A/N: This is based on the Terminator Chronicles. I watched a few of the season 2 episodes and this is based on what happens in the final episode. I hope I didn't screw it up to much, I'm always uncomfortable when I work with characters that I'm not familiar with so I hope no-one is offended. I hope the way the POV jump around isn't to confusing.

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Not What He Expected

Part IV John's Reckoning

"No, you can't do this to me," said John as he found himself face-down over Kyle's lap. This was not happening to him, he thought. He wasn't about to let himself be spanked, no freaking way.

Kyle tried to maintain his grip on the boy but he was struggling too much. Deciding he needed to take control and quick, he reared his arm back and gave the struggling kid five hard rapid smacks that the boy immediately protested to.

"Owww….you can't do that, you can't," said John as grinded his teeth from those hard smacks. Damn, he thought one from Derek had stung, shit this wasn't good.

"Yes, I can, now stop struggling and listen up," said Kyle.

"No, let me up," said John as he continued to struggle.

"You have this coming son and I intend to deliver," said Kyle as he adjusted the struggling boy over his lap.

"No, no let me go," said John as he continued to struggle over Kyle's lap.

"Yes, from what you told us you shouldn't be here. If you hadn't acted reckless and impulsively you wouldn't be in this time you'd be home. If you hadn't gone against your mom's wishes and followed some machine in time you wouldn't be here out of your time. Right? It's true isn't it?" asked Kyle as kept a good grip on the struggling kid.

"Let me up," said John as he ignored Kyle's questioning. He knew he was right but he wasn't about to admit it.

"Answer me," said Kyle as he gave the struggling kid a good hard smack.

"Oww….let go," said John.

"Answer," said Kyle with another harder smack.

"Owwww…." John cried out.

"Answer," said Kyle giving the boy another of the harder smacks.

"Yes, okay yes, you're right," said John grinding his teeth.

"If that wasn't enough since you got here you haven't exactly been forthcoming with information. I understand the whole future thing but the rudeness and the attitude we could have done without," said Kyle.

"I know, I know," said John still struggling.

"Good then you understand why this is gonna happen," said Kyle matter-o-factly.

"What? No!" yelled John.

"Yes, John," said Kyle as he tightened his grip on his son and pulled him up closer to his body. Sighing, he pulled his arm back and let it fall connecting loudly with it's target.

"Owww…no you can't…oww…no…..oww….you can't do this….oww" yelled John but nothing stopped the rain of smacks Kyle was delivering.

"Yes (smack!) I can (smack!) you know (smack!) perfectly why (smack!) you deserve (smack!) this (smack!) don't you? (smack!)" said Kyle as continued to rain smack after smack down on his struggling son's behind.

"Owww…stop…please….stop…owww…..Kyle please…." cried John but nothing was stopping the assault on his butt. His butt felt like it was on fire, this couldn't be happening to him he thought as he tried to stop the tears from falling. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, having his dad in his life wasn't supposed to result in this.

"Stop…please….stop…." John continued to plea to no avail, as Kyle's hand continued to deliver smack after smack.

"We went over why this is happening John, your recent choices landed you in this position you have no one to blame but yourself. Think about what your mom must have thought when you disappeared and then tell me you don't deserve this," said Kyle as he continued to punish his son.

John couldn't hold the tears in any longer as he registered what Kyle was telling him. He was right he deserved this, he'd put his mom through hell in the last couple of months and then to jump through time following a machine to get a chip was dumb and selfish of him. No one had ever really called him on his choices his mom mostly gave him free range and lately he'd been taking advantage of that. But since Derek had shown up in the past he'd reigned him in somewhat and know he was in the future and his father was not only reigning him but giving him the consequences of his actions. This understanding is what finally pushed him over as he stopped struggling and took what his father gave him.

"I'm sorry….so sorry….dad…please I'm sorry…I shouldn't have…dad….dad…" cried John.

Kyle felt the struggle go out of John and realized he'd had enough. With that he stopped the spanking and just let him cry it out as he gently rubbed his back.

"Sorry….." cried John not realizing the spanking had stopped. He suddenly felt himself lifted, turned, and then strong arms wrap around him tightly. He leaned into that embrace as he continued to cry, he cried about the blistering he'd gotten but most importantly he cried because he was stuck somewhere he didn't belong and his future was now uncertain. His cries increased when he heard, "It's okay son, your okay…I got you," as his father held on tighter and rocked him in his arms. He felt something he hadn't felt since he arrived here in the past, he felt safe and loved. No matter what happened or if he ever got back to his own time at least he finally had his dad.

The End