iFeel the Pain

Disclaimer: Doesn't belong to me.

Carly and Freddie were in the Shay living room, Carly on the couch, Freddie working on some tech stuff. Sam burst into the room and went right towards Freddie "Hey dork, looking up Robot Babes of America online again?" Sam then slapped Freddie on the head. Freddie turned around to face Sam "Is that the hardest you can hit?"

Sam was taken aback by such a question. Still she forced his hand and slapped him again. Freddie sat up and picked up a shoe "Here, use this." Sam's eyes grew huge "What!" "Well, it would hurt more if you use it. I mean a shoe would be more painful."

Sam couldn't believe what she was hearing "What is the deal with you!?" Freddie just smiled "I just want you to be more effective in your physical violence." Freddie then pulled out a billy club "Here this is sure to hurt."

Sam was now freaking out "Ok dork, I don't what the hell is going on but, I think you've lost it." "Oh no Sam, I just want you to be a little more freaky with your treatment of me." Freddie got an up and pulled out a steel tipped boot "Here, you can kick the crap out of me. Heck, step on my no no area while you're at it!"

Sam thought that Freddie was a little too eager and a horrible thought crossed her mind "Oh my God! Your getting a sexual rise out of my beating you!" Freddie was quick to scoff at the notion "Of course not. Now start with the kicking and the punching."

Sam was disgusted "That's sick. I feel so dirty. Carly I'm going to use your shower." Sam ran towards the Shay's bathroom at full speed as Freddie sat down next to Carly, who was giving him a shocked look. Freddie turned towards her and said "Well, that should keep her off my back for a while."