Author's Notes: I don't own Stephanie McMahon or Chris Irvine (Jericho).

Anyway... just a little something for a friend. Who hasn't had a teacher where they didn't crush on them for a little while? And yes, there might be some American terms in the story, beware.


Perfection wasn't supposed to exist, but there he was, standing in front of the room, proving that theory wrong. His simple, blue t-shirt and denim jeans hugged his muscular body in all the right places, and she licked her lips at the view. The way his arm muscles flexed every time he wrote something on the board, she wanted to reach out and touch him there, feeling the muscles underneath her fingertips. She wanted to feel those thighs rub against her own in the throes of passion every time she saw them encased in the snug denim. She watched his lips intently, studying the way his mouth moved every time he said a word, and she was sure that he had just said something like -

"Stephanie?" Chris Irvine spoke with concern laced in his voice. She was dreaming. She had to be. When he said her name once again, her eyes widened for a moment.

"Yes sir?" She asked softly, wondering why he'd be calling her name. She didn't fall asleep, did she? No, no... That couldn't be it. She had watched him write their assignment on the board, and watched him sit on the edge of the desk, her eyes wandering to his belt buckle when he did so.

"You seem to be a lot less focused recently, is everything alright?" He asked, and chuckled slightly when she nodded her head quickly, a warm red colour spreading on her cheeks. "I was just asking to see if you had any concerns with the assignment but then I saw you day dreaming."

Chris was amused to say the least. Stephanie McMahon was once a bright and attentive young student but recently she had started to day dream a lot more, and that worried the English teacher. Her grades were still above average for the class – hell, even for the school – but whenever he looked over to her desk, she was always looking at him.

The bell rang for the end of the class and as Stephanie gathered up her belongings, Chris called her over to his desk.

"Stephanie, are you sure that everything is fine?"

"Yes sir, everything's fine," she replied with a small smile, her eyes fixated on his cobalt ones. "Why are you asking, sir?" Chris chuckled at her being formal.

"Please, call me Chris. Formalities aren't needed in this classroom at all." Stephanie nodded her head. "Well every time I look over at you sitting at your desk, you're day dreaming, but you're also looking at me. Did you know that you do that?" He added in a gentle tone and smiled slightly when she blushed. Stephanie McMahon was a cute little thing.

"N-no, I didn't know that..." She stumbled on her words and lied. How could she tell him that she was day dreaming about him – her teacher! He wouldn't want her; she was younger than him and his student. She took a deep breath wondering if she just should get it out in the open. Over and done with. Bite the bullet. "Well, actually sir, I do know that." Steph's cheeks reddened by the minute especially when she saw Chris' eyes widen. She took a look at him from his short, blonde hair, to his muscular legs which hung over the top of his wooden desk. She moved closer to him, leaned next to his ear and whispered, "Because I'm day dreaming of you."

Before Chris could absorb what Stephanie had just said to him, she had walked out of the classroom. His shoulders slumped and he pondered on her words.