Alright everyone, here it is. A present of smut from me to you.

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Just a warning for those of you who are reading my stuff for the first time, there is (a lot) of sexual content in the following story, so be warned and enjoy!

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Derek couldn't get to sleep. He was just laying here, an arm under his head and a huge grin on his face. He still couldn't believe that a girl as perfect as Chloe could ever be interested in him. But she was. And that blew Derek's mind. She was tiny, and beautiful and the first human being other than Simon and his father who didn't shrink away when they saw him. She was loving and kind and nice, but still had a streak of anger in her. She stood up to him. Nobody did that. God, he loved her. His mate. She managed to see beyond rough exterior, all his anger and roughness. She was amazing. The memory of her straddling him and kissing him would be burned into his brain until the day he died.

Derek's ears perked up. A door squeaked down the hall. Quick, soft footsteps. He sat up and cocked his head. The footsteps stopped outside his door. A soft knocking. He prepared to jump out of bed and flicked the sheets aside, when the door quietly opened and Chloe's small form crept in. As usual, her divine scent hit him and sent his head reeling; the wolf in him knew she was his. Had known it for a while, even though his human side tried to deny it.

"You okay, Chloe?" He whispered, sitting up on the soft mattress.

Chloe glanced down at his body and a soft blush tinged her cheeks. Derek smiled inwardly. He was only wearing his boxers. She shut the door behind her and stood awkwardly by it, chewing her lip. Derek could not help but be reminded of how those soft lips felt on his.

"S-Sorry to wake you, Derek." She whispered, absentmindedly playing with the sleeves of her oversized pajamas with her thin fingers. "I-I had a nightmare and I couldn't get back to sleep."

"Come here." He replied; his words seemed to snap her out of her stupor and she hurried over to his bed and climbed on, settling in front of him.

She bit her lip again and he put his large hand over hers to stop her fidgeting. That got her attention and she looked up at him, her bottom lip sliding out from between her teeth. It looked red and bitten and glistened slightly in the moonlight and he had to force himself not to lean in and capture said lip between his.

"It was b-bad." She began, her eyes not breaking his gaze. "Not raising the dead in my sleep, bad. But…it was a-about the E-Edison g-group. T-They found us and they j-just…they just…executed us…and…"

She didn't finish. Plump tears started streaming down her face and Derek sighed and lifted her to him. He placed her on his lap and Chloe buried her head into his neck; her hot breath on his skin there making his pulse quicken. Too soon she lifted her head and wiped her tears away with her sleeve.

"Sorry. I kinda flaked out on you. Not very brave, am I?" She said with a sad smile. "I'm just…like…scared all the time and it's getting to me, I think."

"You are brave, Chloe. And I think it's starting to get to all of us. But we're safe for now. And when we do deal with the Edison group, I won't let anything happen to you. Never."

"I know." She smiled and put a soft hand on his cheek. She then leaned forward and kissed him sweetly on his lips.

"Can I stay in here for a while?" Chloe asked hopefully. "I mean, I know I'm not supposed to, but I don't think that I'll be able to get back to sleep for a while."

"Sure." Derek replied. He'd rather have her near him, anyway.

Reluctantly, Derek let her slide off of his lap and she settled down on her side with her back to him. She grabbed his hand and he smiled as she gently pulled him closer to her. He grabbed his blanket and flicked it over them, settling beside her. Propping up his head with his hand, he snaked his other arm over her waist and pulled her closer to him. Chloe sighed contentedly as he pulled up her pajama top and, resting his hot hand on her slim stomach, drew lazy circles on the soft skin by her belly button with his thumb. Breathing in the intoxicating smell of her hair, he whispered soothing things to her and it wasn't long before she became still and calm; her breathing deep and steady.

Thinking she was asleep, Derek stopped whispering and was about to put his head down on the pillow beside her, when she turned her head and kissed him, slowly and softly; her hand moving to his cheek, as if to make sure he wouldn't move his head away. If he hadn't of been kissing the love of his life, Derek would have snorted laughter at that. He wasn't going anywhere. Ever.

Chloe moaned softly and wiggled her bottom closer to him as the kiss deepened. Derek sucked in a breath and slid his hand down to her abdomen and pressed her ass firmly into his erection. Her heart was pounding and the scent of her arousal was enough to make a low, passionate growl emanate from his chest.

