Derek dropped down on the bed. He rested his hands underneath his head and waited for his turn to use the shower, trying to stop his mind from racing and planning. They were safe for now. Andrew brought them to the safe house and he was contacting the others. Tomorrow he would think about the Edison group. Tomorrow he would think about keeping Chloe…

Derek mentally slapped himself. Keeping all of them safe. Chloe, Simon, and even pain in the ass Tori.

Chloe. The girl who could raise the dead. A necromancer. The girl he loved so much it knotted up his stomach every time he looked at her because he couldn't tell her. He couldn't touch her, even though his fingers ached and twitched too every time he was near her; especially when a lock of her soft hair fell into her face… And her scent!

Derek growled. He didn't give voice to his feelings, he didn't touch her…well, not like he wanted too, anyway. The girl was a klutz. He smiled. She tripped over her own feet. He was constantly catching her; he didn't mind. His face grew dark and stormy. It would kill him to see the look of disgust on her face if he did tell her that she was his mate. A sharp ache stabbed through his chest at the thought.

He heard Simon leave the shower, and he shook the thoughts out of his head. He heard his brother humming off key, as he toweled off and left the bathroom. He heard his brother cheerfully greet Chloe on her way in. Her sweet voice hummed a tune as he heard her undressing and getting ready for her shower.

Undressing. Oh. Maybe he should request another bedroom. His werewolf hearing could pick up almost anything in the house, let alone the bathroom next door. He heard her turn on the water and step in underneath it and he grinned when he heard her absentmindedly murmur, "Oh, hot water! Where have you been all my life?"

Derek closed his eyes and listened to her because she comforted him, calmed him. She let out little sighs and moans as she washed herself and Derek imagined her and felt himself harden. She really didn't know what she did to him. He imagined her leaning against the shower wall, wet and blushing, her delicate, inexperienced fingers fluttering down her flushed skin from her jaw line, between her small breasts, down past her stomach and…

Derek growled at himself, loudly this time. He was in the middle of mentally berating himself when he heard her gasp softly. This was different. It sounded…it had an urgency behind it that Derek recognized.

Another soft moan.

Derek's eyes widened. That was…was she actually…? His faced reddened and he felt himself grow rock solid. His pulsed raced. He should not be listening to this.

Chloe's quiet moans became increasingly urgent.

Derek decided that he had to switch rooms with Simon and half heartedly reached for a pillow, but he could not seem to make himself stop listening to her, the woman he loved, touching her self in the shower.

Chloe was breathing hard and he could tell she was almost there. Derek held his breath, trying to ignore his erection, and listened to her go over the edge.

"Derek…" She softly moaned as she climaxed.

Derek sat bolt right up on the bed in shock. Had he actually heard that? Yes, he did. It wasn't wishful thinking; she had actually said his name when she had…

He listened to her as she sighed; her breathing returning to normal. She washed her hair and then he finally heard the shower shut off. He got up as she toweled herself dry and he waited by his bedroom door as she dressed. He knew he shouldn't, but Derek couldn't help himself. He needed to see her; needed to see what she looked like. He grabbed his towel off the dresser and timed it so that his hulking figure was in the doorway as Chloe unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out.

She had a beautiful, secret smile on her face and Derek forced himself not to grab her and kiss her. Her face was still flushed. She walked into him, and she jumped in surprise.

"Oh! H-Hey, Derek!" She stuttered, "Waiting for the shower?

S-Sorry I took so long."

Chloe blushed a deep red and she broke eye contact with him.

"S'okay." He said, his lips twitching. She stood there in oversized pajamas and she had washed the remainder of the black dye out of her hair. It was now a light brown. It suited her. Her heart was racing.

Chloe bit her lip and she put a soft hand on his stomach as she slipped past him. She turned and graced him with a smile once more before she stepped into her assigned room and closed the door.

Derek stepped into the bathroom and shut the door and leaned on it. He breathed in deeply. The air was thick with the scent of her arousal and he basked in it. He pushed himself off of the door and stepped up to the shower. He threw his towel on his shoulder and didn't hold back the wide smile that spread across his face.