Never Again

"No," I said, glaring at the dress.

"Max," Fang said. "You have to wear a white dress. At least to try to make it look like a wedding picture."

"But that isn't a dress! It's a flimsy excuse of clothing!" Which was true.

Turns out that photo place, Iggy heard about didn't make you anyone you wanted to be. It had a strict 'Old Western' theme to it. Which means, Fang was a cowboy and I was a salon girl.

I have no idea how salon girls survived wearing things like this.

"Max," Fang growled, his eyes darkening with untold emotions.

"Okay, okay," I muttered, grabbing the only white dress before going into the dressing room.

After I had zipped it up, I couldn't help but think the dress was broken or something since my boobs were practically falling out of the corset- and I didn't have a lot of boob action.

I opened the door to the dressing room, hoping to inquire about the dress, when I heard a hiss. Looking up from my small (trust me, small) dilemma I saw Fang sitting ramrod straight in a chair gazing at my chest.

The man who was going to take the picture glanced over at me, looked at my chest, nodded and turned back to the camera.

Sexist pig.

I turned my attention back to Fang, wondering why he was acting so strange before realizing.

Oh my, two sexist pigs.

Soon to be three as I realized what Fang was wearing.

Lets just say he would make a great cowboy.

The camera man looked up again and glanced between us, before muttering- what I think sounded like, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

I whole heartedly agreed with that.

Then I realized what I thought.

No! I would not be a sexist pig. That was Iggy's job. I would just be...

Oh, hell. I wanted to ride a cowboy.

Before I wasted anymore time in this dress, I walked to where Fang was and stood next to him.

The camera man looked up at us. "Come on," he said. "This is supposed to be your wedding picture, pretend you guys like each other at least."

Fang put his hand on my waist.

Camera man rolled his eyes before walking to us and practically shoved me onto Fang's lap. "There." He walked back to the camera before taking pictures of us.

I couldn't get comfortable though. There was something poking me in the back and I wanted it gone.

Fang's arms tightened around me. "Stop moving," Fang whispered to me.

"I can't!" I whispered back. "There's something poking me in the-" I cut off suddenly when I realized exactly what it was. "Oh," I whispered.

"Oh," Fang repeated.

I blushed, resisting the urge to bury my head in his shoulder and pretend that never happened.

Fang looked down at me, and I looked up at him blushing deeper. Then he started laughing. At first I pretended to be angry, but I couldn't help it- I started laughing too.

While I was laughing, Fang caught my face in his hand, and with the most loving look on his face, he whispered, "I love you."

Instead of getting all panicked like on the plane and in the hotel room, I smiled at him, hoping to convey with my eyes, I was indeed in love with him too. With a slight sigh (a happy one), I whispered back, "I love you, too."

Fang's smile was blinding. He leaned down and started kissing me, forgetting all about the Camera Man (who told us later, he spent the next few minutes trying to get our attention).

* * *

"That was nice," I said, wrapping my arms around Fang once we were done with the photo shop. We were with the rest of the flock now (we made them wait outside).

"I have to say, I really did like your dress," Fang whispered, wrapping his arms around me too.

I sighed, pulling away to look at the picture we had gotten. The Camera Man was great at taking pictures, I had to say. We ended up getting the one of us, smiling and laughing (it was much better then the ones in the beginning which looked like we were being held there against our will) and I had to say, it looked great.

"I love you," Fang said, looking down at me.

"I love you, too," I replied, raising an eyebrow at the sudden show of love.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that."

While I laughed out loud, Fang caught me in a kiss.

"Okay, guys, really!" Gazzy said, trying to get in between us and break us apart. We ignored him.

After a few seconds, Fang turned away from me, grabbed my hand, and maneuvered us to the edge of the street before hailing a cab.

When we got in the (surprisingly nice) cab, the driver turned his head towards the window and covered his mouth with his hand.

"Hey," he said in an obviously fake voice, "welcome."

My first thought was, MURDERER!

Right when I was about to act on my gut feeling, the man turned around and- smiling- yelled, "Welcome to the Cash Cab!" The ceiling began to light up in different colors and music began playing.

I admit, I wasn't very excited. In fact, my first response was: "What the hell?"

Fang was no better. At first he responded like I did with the whole 'murderer' idea, then when the guy said 'Cash Cab' he bursted out laughing. Like actual laughing.

"Cash Cab," he mummered. "Funny!"

Iggy was muttering something that sounded like. "Don't you know, it's not nice to prank the blind guy."

