"I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Did you take off while I was gone?
I missed it all, I messed you up, I missed you
I'm coming home, I wanna know
When all the leaves begin to fall
If I'm falling, falling apart for you"
- Homecoming by Hey Monday

Amy sighed as she walked up the drive to Heartland, something she hadn't done in over a year. Due to college, being in Arizona, then the following year helping Alfredo.

She waved her cab off and continued up the drive, taking in the appearance of Heartland. It looked so different, but yet it looked the same. It was astonishing.

She smiled widely as she saw all the activity. She knew, via Lou, that they were thriving, but she hadn't figured they were doing this well. The place was full! The paddocks were over-flowing with horses and yet there were still horses sticking their heads over the stalls! She couldn't help but gape. She also saw that their three training rings were all occupied.

And one made her glow with pride. Spindle, her colt. She wanted to, right there and then, run to see her bay colt, but didn't want to interrupt Joni's session. In the other training ring, she saw a familiar horse. With a familiar man. A pair she thought she'd never see together again. Dazzle and Ty.

And in the last arena she saw Heather working with a yearling that was giving her a run for her money. Amy fought back the urge to roll her eyes, but let a giggle escape and made her way to the house, suitcases in hand.

"AMY!!" Amy jumped as Lou, who was un-noticed by Amy, screamed and ran at her to embrace her younger sister in a bone crushing hug.

"Lou, can't breath." Amy choked out.

"Oh," Lou said sheepishly. "Sorry 'bout that." she grinned. "We all miss you so much! You're hair is adorable! You finally got layers! It shows off your pretty grey eyes." Amy rolled her eyes.

"Looks like it's all going well." Amy said looking around at the kitchen.

"It'd appear so…but…" Lou hesitated.

"But, what Lou?" Amy asked Lou suspiciously.

"I was waiting to discuss this with Grandpa when you got here. But I might-as-well give ya a head's up." she paused. "We are having some issues with one of our stable-hands."

"Who?" Amy asked.

"Heather. I know she's been trying but…she doesn't belong here. She's changed since she had started here. She's just…really messing up. She used a racing whip yesterday and she just isn't like Ty, Joni, you, or mom. I think we should fire her." Amy stopped listening after the whip part.

"She used a WHIP on one of our horses?!?!" Amy asked incredulously. "What did Grandpa say about this?"

"He said it was up to you." Amy shook her head.

"She needs to be done away with! Which horse?"

"A yearling." Amy nodded. Must of been the one she was working with. No wonder it ddin't cooperate! "I'll get rid of her. I never was partial to her anyway."

"Let's go now."

AN -- Kind of a short chapter, I know. But I had sudden inspiration! And a sudden hate for my horrible other story (Heartland ~ Second Chances). Which I wrote when I was really young. Long before '08. Anywho...the next chapter will get a little, or way interesting. Likely the latter. :D
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