Ch.2- goodbyes

"hey im glad your finally awake I need to talk to you"his dad said asking him to sit down


"listen I think it is best for you to………well………………ummm………be adopted"

"what why?"

"well I cant have you living in this house where bad things happened to you I want you just to put it in the past"


Ding dong!

"that's the guy whos going to adopt you go head upstairs and go pack"


"hello oh hi come in"

"so…. Where is he?"

"upstairs packing hes being adopted"

"oh okay well I need to go

"yeah im done packing"

"good because before you go we're going to get you tested"


"yes after your done you will come back here and the guy should be here when you get back"

"lets go we got to hurry"

-2 hours later-

Ding dong


"we have the results it turns out that he as severe bipolar disorder"


"yeah heres some medicine he should take this everyday and it will prevent him from getting mad too much"

"okay thank you…bye"

Closes door

"alright well zexion this is the guy who is going to adopt you he needs to leave now so get your bags"


Comes back down stairs and gives his dad a hug

"I'll miss you dad"

"I will to listen I will write to you and call you kay?"


"alright I love you for all eternity"

"you too dad….im going to miss you really much"

"yeah so will I but its for your own good and safety im sorry you have to go"

"alright bye"

"bye" walks out

"well my name is xemnas and ummm I had to take my limo sorry if your embarrised the other cars are in the shop"


-2 hours later-

"well we're here"xemnas said grabbing his bags and showing him to his room "here it is"sets stuff down "I have to go pick up the others be right back kay… your welcome to anything in the house"

Leaves house