Author's Notes: It's almost over! Don't shed a tear yet, there shall be at least one more chapter of the story and then expect another one as soon as possible. :)

As Chris stroked her hair with his free hand, he took a deep breath and got ready for what happened between Stephanie and her ex boyfriend. He didn't want to lose his temper. "Steph, honey, what happened earlier?" He asked in a soft voice, trying to make her feel less intimidated and scared to tell him.

"He was drunk. I opened the door to him after I got woken up thinking it'd be my brother Shane, but it wasn't. It was him. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, on his clothes. It made me feel sick." Steph took a deep breath while Chris rubbed her side urging her to continue. "He tried to get into the house and when he couldn't, he grabbed my arm and dragged me closer to him roughly. I can still feel his hands groping me." She shivered afterwards and snuggled up closer to Chris. "I slapped him with my free hand and luckily he let go and staggered backwards. I closed the door and locked it before he could try and get back in. He pounded on the door for about an hour afterwards and I couldn't get back to sleep."

Chris felt Stephanie's body jerk, the tears flowing down her face freely and without a care in the world, Chris pulled her closer and made her face him and kissed the tears away. "Baby, he's not going to hurt you anymore. Shhh..." His hand was still around her waist tightly. He didn't want to let go of her, he wanted her to stay there with him forever. Steph soon relaxed under his touch and she looked up him with a shy smile on her lips.

"Thank you." She reached out and touched his face with her thumb, feeling the stubble prick against it. Chris' features seemed to soften when she touched him and she smiled even more, the warmth in the pit of her stomach making her feel incredibly happy to be near him.

"You look incredibly gorgeous in my t-shirt by the way." This was Chris' attempt at trying to lighten the mood a bit, and it seemed to be working as Steph chuckled and then hid away. Chris tucked the stray hair behind her ear and saw crimson creeping upon her cheeks once again. "Do you always blush when someone compliments you?" She nodded as she bit her lip, wanting nothing more than to kiss him sweetly on the lips... and other places, too.

He started to kiss the sweet skin on her neck, nipping every now and then which earned a moan from the young lady. Chris pushed down slightly on her shoulders making Stephanie fall back on the bed looking up at the handsome Canadian that was now on top of her. Her hands moved to Chris' short hair and tugged at the back of his head every time he nipped her skin, urging him to do it more often. He moved down from her neck and pulled the neckline of the t-shirt away from her shoulder, kissing the smooth skin with more open mouthed kisses and nipping once again. Stephanie's hands found the bottom of the t-shirt and started to pull it up her body wanting Chris to take it off.

"You want this off then, honey?" He whispered in her ear after pulling away from his previous ministrations. She nodded quickly feeling the material caressing her skin as he moved it up and watched the garment fall through the air, landing on the floor. Chris admired her body as he moved back up to her shoulders. Her panties were still see through and her breasts rose up and down quickly with every breath she took. Her hair was dishevelled, framing her face, and her lips parted with every moan that she made. Stephanie McMahon was a beautiful young lady.

Chris pressed his body into hers, feeling every inch of her body, feeling her heart beat and started to kiss her passionately. Stephanie was slowly losing her mind, her thoughts no longer coherent and she knew that she wouldn't be able to put together a simple sentence, not that she wanted to anyway. He teased her breasts to the point where she was arching her back just so he could do it more, her moans spurring him on even more. His fingers made light work of teasing her nipples, watching the skin peak underneath his fingertips and smiled. After he was happy with his work he trailed his fingers down the valley of her breasts lightly, running them down the middle of her stomach and started stroking Stephanie's sides. Chris felt her shiver under his touch, making him smile even more. She was so sensitive to his touches and Chris knew that he was going to have fun uncovering what makes her moan and shiver.

His hand quickly went to the waistband of her panties, and he teased the skin underneath quickly before snaking his hand in fully. What he discovered surprised him slightly – she was already wet. It could have been from the rain earlier, or perhaps it was from his teased and touches. He withdrew his hand and teased the skin under the waistband once again, feeling the goose bumps underneath his fingertips. Chris slipped the panties down Stephanie's legs and threw them on the floor, landing on top of his t-shirt which Stephanie was wearing only moments ago. His hands caressed her inner thighs until he felt hands tug on his sweatpants. Steph had managed to get them past his hips before she moaned out, "I want you. Now."

She was his undoing.