." He smiles and I back him into the dresser.

"Really?" I ask, leaning up to kiss him.

"Jacob the Cable Guy, at your service." Jake smiles and rests his elbow on the dresser as I reach up to kiss him.

"I can get used to that." I lean in and he leans back, laughing.

"OW!" Jacob yelled, and pulled back a bloody elbow.

"Oh my gosh! Jake, are you okay?" I lean back and look at his elbow where two of the enormous shards are sticking out of his arm.

"Yeah, I'm okay I just need a band-aid." I shake my head as Jacob tries to wiggle out of the space between the dresser and the TV.

"Jake, hold on, lay your arm out." I ordered and he does as he is told. I pick out the first piece and he yelps out in pain. "Oh, Jake, I'm sorry. Here just one more, take a deep breath with me…ready? One…Two…Three, breathe!" I ease the ceramic out of his elbow and he winces.

"Oh god, that was horrifying." Jacob gasped. I laughed and ran into the bathroom, glad we put all of our stuff in there already. I pulled out some toilet paper and wrapped his arm in it.

"C'mon, we have to take you to the hospital, you need stitches." I grab his good arm as he tries to talk me out of it.

"We don't need to go to the hospital, I don't need stitches." He protests but I drag him out to the Rabbit and start the engine.

* * *

"Oh, Renesmee!" Jake called from the bedroom and I laughed jogging into where he lay on the bed, watching cable television.

"Yes?" I asked and Jake pouted.

"My arm is killing me; can you rub it for me?" Jake asked, gesturing to the four stitches on his elbow.

"Oh, of course, right after I get you that ice cream you requested." I added sarcastically.

"I want a rub, forget the ice cream." Jacob laughed.

"Whatever you desire." I bowed, not wanting to say his requested name.

"Whatever you desire… He waited.

"Mr. Black." I spit through my teeth.

"There you go." Jacob laughed.

"Are we done playing this game? We haven't even put together the chairs." I complained and Jacob hopped out of bed, turning off the TV.

"Yes, thank you. Let's go put together some chairs, oh love of mine." He smiled and kissed me sweetly before walking out to the dinning room where our two-seater table sat, waiting to be accompanied by chairs.

"Alright, you get your chair; I'll get mine…sound fair enough?" Jake asked and I nodded. I opened the box with the first mahogany wood chair lay in pieces. I took them out slowly, not wanting to break the wood. I could hear clacking and clanging as Jacob took his wood out of the box and rolled my eyes.

I stuck the first wood peg into the seat on each side and then the backing. I attached the two and began to attach the legs. The first three legs fit in easily but the forth one wouldn't go in without a fight. I sat on the leg as the chair lay on it's side so that it was over the peg and hoped my weight would shift it into place; no dice.

I sat down with some force this time and felt a little budge. The third time I bounced up and down on the leg as it stood over the peg and it shifted into place with a loud snap.

"Yes!" I smiled and turned around. Jake was eyeing me half-lidded like a frigging lizard. "What?" I asked and Jacob closed the distance between us.

"Let's do a little role playing…you be you, and I'll be the chair." Jake wagged his eyebrows at me and I laughed. He kissed me, holding me against him for a moment and then released me, holding onto my waist.

"Renesmee Black, I love you. You make my wildest dreams come true." He smiled as he kissed down my neck.

"I love you too Jacob Black, you make my wildest dreams come true." I smiled and he lifted me suddenly off of my feet, walking into the bedroom and tossed me onto the bed.

"Now my love, we shall… Well, make love." Jacob laughed and with that our clothes were on the floor.

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