Gazzy and Nudge looked excited. "I saw this show on T.V!" Nudge shouted.

"So did I!" Gazzy yelled, turning to Nudge before giving a girl like shriek.

Angel was calm.

The driver gave us weird looks. I couldn't blame him.

When Fang finally stopped laughing, he turned to the guy and said, "You're serious?"

"Yes. Cash Cab is a game show that takes place in this cab. The game is that I pick up random passagers and they have to answer the questions I ask them. The rules are simple: the game lasts as long as the ride to the destination you say, and I drive you there. While we are driving, I ask you guys a series of trivia questions. The first four are worth 25 dollars, the next four are worth 50, and all the rest are worth 100.

"If you guys get three questions wrong, you get thrown out of the cab. Anything money you get, you get to keep and spilt between the two of you."

He stared at us a while. I was eyeing him like a crazy person, and Fang was still trying to figure out if he was serious.

"So do you want to play?" the man asked us.

I turned to Fang (who looked like he wanted to burst out laughing again) and gave him a questioning look.

"Sure," Fang said, ignoring the little giggle that came out at the end. "We'll play."

"Great," I muttered. So much for us deciding together.

"Awesome," the guy said. "I'm Bailey. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you guys get two 'shout outs'. The first is when you can call someone and asked them a question, the second is a street shout out where I pull over the cab and you can ask someone a question. Got it?"

"Got it!" the Gasman screamed.

"So where do you want to go to?"

"The Belle Air hotel," I said.

"Okay," Bailey said. "First question. Collectively, Pavarotti, Domingo, and Carreras are better known as what singing trio?"

"Oh that's easy," Iggy answered. "The three tenors."

I think everyone in the cab (except Bailey) turned to look at Iggy.

"That is..." Bailey said, "correct! You just won 25 dollars!"

Fang laughed again. "So weird!" he muttered.

"Next question!" Bailey said. "Okay. In the Hans Christian Andersen story, what tiny item did the Princess feel through a stack of mattresses?"

"Pea," I said with no pause. When Fang looked at me, I defended, "I had to read it to Angel when she was little!"

"Correct! Next question. From 1990 until they went to the Euro, the Deutsche Mark was the official currency of what country?"

We looked at each other. Fang shifted a little. "Back at the house," Fang began, "Jeb taught me a little German, and Deutsche Mark definitely sounds like a German currency."

While the rest of the flock blinked at him, I turned around and said to the driver, "Germany!"

The Gasman glared at me. "We don't even know if that is-"

"Correct!" Bailey yelled. "You now have 75 dollars."

"Yay!" Gazzy yelled before hugging Fang from the backseat. "I knew you were right!"

Bailey asked, "In Bill Waterson's popular comic strip, what is the name of Calvin's stuffed Tiger?"

"Hobbes," Angel said from the back seat. "Total told me all about the strip."

"Correct!" Bailey said. "Now we move onto the 50 dollar questions. What chairman of Microsoft allegedly receives about 4 million e-mails a day?"

Nudge rolls her eyes. "Bill Gates. Duh."

"Correct! Reportedly, Bill Cliton used what poet's "leaves of Grass" to woo both Hillary and Monica?"

After a few seconds of pointless staring at each other, I said, "Can we use out phone shout out?"

"Sure," Bailey said. "Who do you want to call?"

"Our d-friend, Total."

"Okay, you have 1 minute to call him."

I took out my cell phone and called mom.

"Max?" my mom asked.

"Yeah, Mom, can you put Total on the phone?"


"Hello," a male voice said.

"Hey, Total. We're in the Cash Cab and we need your help."

"Okay, ask away."

" Reportedly, Bill Cliton used what poet's "leaves of Grass" to woo both Hillary and Monica?"

"Simple. Walt Whitman. Idiot."

I gritted my teeth to ignore the insult. "Thanks. Bye."

"Walt Whitman," I said to Bailey.

"Correct! You know have 150 dollars. Unfortunately, we are now at your destination."

"Okay, thanks!" I said. He handed me 150 dollars before, taking it back before I could hold it.

"Now here's the thing," he started. "You can-"

"We'll take the money," I said grabbing it and getting out of the car.

While Bailey looked shocked, the rest of the flock got up and out of the car.

"Bye Bailey," the Gasman said to him. "It was nice meeting you."

I taught them well.

I added that last part for those of you who kept bothering me about the game show! Enjoy and Review.