"" called Katie "come here girl"

When Flicka heard her call she started galloping in her direction. she came to a halt when she saw Katie wasn't alone two tall muscular men were standing behind her telling her that if that horse didn't come over here now she would never see her dad again.

"Look she will come I know she will"

"She better that horse can get us a lot of money at the auction" Said one of the two men. The other man nodding in agreement.

"Yeah a lot of money" said the other man trying to sound tough

Flicka hesitated at the top of the ridge wondering if it would be a good idea to go down. When she saw how upset Katie was, she galloped down the steep slop to meet the two men and Katie. The two men grabbed her and through a halter on her and attached a lead rope and started pulling her towered a trailer. Once they got her lowed up they shut the trailer door wit ha slam and got in there truck.

"Thanks little lady, for the great horse. Oh and you'll find you'll find your dad safe at the house" said one of the two men they drove away with flicka.

Katie ran back to the house to see if her dad was really ok or not. When she got there she was glad to see him sitting there safe but she didn't like the upset look on the mans face.

"Did they take her?" He asked in that husky southern drawl

"Yeah, they took her" said Katie bursting into tears "oh dad I was so afraid that they would hurt you!"

"Oh don't you worry about me. I'll be fine. We got to figure out how to get Flicka back" he said hugging his daughter

"Why would they want her? Why would they want Flicka?"Asked Katie though her sobs

"I don't know honey. I don't know "Replied her father trying to dry her tears with a tissue.