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Sprays of orchids had been draped everywhere, and birds sang in the trees encircling the bower. Across the expanse of lolling green hills and against the dark silhouette of a forbidding tower, all was happy and joyful, and mirth was lord.

For how could Lady Love not offer a drink of ambrosia to the soon-to-be-happily-wed couple who had gone through so much both for the sake of the world and for their own happiness?

The sun was smiling and the clouds were beaming and all was bright and gay. Except for Komui, that is. Komui sobbed somewhere, hugging a tree in joy and in sorrow, unending tears streaming out his eyes, as he alternated between smiling and battering the tree.

The guests were arriving, and the clouds soon hid the sun from sight. Standing at the entrance to the bower were Lenalee and Allen dressed in their wedding finery. They both looked wonderful, more glowing than they had ever seemed. And then they saw the knot of people moving closer. A group of people both knew well enough, a group of people whose dedication had helped end the war. Towards them strode Krory, arms linked with Miranda, Lavi, with his newest girlfriend, Kanda, scowl still etched on his face though his eyes said otherwise, and Bookman, smiling from ear to ear, as well as various other assorted exorcists.

As they smiled and hugged, Allen could see Reever trying to pluck Komui from the tree he was clinging to.

"Supervisor, I told you to get off that tree!"

Allen smiled to himself, perfectly content for the moment.

Soon, all the exorcists, scientists and finders were seated, awaiting the ceremony of union. At this moment, last of all came the members of the Asian branch. Bak Chan walked in front, hand-in-hand with Fou, a beaming smile on his face as he embraced his once love and his former rival. Unfortunately though, Lou Fa hadn't quite gotten over Allen yet, and she flailed her arms wildly upon seeing him. He ducked though, and she missed and got pulled to her seat by Shifu.

Loud wails of "Walker-san!" still echoed in his ears as Allen turned to walk to the podium where the presiding priest was. He rubbed his ears tenderly.

Then the band played, and all eyes turned to the back of the bower where Lenalee was now walking arm-in-arm with Komui. As the musical notes swirled off the pages and twirled into the sky, the duo walked down the aisle. Komui's expression was one of mingled sadness and exuberance, but Lenalee was practically beaming.

Lou Fa teared as Allen and Lenalee were pronounced man and wife. She sulked in the recess of her seat, thinking that under different circumstances she might have been the one Allen was gazing lovingly at now.

Bak looked sideways and sighed. He'd moved on, but Lou Fa still held on to her Allen-hopes. Poor girl, he thought.

That night, everyone partied in the moonlit bower, drunk with festivities. Lavi, Krory and Miranda were singing tipsily, and Kanda chanced a sincere smile of congratulations. Even Bookman cheered the new couple on. Bak and Fou were happily dancing on the velvety lawn.

Alone in the penumbral silhouette of the tree, Lou Fa moped as the world laughed.

Meanwhile, Allen and Lenalee danced to their hearts' content as the moon winked at their Innocence.

*The end*

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