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Chapter 1
Making Do

An indescribable smell hit the nose of a slumbering being. It wasn't an unpleasant odor nor was it a bed of roses, it was just earth. What ever or who ever was making the smell was digging rather fast into the earth. Small claws hit slate as the being of the earthly smell finally stopped its intrusion into the earth. On the slate that this small being dug up, had the words: Cubitus nam Umquam (Rest for Ever).

"Mastah!" it exclaimed loudly with delight. Other muffled voices were herd before the large slate was lifted. The slate obviously was there for a while for it wouldn't budge at first, but a little prying of the long talons of the earthy smelling creature and the slate broke free with a loud crack, only to be slammed on the ground in two pieces.

The light was bright, a moment of complete blindness and confusion before small creature heads where in the view of the now rather awake being. In front stood a grayish brown creature that wore a heavy coat of rags making it look like a hunchback. In its left hand it held a knobby wooden staff that had a yellow glowing light attached to the top with twine. What ever it was it seemed disappointed.

"Well, this is not what I expected, but evil always finds a way." The grayish brown thing now moved out of the line of site of the one lying down in the slate rectangular box. "Don't just stand there help." was heard in a raspy voice before the other brown creatures swarmed around the rectangular box to help up the one lying down.

Standing was new, being the one lying down for so long it took a while to get its balance back. These creatures were actually really small. Well there was five of them, all brown in color, long ears and bright yellow eyes. They wore little lion cloths and held small clubs that were probably used to smash things.

"My name is Gnarl, I am the minion master, and these" He pointed to the small brown creatures "are your minions, Sire." Gnarl stood waiting for a response from the half awake master.

"You're talking to me aren't you?" Was the first and the last thing Gnarl got from the master. Only, this voice was no master voice, it was mistress! It wasn't to feminine but you could definitely tell it was a woman's voice. The minions stopped in there victory dances and slumped into a depressed mood that they have been for a long while now.

"Not mastah" one exclaimed sadly. Gnarl sighed and shook his head. Thinking he hadn't a clue as to what to do with this lady, surely she could be the next Over Lord…ah… Over Lady.

"Mastah?" She repeated, quite confused. The young lady looked towards Gnarl in hopes for an explanation.

"Master…" there was a pause in his speech, contemplating what to do or say next. "You are the master of this evil domain. You mustn't remember, but that is ok. In time you will." The young lady just nodded. Gnarl smiled triumphantly to himself. He could make do with what evil has thrown his way. He will make an Over Lord uh… Lady out of this one in no time. After all she was recovered by the many other Over Lords, but alas she was the only one to wake up when they opened the resting place. Then again no one ever said a woman couldn't concur the world.

"Come now, I'm sure you rather be someplace more for your statues." Gnarl beckoned with his little grubby finger. "Do not worry about the minions they would fallow you any where even to the end of the earth now come we have much to do." They reached a small flight of stairs, though parts were broken, it was still climbable.

Rocks and pillars lay scattered along the floor of the throne room, the once red carped now a dull gray with many whole in it. The throne it self was quite surprisingly intact, though many of the horns in the back where broken or ready to fall off from lack of attention. It was covered in a layer of dust and dirt to the point where you could draw pictures, actually there was a picture already there, it was a small flower five petals, a stem and a leaf. A brown minion ran up with some cloth and wiped the throne off.

"This is your throne, but before you rest your evil rear on it, let us get you cloths, well cloths that actually cover you. To your private chambers then." the stairs here were cracked, but there was some rocks here and there, but otherwise they were just fine to walk on.

"The minions would get to it as soon as possible to get this place looking as it used to." Gnarl stated as he watched his new master…mistress look around.

The floor in which the chambers were in were not as demolished looking as the main floor but it still had cracks, knocked over pillars and a rather large layer of dust that seemed to puff up and dissipate into the air as one would walk on it. It was a rather long hallway before it split into different directions.

"Your chambers are located in the back of the tower, strait forward, you know just incase of any invasions." The walk took all of five minutes, five long minutes that the minion master wished could go faster. His lady's state of…undress was rather embarrassing and delightful at the same time. The private quarters were in shambles, the thread curtains that's gave privacy to those in bed were torn, the bed…there was no bed actually.

"Surprisingly the people had left the cloths in here, I guess the didn't need it or totally forgot that these thread even existed. Mistress put on something comfortable. Anything that would fit under armor. I'm sure there is something that would fit your…slim frame. I'll be down stairs waiting for your evil form to appear once more." with that Gnarl turned and left the young lady alone it her quarters.

