First Division Office

Friday 14, 4:10 PM

"Shit-!" Kajiyama slammed his fists on the desk angrily. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. "What do you mean Yamazaki had just killed himself?!"

Kai flinched at the sound of the loud yell, but stayed seated on the couch listening closely to the conversation. Hal stood motionless against the wall, his expression unreadable.

The subordinate stood warily. "Chief-"

"Getting agitated won't help with the situation in any way." Hiki commented dryly. Calmly, the director turned to face the other officer. "Tell us what happened."

"...While we were escorting him to the car, he had managed to pull away and escape." The man fidgeted slightly, feeling almost guilty. "But instead of running away, he rushed towards a nearby river and jumped before we had any chance to stop him..."

"Why would he do something like that.." Kai questioned uneasily.

The officer thought for a moment before his eyes suddenly lit up. "Ah! But before he did – he mentioned saying he would rather drown than die by the hands of him."

Hal narrowed his eyes. "Him?"

"That, we have no clue as to who that person might be.."

"Thank you, you're dismissed." The director ordered. The man bowed respectively before exiting the room.

Kaji rubbed his temples is aggression before speaking up again. "So our dealer killed himself off leaving us with no trail on the creator." He grimaced. "We're back to where we started again."

"Not necessarily." Hal had moved from his spot, pulling out two bags and delicately placed them on the director's desk. "These are the evidence I found while searching through the dealer's locker in the change room."

"What's this?" Kaji picked up one of the plastic bags filled with what seemed like black soot and examined it closely.

"Not sure but it was all over his clothes and shoes." Hal glanced at the second plastic bag filled with white powder. "That white substance was found inside his bag though."

Kai cocked his head to the side at that. "Do you think those are the things they put in fantasy?"

"No." Hal answered quickly. "The dealer wouldn't be careless enough to expose their ingredients like that. But..."

"What is it?" Hiki questioned.

"I found this while going through his coat pocket-" Hal pulled out a small crumpled piece of paper that seemed to have scribbled printing on it.

rice - 227g

treacle – 227g

"Can't say I know what it means though."

"I'll give this to one of the intelligence members." Hiki answered courtly. The blond nodded and handed the paper to the director.

Kaji scratched his head in irritation, something was still bothering him. "How did you manage to find the pills?"

"Inside the soles of his shoes." Hal replied. "It had some sort of small compartment where you could store things in."

Hiki blinked, his expression even. "Well, that's new."

"Hn." Hal gestured towards the powdered bags on the table. "Both were both found easily though - not sure if he's scheming something crafty or was completely stupid."

Kai furrowed his brow in confusion. "But what does the powder have to do with anything?"

"Don't know. Usually people aren't covered in it."

"Alright, I'll send this to Kazui for her to examine." Hiki gazed at the contents of the bag once more before turning back his attention towards the others. "What we need now is to plan another course of action."

"I think we should investigate the store where the shoes came from. " Hal stated briefly. "There's no way ordinary footwear would be able to have a feature like that."

Hiki rested his chin on the back of both his hands as if contemplating something carefully. "No, I'll send someone else to do that. Right now, I want you and Kai to investigate the motel I mentioned before – it seems like there has been more recent activity lately."

Hearing that, Kai instantly perked up with an eager expression on; Hal felt a vein pop at the sight of that.

"On it." Without warning, the blond swiped his coat from the couch and made his way out of the office.

"Wait for me Hal!"

On The Way To The Motel

Friday 14, 4:38 PM

The drive to the motel was eerily silent. Hal made no attempt to start a conversation and whenever the redhead would bring up something, he would either brush it aside or answer with a word or so. The young cop felt a bit uneasy as he looked out though the windows and onto the busy streets.

Is he in a bad mood again..? Kai stole a quick sideways glance to the blond who's eyes were focusing on the road, his expression unreadable once again.

Hiki had already made a reservation under their names to the motel they were suppose to stay at tonight, but the redhead wondered if he would be able to complete the mission if they continued to act this way with each other. They had planned to stay two or three days before the time of the usual trade, so that they would be able to investigate and find out more information. Staying the night there was absolutely mandatory.


