"Sorry for starting off like this, but don't mind this unless you want to get a better understanding of what's going to be going on in/with this story," Kaito Lune said. "I won't appear in this fic, but I should do this."

"Boo! Get to the story!" shouted the crowd.

She held up her hands innocently. "I will in a minute!" she shouted. "As a quick note, this is just something I started today when I was bored and unfortunately, my Dad had the computer where the next chapter of Being the Enemy was being worked on was at and I was unable to work on it. I also wanted to work on something that was a bit different from my other fics on here, which are mainly action with little humor. This is the exact opposite; more humor and less action."

Takuya suddenly walked into the room. "What's this about a new fic?" he asked.

"I already explained it above," Kaito Lune said, pointing to the text further up.

"Well, I'm too lazy to read the text above me," he replied. "Anyway, can I help with this? I already know some of it!"

Lune shrugged. "Okay, but Zoe gets to help too."

Takuya snorted. "Alright."

"And Koji, Koichi, JP, and Tommy."

Takuya frowned. "Not fair!"

"I'm an author, I'm not supposed to be fair to the characters," Lune smirked, waving her hand. "Now don't complain before I do something really bad to you that'll leave you scared for life."

"Like what?" Takuya asked cockily.

Koji rolled his eyes. "Idiot," he muttered.

Zoe shook her head. "I don't think that's a good idea, Takuya!" she warned him. JP nodded in agreement.

Takuya paid it no mind. "What'cha going to do? Erase me from the story?"

Lune smirked and quickly jotted something in her notebook. The next thing Takuya knew was that he was hanging from the ceiling by his toes in nothing but his underwear, which was white with red hearts. The audience did a mixture of seething and laughing.

Koji and Koichi stifled laughter. JP was laughing out loud and Tommy was backing away from the room. Zoe shook her head. "He had it coming," she muttered.

Takuya found himself a few seconds later in his clothes and on the ground, blushing fifty shades of red. "Youcanhaveyourway!" he said quickly from embarrassment.

Lune chuckled. "Anyway," she said. "This fic will be an AU to my other sequel Frontier stories. Nazu, Shannon, Hayato, Seth, and Tin will NOT be in it." From back stage, the crowd could hear a whine and complaining. "Also, since this is going to be a road trip story, you guys get to chose the destinations as they go on their American Road trip Adventure!"

"We'll take up the warning," volunteered Koichi.

"You guys can, but leave me out of it," Koji said. Lune gave Koji a quick look that made Koji's face flush from fear. "N-never mind. I'll help!" he stuttered.

"This story will include:" Zoe began.

"Randomness!" cheered Tommy.

"OOCness," said JP, not as enthusiastic as Tommy.

"K-Kozumi, Takumi, Junzumi, and some K-Koizumi," Koji stuttered, still scared for his life.

"Characters from other series," Takuya added.

"Anything we're forgetting?" asked Koichi, bummed that he didn't have anything to say.

"Oh, lame/messed up humor, not to mention," Lune added. "Please read at your own risk."

"We did forget another thing," Koichi added.

"Oh, that~!"

"Kaito Lune doesn't own Digimon or any other series in the story," the seven shouted together.

Sorry about the weird thing here. I wanted to do something special with the warning and disclaimer and not have to do it every chapter. I'll see how this is received before I do chapter 2. I will finish the other three before this one.