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The Birthing of Gods

Bon Temps. Even the name was synonymous with boredom, mud, swamps, endless drinking and stupidity to kill time. Which inevitably would mean bugs. And I hate bugs. I'm not saying I don't enjoy earth, I do. I enjoy it with a grain of salt, a passerby to it. Not something I like to indulge in too much, lest I get overfilled. I love the city, I know I'm a city girl and I'm not ashamed. New York was my favorites; anything busy really. Though it's easy to get lost in a place like that but I had a purpose and I got paid well for that purpose.

I never lived there longer than it took me to finish a job, give or take a few days but I refused to lie in wait for my enemies to find me. I moved around from a young age and I learned to accept my family's gypsy ways. When I was old enough, or shall I say, when I finally found my calling, I grasped onto it and made my own way.

In actuality, I don't ever remember making a conscientious decision to stop in Bon Temps. I thought that it'd be nice to stay a day or two when the job a few towns over was done and I'd visit and leave again; I had a soft spot for small towns. They appealed to the child in me and I thought maybe I could take it all in for those two days.

But, then I found myself shaking hands with a realtor and handing over half of the money I made on a recent job to the conniving shark. There was no decent, concrete thought, just this feeling I had. That maybe, I could make this work. Yes, it was a stupid thought but it felt right at that moment. I could trapeze across the world on jobs and come back to my quaint southern house where no one would even suspect I would be. I mean, who has ever heard of someone as dangerous as I, settling down? The idea was preposterous, so I knew I'd be safe.

I made sure to buy a house outside of the town's limits, it had cost more but I hate snoopy people and I knew for a fact that small town people were nosy buggers, especially neighbors. And let's face it, what I did for a living was still frowned upon in society and even though society was forgiving, I knew they weren't that forgiving.

Since the fangs came out a while back, I thought…maybe, just maybe they were ready to accept the dirty little secrets. But I realized with the many more jobs I got involving the backlash and the fangs; that it didn't matter. I don't think people realized that it took people like me to keep society as clean as it was. We were like spiders, eating all of the flies that were unfortunate enough to cross paths but; people were still ungrateful. I took the jobs I wanted and went on my way, got paid quite fairly and I was fine with the dangers. It was the dangers that really made me feel alive. The more dangerous the job and the more they asked from me, whether I was allowed to be the judge and executioner or just the bailiff, there was still money being thrown at me. I was selfish, my job made me selfish but that was fine. There was only me and I liked it that way.

I used to only accept jobs that required me to find the person and bring them back; I thought it was the safest route. But then human behavior got in the way and I found circumstances were changing. People no longer wanted to face their problems; they would so much rather pay more for me to handle the dirty work and get rid of their dirty, shameful secrets. So I took care of their problems after I found them, it was easy to make people disappear. I never allowed myself to think of their life stories or their own circumstances. The day that I did was the day that I became human, and I didn't want that.

I lived a simplistic life, with few bearings to hold me down. I had four duffel bags and one filled with my large itinerary that I needed to take care of jobs. One would think with all of the money I have, that I'd live extravagantly. But what was the point if it would draw attention and get me killed? Yes, I liked making money but what I did for a living wasn't about the money. I liked what I did, the hunting…everything was a thrill for me. The money was just the cherry on top.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, realizing it needed to get cut when it fell just below my chest. I let it get dangerously long and I knew from experience that it would be easy to rip my head back in a fight.

I stared around the living room in desolation. I wanted a television; that I was sure of. It was easier to watch the news that way than rifle through the town's trivial newspaper. I made a mental checklist of what I wanted to adorn my little house with. Maybe a few chairs? I was pretty lucky that the old owner had upped and died, leaving the place with a few things the family didn't want. I had a working fridge, a laundry machine and dryer and a table. Everything else, I could accumulate. I would make sure to buy things with spaces between each purchase; I didn't want anyone to know I was well off. Then they'd start asking questions, and that was what I didn't want at all.

I knew I'd have to start slowly leaving my humble abode and meeting the folks around town. Even though I didn't want to, I knew that if I stayed a recluse, it would draw more attention to me and people would start getting suspicious. What do normal people do when moving to a new place? Buy groceries and…. get a job! Yes, I should find a job, something that wasn't too difficult and get me in the heart of the town. That way I wouldn't have to do too much socializing on the side.

With that positive thought whirling around in my head, I grabbed my car keys, made sure to lock up behind me, though I don't think the people hunting me would be stopped by a stupid lock and walked to my low key car. Everything about me was about not drawing attention, being so simple and plain that I would get overlooked in a crowd; and they would never even see me strike.

I drove around aimlessly through the winding roads. The sun was just slowly starting to set when my eyes found a sign, lighting up the darkened sky around it. Merlotte's the sign read and I knew then that I would find something there for me. Even if they didn't know it yet.