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First Division Office

Friday 14, 8:25 AM

The moment Keigo Kaijiyama stepped into the director's office, he wished he had never opened the door in the first place.

"Tch, get off me right now-!"

"But Hal, I need that!"

At the side on the couch, a certain young rookie was on top of the blond reaching desperately for something that was currently being held by the other cop. Sure, it would looked completely awkward in the perspective of a third person, but knowing the pair for a while would make you get use to the situation, given the time. The fact that the director was sitting calmly at his desk, chin resting on the palm of his hands with that devil smile of his, clearly proved Kaji's point.

"Ah, it looks like our chief has arrived." Hiki spoke in what seemed like a cheerful tone. You could really never tell with that guy. "Let's start the brief meeting."

"Right.." As reluctant as he was, the chief of the Kanto Narcotics Department would thoroughly carry out the investigation and make sure it succeeded in the best way possible. It was his duty, afterall. "Last night, a total of three people were killed from an overdose of Fantasy."

"Fantasy?" Kai perked up from his position on the couch – which was apparently sprawled ontop the older Matori member. Said member only grunted in response while trying to push the other off himself.

"A new drug created from an unknown source." Kaji answered briefly.

"It's similar to ecstasy, but with more powerful and ...pleasurable hallucinogens." The director added, pausing slightly. "But you should already know that no drug in this world has gone without dangerous side-effects."

"Unknown. Are you saying that this was recently made?" Mal asked, still trying to separate his partner from himself.

"Hal~! Please give it back to me!" Kai pleaded desperately. He tried reaching to grasp the hand holding his note captive, but the blond quickly pulled away on reflex.

"So you could be even more useless by wasting your time doing god-knows-what, with this? Hell no."

"But Hal-!"

Kaji coughed. "Yes. Apparently it was distributed a few months ago and now the death rates are rapidly increasing-"

"-I said no."


"ARE YOU GUYS EVEN LISTENING?!" The chief exploded angrily. In no way was he in the mood for this. Sure, he could tolerate a certain amount of stupidity, and yes he could handle a few quirky investigators here and there –he was acquainted with plenty-, but he didn't become chief just be ignored while he was seriously explaining an investigation. Not only was his reputation as chief of the drug enforcement division damaged, but his manly pride as well.

The director just smiled. "Kai, Hal. Is there anything wrong?"

Of course something's wrong! Isn't that clearly obvious?! Kaji mentally screamed in his mind. After coming into the office, he had chose to ignore whatever the two were doing beforehand - not wanting to be involved (especially after the compromising positions they were in). The director didn't really bring it up, or he either chose to ignore it until now. Or he was too amused to say anything at all.

"Would you kindly tell my partner to get the hell off me."

"But I need that memo!" Kai made an attempt to snatch the piece of paper from Hal's grip, but had ultimately failed.

"Ah, the one Miyoshi wrote you this morning?" Hiki questioned, as if he didn't know.


"What?! He wrote you this worthless thing?" Hal gritted his teeth in annoyance. If it wasn't for a certain boy clinging onto him right now, he would've ripped it to shreds in mere seconds.

"What ..note?" Kaji asked, clueless to it all.

Truthfully, he didn't want to know.

"I-It's nothing!" Kai stuttered over his words, feeling the heat inflame his cheeks. Having no other choice around this situation, he decided to use his last resort which would probably, no, surely have him killed.

Breathing in and silently praying for himself, Kai smashed his forehead against Hal's, who was taken in by surprise by the sudden action. The blond widen his eyes in shock, but the momentary pain caused him to release the paper in his hands which effortlessly fluttered to the ground.

Kai wasted no time and made a dive to the floor to retrieve it, clutching it tightly in his hands while ignoring the slight throbbing on his forehead.

Hal's eyes flared with anger as he abruptly sat up while holding his head. "You-!"

"Can you guys refrain yourselves for a moment?! Both of you can discuss your concerns elsewhere but we're currently in the middle of an importent discussion right now!" Kaji hollered in annoyance.

"Our chief is right. Please let us explain your mission at the least."

"I'm sorry." Kai apologized. sitting obediantly on the floor and as far away from his partner and his murderous glare as possible.

Kaji sighed before speaking up again. "Like I said, this new-found drug causes extreme hallucinations, and after a few pills, you'll be long gone."

Kai widen his eyes, taking in the information given to him. "Few..?"

The director nodded. "It alters your senses and tampers with your mind - making reality into their fantasies, thus the givin name. In normal hallucinogen drugs, they gives you slight pleasure for a moment then dies down. And when you repeatedly use it, the fantasy-"

"-Becomes a nightmare." Hal interjected.

"But that isn't the case for this drug. Fantasy always allow you to have the illusions that you desire, but that heavily damages your brain. It's creating more common deaths lately and we need to stop it before it gets out of hand." Almost instantly, Hiki picked up some scattered papers from his desk and handed it to the chief beside him.

"We have a few leads on the distributes. If we can capture at least one of them, it might lead us to their boss. New dealers are prone to spill everything out." Kaji spoke, passing the files to the other two – in which Hal efficiently swiped before Kai had the chance to take them. "Those are the details of the drug and the faces and description of the dealers. You are to head out and track them down."

"Are you working on this case too?" Kai asked curiously.

"I am, but I'm approaching this in a different manner. I have a certain source that may give me more helpful information on this."

Kai tilted his head to the side. May..?

Hal looked up after scanning through the papers. "Location?"

"There are two main areas." The director raised one finger. "First one is a run-down motel."

"Second one?" Kai piped in.

Hiki smiled greatly as he raised another finger.

"Public swimming pool."

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