Chloe gasped at his actions and he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and bit it gently. She groaned deliciously and unconsciously moved her hips against him and Derek shut his eyes so tightly he saw stars. She really didn't realize what she did to him.

Derek knew that he probably shouldn't, but he couldn't help it and he moved his hand down under the elastic of her pajama bottoms and then under her panties. He needed to feel what he did to her; his mate. He wanted to feel how wet he made her; to feel her inside. She moved her leg up and over his, locking her knee over his thigh and Derek took it as encouragement. His fingers passed thin, surprisingly soft hair on her Venus mound before they delved further down and found her sensitive little nub.

Chloe let out a strangled cry and her hand moved from his cheek and fisted his dark hair. He moved his fingers experimentally against her moist clit and her hand flew down and grabbed his wrist as he continued his ministrations. She slid onto her back so she could look at him while he used his fingers to pleasure her and the look on her face made him moan. She looked beautiful – the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his life. Her hair was mussed; her white skin was divinely flushed; her lips looked thoroughly kissed and wet. She looked at him with wide, innocent eyes that were full of love and trust, and the wolf in him reveled in the fact that he would be the only man to touch her like this, to feel her inside; to be inside her. She was his and he belonged to her only.

Derek moved his fingers further down and sighed when he felt the warm wetness at her entrance. He slowly slid a finger inside her and she gasped, arching her back. She was incredibly wet and hot.

"Chloe…" He groaned as he slowly started to thrust his finger inside of her.

"Derek!" She choked out. She swallowed and tried to use her voice again. "I want you to make love to me, Derek."

Derek froze. He looked at her in astonishment. Had he heard her correctly?

Chloe smiled.

"I don't know what's going to happen to us. I don't know if we'll win or even if we'll all survive. I don't want to…I-I don't want to die without having you, without knowing what it feels like. I love you, Derek." Chloe shrugged and searched his face for his reaction.

"Chloe…" Derek growled earnestly. "I love you, too. You're my mate. There won't be anyone for me besides you. But we don't have to right now. I mean, I would like nothing more to make love to you but I want you to be sure.'

A smaller part of Derek wondering what the sweet fuck he was doing. His mate just asked him to make love to her and he was questioning her and making her rethink her decision. This smaller part of Derek was pissed and would never let the bigger part of Derek rest if she agreed with him. 'Oh, hey, Derek,' That smaller part of him would say, 'Remember that time you had sex with your mate? Oh, wait! You're an idiot.'

"I'm sure." Chloe whispered as she put both her hands on his cheeks.

Derek didn't know what to say. So he smiled at her. Chloe grinned back and pulled out a condom from the top right pocket of her pajamas and passed it to him, sheepishly. He took it and perked an eyebrow.

"I found them in the cabinet when I was looking for the first aid kit." She shrugged, blushing a deeper red.

Derek laughed and bent his neck to kiss her once before he pushed himself up and crawled between her legs. He kneeled and put out his hands for her to take. He gently pulled her into a sitting position and she giggled nervously. He helped her pull the loose pajama top over her head and sucked in a breath as he saw her small, perfect breasts. He realized she was scrutinizing his face to judge his reaction. He perked an eyebrow at her.

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about." Derek told her, returning her gaze for a few seconds before his eyes strayed back to her breasts. "You're perfect."

Chloe smiled and bit her lip as she lay back down on the bed. She lifted her hips and he slid down her pajama bottoms and panties, flicking the unwanted material over the side of the bed. Derek bent and kissed her stomach, breathing in the thick scent of her arousal and a deep, guttural growl of possession escaped his throat. He longed to taste her, but he could tell that she was nervous enough and he decided to leave it for another time. He moved up, kissing and licking her taut nipples and once more she fisted his hair. He continued is ministrations and listened to her little grunts and moans until he couldn't stand it anymore. With an animal grunt, he forced himself to kneel up and take off his boxers; his erection was rock solid and throbbing.

Derek was rolling on the condom when he heard Chloe gasp. He glanced down and saw her staring wide eyed at his erection. And he felt a strong sense of male pride. He knew he was quite large – just like the rest of him – but it was nice to have female recognition. Especially hers.

