Title: Building Dark City

Author: WingedPanther73

Pairing(s)/Characters: Mr. Book

Rating: G

Summary: A short bit about what might be going on to lead to the movie Dark City.

Warnings: None.

Disclaimer: Dark City, its names and characters belong to Mystery Clock Cinema.

Beta Reader: Sybil Rowan

Tuning. It is the essence of what we are. Its advent is the turning point of our culture. It redefined who we were, what we were, and what we would become. It started with something truly simple: war. When everyone is producing their own tune, there is disharmony. Disharmony of this nature could have destroyed the universe. It did decimate our numbers until we found a way to maintain a common tune.

We had no choice, we had to find a common purpose. We had to be in tune. One of us found a way to impose our purpose on a fellow. With two in tune, a third was easy. From there, it wasn't long before there was a single tune. I have set the tone for our race for over a thousand years, and watched as our numbers have dwindled. When we found a common tune, we had over a million members. We are now at less than a thousand.

We sought the cause of our dwindling numbers. We tuned ourselves every way possible, but we could not find a way to make more of our own. While we could shape a body from nothing. We could not give them purpose or motive. They would live, then die again. We rarely bred the old way. We had to find a way to breed again.

Searching through the universe, we found there were almost no intelligent races, and most of them were dying off as well. There was one exception. We had to find the secret to their proliferation. We knew that when we had joined our purposes to one, our numbers had started to dwindle. It was clear that we had to find the key to their proliferation. It had to be in their minds. After abducting a few, it became clear that their memories produced their differences.

I directed experiments into their memories. We would find the memory that made the "humans" prolific. We would take that memory and make it our own. It would be shared amongst us even as we shared all other memories. We would die without it. We began building the city.