AN: This is a double drabble, dedicated to our own Vanessa Sgroi because I have commented multiple times on what an excellent vocabulary she has (I now know what tintinabular means, thanks to her!) So I found a new word and had to try it out. Yay Google. ; P Title shamelessly stolen from Savage Garden.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. I do, however, know plenty of words beginning in X…don't mess with me in Scrabble!


"You watching porn again?" Dean asked abruptly, coming out of the bathroom.

Sam flustered, almost dropping the remote as his brother caught him off guard, turning off the TV.

"No, just the news."

Dean quirked an eyebrow, pulling back his comforter and climbing into bed.

"The news makes you spazz out and fumble the control?"

"I didn't want to impose on your passionate xenodocheionology."

"-expialidocious? My what? You made that word up!" Sam smirked.

"It means love of hotels and inns. The report was an investigation on how clean the rooms really are, and considering where we live most of the time…" He made a gesture, encompassing their current motel room. His brother snorted.

"Considering what we do for a living, you think anything's going to gross me out?

Watch your news, geek boy. "

Sam watched the report, Dean inserting his own lewd commentary on the stains found on the bed sheets. The older Winchester began to drift until

one scene towards the end of the broadcast had Dean instantly upright and alert. Now they were messing with something sacred.

"Dude, please tell me the maid did not just use the toilet brush to clean out the coffee pot."