A twitch. "What is it?"

"The motel we're going to..wasn't it suppose to be a run-down one?" Kai asked curiously. He wasn't able to get any information about it ever since he stepped out of the building and was trying his best to comprehend the situation. The more he knew, the more he would be able to help.

"Hhn." Hal manage to plaster on a grim look while tightening the grip on the steering wheel. "The manager of that place is stubborn. Probably wouldn't let go even if it falls apart completely."

'The Eagle' had been an ordinary motel at first. It wasn't a 5-star quality place you would consider renting, but it was cheap and satisfactory enough to keep the business open. That was until wild rumors spread about, causing the place to go broke. However, the manager refused to let go of the place and continued running it.

"He would be desperate enough to even let drug dealing pass through his business.." Kai murmured more so to himself than his partner.

Hal narrowed his eyes. "Apparently."

The drive continued with silence once again. Kai decided to not bother the blond any more with his questions, considering he felt like he just put his partner in an even more bad mood.

Bad mood... Kai widen his eyes and straightened up at the thought. Wait, wasn't I suppose to help Hal feel less stressed?! The redhead had completely forgotten about his own mission in helping his partner feel more relaxed and happy. It would be impossible to find the time to do something like that with the investigation going on, not to mention he had no clue how to make the blond crack a smile – which in a sense was pretty much impossible itself.

Ah right, the note I got from Miyoshi! Kai fished in his pockets and pulled out a small piece of paper and quickly scanned it over, making sure Hal wasn't looking his way. Hmm, likes home-made lunches...He frowned. I wonder if I could make something like that?

"Are you coming or are you just gonna to sit there making idiotic faces all day." A familiar voice jolted the young cop out of his thoughts. Kai looked up to see his partner standing outside and smiled sheepishly as he realized the car had stopped in front of what seems like an old building.


Hal gave an annoyed look but had already began leisurely walking towards the motel. Kai followed behind, his mind debating whether to ask a certain question or not. Thinking it was risk the shot, he caught up to his partner.

"Hal, what do you think would make a good home-made meal?" Kai asked as casually as he could, despite the warning bells that were set off as a certain blond sent a menacing glare towards him.

"What stupid things are you thinking about right now?"

"Ah, no! It's more" he racked his brain for a cover, "I never tried home-made meals before, so I was just curious.." It wasn't that far from the truth. Afterall, he couldn't remember his past and what it was like for a parent to cook a delicious meal for their child. He didn't know, because he couldn't. His past memories were nothing but a blur to him.

Hal glanced at the crestfallen expression written over the younger boy's face, causing him to only sigh in exhaustion. "Makunouchi bentō"

The redhead raised his head at that. "What..?"

"Classic style lunch with rice, umeboshi, broiled salmon and rolled eggs." The blond answered smoothly.

Kai brightened up considerably. "Uwah~sounds good!" the young cop made a mental note about it, inwardly smiling to himself. He had manage to hear something useful, only now he had to figure out how to make it - which was pretty much easier said than done. In a mere moment, the two investigators had approached the door and entered the motel in caution. One man, who looked at least 40 years old, was standing behind the desk counter staring uneasily at his new visitors.

"Ah w-welcome, you must be the.. two who made a reservation for the one-bedroom for three nights." The man pulled out a drawer from underneath and picked up a golden key with the number '113' written near the top. "Your room is on the second floor.." He slightly paused. "Please..have a nice stay."

Hal said nothing, but instead snatched the keys and proceeded to climb the stairs while the redhead followed worriedly behind.

"His voice was shaking.." Kai whispered as soon as they were out of earshot. "Do you think he-"

"No. It has nothing to do with the mission." The blond answered sharply.

The young cop frowned. "Then why.."

"Tch." Hal scowled and swung open the door to their room. "Just a damn homophobe."

"Oh.." Kai blinked. "Wait, what!?"