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It was a fine lovely day and Bak Chan practically skipped down the hallways of the headquarters. He'd seen a lot of Lenalee recently, and that was as good a tonic as any other. He rounded a corner, eyes sparkling with infatuation as he reminisced about his last encounter with his goddess.

Suddenly, his ears tingled as a sweet voice drifted right into his path. His ears tingled as his brain processed the information, and with a sudden crafty grin he immediately positioned himself next to the doorway from which it had come, out of sight.

"Miranda, what should I do? I'm really just too confused." Thump thump thump. Lenalee's soft voice made his heart beat faster. Pressing his ear against the wall, Bak Chan almost swooned as Lenalee's voice meandered around him.

"I'm not sure if I love him, but I think I do... I mean, it's the first time I've felt the emotion so strongly."

"Well, if you're sure the emotion is strong, then it probably is love!" Miranda said soothingly.

"But!" A sob issued from within. "But I don't think he feels for me in the same way! I don't think he even notices that I like him..." The voice trailed off, leaving fragility hanging in the air.

Bak Chan smiled from ear to ear outside. My dearest Lenalee's talking about me! But how is it possible that she thinks I don't notice her? Hmmm maybe it's because I'm unable to talk to her every time we meet because of those infuriating hives. But don't worry Lenalee! I'll pay special attention to you from now on!

Another sob pulled him from his intriguing contemplation.

"At first I had a crush on Kanda, you know. That was back when we were little. He was my first friend here and we spent a lot of time together then, when I was lonely and sad without nii-san. But then he left with General Tiedoll. I missed him a lot at first, but I got over him pretty soon. Not that I hate him now for leaving then; we were both too young to be in a relationship then, and I'm not sure if he ever liked me. We're still good friends now, which is good, I suppose."

"Mm hmm."

"Then I met Suman. He was like a father to me, in some ways. I loved him like the parents I no longer have, and I'm quite sure my feelings for him isn't family love. My feelings for him are nothing like the respectful love I held for Suman."

Quite right. I'm not that much older than Lenalee, and I don't have children unlike Suman, so she can't possibly see me as a father figure, can she? Bak Chan wondered to himself.

"Then Lavi came along, and he rather swept me off my feet. Lavi's dashing you know, he's got that attitude that pulls girls in by the thousands. I was infatuated with him for a while, and couldn't speak to him without stammering at first. To think how much time has passed since then! I've never told him about my short-lived but intense romantic feelings for him. There's no point is there, seeing as I've fallen for another now…"

Miranda chuckled. Bak Chan nearly growled outside; how could that silly woman laugh at Lenalee for having a new love? Utterly absurd, that's what she was. He was affronted and made sure to remember to berate her later.

"And are you sure that you really love him? It's not just a crush?" Miranda probed.

"Nah. I'm quite sure of it. My feelings are very intense now, compared to what I felt for Kanda and Lavi in the past. And I've felt this way for some time already. I'm sure it's love."


"Yeah. I can't stop thinking about him. I'm constantly worried for his safety. He bears all his burdens by himself and it hurts when he doesn't share them!" She dissolved into sobs again.

Bak Chan scratched his head. Have I hurt Lenalee by not discussing Order work with her? I'll make sure to tell her more about my frustrations in future…

"I saw him, the night I was fighting Eshi on the way to Edo. I could only think of him, and what he'd said about fighting the akuma. He gave me my will to fight, to return, and to protect those I love. Without his image in my thoughts I'd never have managed to bring down the level 3 akuma."

"Ahhh!" Bak Chan clasped his hands together, twirling around happily. "I knew I could inspire her!"

"I see." Miranda nodded, patting Lenalee's nervous fingers.

"I feel lost when I don't see him. It makes me happy to go on missions with him, just so I won't worry about his safety. And ohhh Miranda, his smile!"

Bak Chan whipped out a mirror and flashed a gleaming grin at himself. Nice teeth, he complimented himself. And of course Lenalee worried about him… such a sweet girl! He'd go on as many missions with her as she wanted him to. But wait. He didn't go on missions! Bewildered, he pressed his ear to the door again.

"Yeah, his smile is rather nice." Miranda agreed, amused.

"His personality is just so warm and charismatic I can't help being drawn to him." Lenalee sighed. "He's not as beautiful as Kanda, or as rakish as Lavi, but my heartbeat increases when he's near me. I feel so safe and happy with him. And he's so cute! I love his eyes. They're blue like the skies of my homeland, and so clear! And his smile… it's breathtaking. Even his embrace warms me."

Bak Chan was perplexed. Lenalee wasn't thinking about him, then?

"So, Miranda, do you think I should tell Allen how I feel about him?"

Bak Chan screamed. Allen?! Not Allen Walker! It couldn't be!

He fainted, hives dotting his face.

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