John Sheppard's: How To Eat Tater-tots 101


Author's Note: Sorry to everybody who put me on alert I have been busy lately but I finally had time to write one. So one day me and my sis "jewel of athos" were making tater-tots and that's were I got the name. And there was only one left...and me and my sis and my bro all wanted the last one (and I couldn't fit the title in the thing where the title goes when you put a new story up, so i will give you the title that I was going to use "John Sheppard's: How To Eat The Last Tater--tot 101" as you can see it's long so that is why I didn't use it...).


"Hey guys!" John said walking up to the table in the center of the cafeteria; were Ronon, Teyla and Rodney where.

"Hello John," Teyla said.

"Hey..." Ronon said.

"Hey John!" Rodney said. "Do you know what they have today?"




"Yep, tater-tots...there's only a few left go get them quick!"

"What are tater-tots?" Teyla asked.

"There the most delicious thing in the WORLD!" John said sitting down at the table, "I got the last of the tater-tots lets go to my room and we'll make sure nobody eats these tater-tots!" So Ronon,

Teyla and Rodney followed John to his room. "Here you go Teyla there's one for you and there's one for you Ronon."

"What about me?"Rodney asked.

"What do you mean 'What about me'? you already had some."

"Mmm...this is very tasty," Teyla said. Apparently eating speaks louder then word for Ronon. They ate all the tater-tots until there was only one left.

"OK, this one is mine!" Rodney said reaching for the tater-tot.

"No it's not!" John said, blocking Rodney from taking the tater-tot, "Besides these are my tater-tots!" John said reaching for the tater-tot.

"No way!" Ronon said pushing John from his chair.

"Oh, you want to fight hu Ronon?"

"Yeah!" So they got into a big fight and eventually Teyla and even Rodney joined it, at this time Jack happened to be walking down the hall to the cafeteria when he smelled tater-tots in Johns

room so he open the door and saw the last tatertot just sitting there so he walked over to t and ate it.

"Stop!" They all screamed at the same time.

"What?" Jack said swallowing the tater-tot.

"You ate the tatertot!" John said. They all started walking towards Jack.

"Hey now guys it was just a tater-tot...guys?" Jack said backing away.

"Get him!" Rodney said. They all ran after Jack.

"Guys it's just a tater-tot!" Jack said, still running.

"Sheppard they cook made more tatertots!" Zelinka said, they stopped running (well Jack didn't but everybody else did) turned around and started runnung towards the kitchen. They got to the

kitchen and there they were 30 beautiful tater-tots sitting in a silver platter.

"Um...cook person can I have some tater-tots?!?!" John said staring at the tatertots not even caring to look up at the cooks face until she said "No", "What do you mean 'no'?

"I'm sorry these are for the people who help with the cafeteria, and my name is Stella."

"Why Stella?!?! Why?!?!"Sheppard said looking up to the sealing.


Author's Note: sorry this one was short It's late and I wanted to finish before my battery on my computer ran anyways thanks for reading!