"Derek." Chloe deadpanned. "You're huge."

Derek forced a barking laugh down in his throat and Chloe looked up at him and smiled.

"Yes, yes, congratulations." She joked, her eyes sparkling. "But I'm really tiny. Are you sure physics isn't against us here?"

Derek laughed.

"I think we'll be okay." He replied. "But we don't have to right now, Chloe. We don't…"

"I know that, Derek. Thank you. But, I want to…I-I really want to, b-but, well, I'm really nervous."

Derek nodded and thought for a minute. He was afraid that his weight would crush her if he was on top. He moved and sat but the headboard, resting his back on it.

"Come here." He said, holding a hand out to her.

Chloe sat up and took it and Derek helped her straddle him, much like she had earlier that night. He kissed her and stroked her cheek and her arms automatically wrapped wound his neck.

"Now, you're in control." He whispered, looking into her wide eyes. "We'll try. If you're uncomfortable or decide you don't want to, we'll stop."

She smiled sweetly and put her forehead against his.

Derek brushed her clit once more as he reached underneath her and held his erection at her hot entrance. She was trembling and he raised his other hand to stroke her back. She kept her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and her forehead on his as she lowered herself onto him. Derek shut his eyes tightly and ground his teeth. She was hot and tight and perfect and his fingers itched to grab her hips push her down, to bury himself inside her. Chloe noticed his muscles tighten and opened her eyes questioningly.

"You feel so good, Chloe."

She smiled and watched his face as she pushed herself further down. There was no trouble until he reached her barrier and she took a deep breath and plunged down. She winced and shut her eyes, tears squeezing out the corners. He ignored the fact that he was now fully inside of her, which was surprisingly easy to do because he smelled blood. He froze.

"Chloe, Are you alright?" He asked, his voice shaking, betraying his fear.

Chloe opened her eyes and smiled.

"I'm fine, I just need to adjust." She said as she experimentally squeezed herself around him.

Derek let out a harsh grunt and squeezed his hands into fists. Chloe kissed him as started moving her hips up and down, getting used to him. He wrapped his arms around her back and carefully pressed her to him. The kiss quickly turned passionate and Chloe's tentative movements became braver; he caught the scent of renewed arousal just before she moaned into his mouth.


"Oh, Chloe." He cried out, as he moved his hands down to her hips; her tentative movements now full thrusts.

As she rocked against him, her nails bit into his back and he growled. Derek increased the pace of her thrusts and she bit his neck to keep from yelling. Derek smiled, his heart was pounding so fast it seemed like it might burst. This was the best moment of his life. She was almost there; he could tell by the way she trembled around him.

"Derek, yes!" She chanted into his ear.

Chloe came, screaming her pleasure into his neck. Thankfully, it was muffled. But, Derek didn't worry about that because, when she tumbled off the edge, she tightened like a vise around him and Derek came, choking back a howl, his hands flying away from her hips to clutch the sheets.

Both trembling and spent, they clutched each other while catching their breath. Chloe moved first and peppered kisses his lips. He opened his eyes and returned her bright smile.

"You're amazing." He said, stroking her back.

Her smile widened and she bit her lip.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you." He replied.

Reluctantly, Chloe moved off of him and collapsed on the bed beside him. Derek patted her on the ass, grabbed his boxers and got up. He was about to go to the bathroom to clean up, when Chloe kneeled up on the bed and stopped him.

"Oh no!" she said, worriedly. "I bit you!"

Derek (who was having a very hard time maintaining eye contact, considering she was still gloriously naked before him) smiled.

"Yeah, I know." He replied, heading toward the door. "It was hot."

She laughed and settled into bed as he opened the door and crept quickly into the bathroom. He got a quick shower and hid the condom in the garbage as best her could. He was washing his hands when he looked into the mirror and spied a red bite mark on his neck. He smiled widely. That was awesome.

When he snuck back into his room, Chloe was still naked and curled up under his blankets, fast asleep. He was crawling in next to her when he noticed that he had ripped the sheets. Oops. He lay on his side. This time she was facing him and he stroked her hair and watched her peaceful face.

Derek knew he would have to wake her up before morning, but right now she was with him. She was where she belonged.