She stood there for a moment looking around, she spotted a mirror. Quickly making her way over she looked at her cracked reflections. Long black messy hair fell to her waist, it defiantly needed a trim. Large amber eyes stared back at her, dull and lifeless as if she her self had no emotion what so ever, let a lone a soul. He face was thin, as well as the rest of her body.

She was wearing what appeared to be taters of her old cloths, though it just covered enough if you looked at her quickly, but otherwise it didn't leave much to the imagination. Lifting her right hand she slowly raised it to touch the mirror, whishing that the reflection was real. In all she looked like she hadn't eaten in years and was just so poor that she could afford cloths or even cloth.

Something red caught here eye on her raised right hand, that now rested on the mirrors cracked wooden frame. It was glowing faintly, but it was there. A red dot the size of a bear bottle cap. From the red dot pointing towards here fingers was a brown arrow, towards the right a red arrow, towards her arm a green arrow and towards her left a blue arrow. What in the world it was, was beyond here, it didn't hurt when she touched it, but it seemed to be swirling with some strange power. Dropping her right arm she made her way to the cloths the Gnarl pointed out for here to wear. There wasn't much of a choice, but it sure beat wearing what she was wearing now.

A red robe hung loosely on a small hanger, it was embroidered in gold, leaving the design of dragons. The other was a black pants with a red top. The top could be tied with a black sash that had a gold dragon embodiment. The person who wore this before her liked dragons apparently.

Deciding on the red and black outfit she shed her rags and proceeded to get dressed. That is if she could just figure out what went were…pants…they went on legs right..or was it on your arms.. She wasn't sure so she tried both, they appeared to fit on her legs better than her arms. So the shirt went on her upper body, that made sense to her. Finally dressed she headed back through the long hallway and down the flight of stairs.

"Gnarl right?" she receive a nod from the minion master. "What…what is this?" The young lady pulled up her sleeve slightly and handed her hand to him as if she was going to receive a kiss from him.

"Why this Mistress, it lets you control the minions when your out doing evil deeds, tough long ago the Over Lord had to wear a gauntlet in order to control minions, it seems evil thought it was better to have on permanently on ones evil hand. But we'll get to that latter, you can't run around taking over the world without armor to protect your…imposing form. The armory should be up and working now. Lets head down there now." A flight of stares down was all it took to get to the hot room that was called the armory.

"Giblit here, is a rather strong fellow so he was appointed the task of making armor and weapons for you. You see all the metal here is infused with the life force of your minions here, so be careful and not kill your minion off so fast down here. Now Giblit measure your mistress and get started on her armor right away evil needs to get started soon."

The little brown minion, Giblit ran over and started to measure out his mistress, small mistress was the only thing that he was thinking when he was finished with his measurements. He quickly left to start on the armor and weapon for his mistress.

"The armor won't be ready for a while, why don't we take a tour of the minion hives." Gnarl said as he ascended the stares in his humped over state. His mistress could only fallow, she herself had no clue as where they were going, let alone know what a minion hive was.

"Minion hives, M' Lady is where the life force you collect is stores and is later made into a minion when you need one. See how your brown arrow on your hand glows as we reach a minion gate. Minion gates let you summon the minions of your choosing. What does it feel like My Lady?" Gnarl really not sure what it should feel like when you have the Minion sumoner attached to your hand.

"It tingles, not in a bad way or anything, it just tingles." Gnarl just nodded and told her to try and summon some minions. Pointing her hand towards the minion gate she thought of getting one of those weird creatures out of there and standing next to her. To her and to gnarls surprise a minion did pop out and rush around for a second or two before standing behind the mistress.

"There you have it M'Lady, your first summoned minion. What ever you did just there to summon this one do that for all. Now lets put this minion to work on repairing your evil domain. When you go harvest more life force you would obviously get more workers in here. Brown minions aren't there only ones that you could summon, red, green and blue also could be summoned. Brown minions are more of the up front fighters. Red's are one who can attack from a far with fire. Greens are great with ambush, but sadly smell bad. Blue's though clean and tidy don't fight, they heal." His mistress seemed to pick on things rather fast, then again all evil doers did.

"Now of you could just swing around here, you would see the heart of your domain. This is the tower heart, it lets you move about quickly throughout your domain, I mean the lands you have been at or have already concord. It also lets you know how many minions you have in each hive and how many you have lost. You don't have to worry to much about the last part, if we start getting low on minions I would tell you." Gnarl moved back into the minion hive area and then back up the stairs.

"There isn't much I could teach you right now, but when your armor is ready we'll head out into the world and start your rain as an Overlady. Now you could do what ever you want M' Lady, I will call you when your armor is finished." with that Gnarl went back down stares hoping to find some tasty beetles running around.

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