Its been a week since zexion came to the organization but its not time to go back to school for him.

"hey vexen have you seen zexion?" demyx asked

"umm…..yeah hes been in the bathroom for a while"

"okay thanks"

Knock knock

"hey zexion you feeling alright"demyx asked opening the door and seeing xemnas in there sitting next to him having him drink some medicine then hearing zexy groan in pain

" you got to be quiet"xemnas whispered

"is he okay?"

"hes not feeling well…. Hes been throwing up a lot and has a high fever"

"oh Is he getting better?"

"not really just worse"

"oh well I better go now got to go do paperwork"

"okay see you at the meeting"


-next day-

Knock knock

"hey is he doing alright?" vexen asked walking in

"yeah it was just a cold…..hes just really tired right now he should be alright by the end of the day"

"cool see you later"


-5:00 pm-

"how is he?" marluxia asked

"hes better hes up and walking around"xemnas answered


"listen he thinks its time to go back to school so tomarro don't let him you know get around the jocks or anyone who asks him about what happened last week kay"

"yeah sure"

"alright bye"

"bye" marluxia whispered