2nd Chances

Chapter 7

Days turned into weeks and there was still no change in Amy Fleming. Her family and friends all came into the hospital in flocks to visit the unconsious Amy. Including Matt and Soraya whom left college temporarily to see Amy. Many tears were shed over Amy and hope was quickly fading. Ty had sunk into a huge depression because his biggest fear was happening. Amy was gone, and she may never come back.

Dr. Goodena called the Fleming family in to have a word about Amy. Lou, Jack, Ty, and Scott all immediately feared the worst; Amy would be taken off of life support and left to die. None of them wanted to loose her but reality hit them like a wave of cold water. Amy really HAD been in a coma for a month now, and showed no signs of coming out of it. And, if she did come out of it, chances were she'd be severely mentally scarred or disabled. Or she'd have to learn everything all over again.

"Thank you everyone for coming in to discuss Amy today," Dr. Goodena began. Lou choked back a small sob and Scott squeezed her hand tightly, looking very close to tears himself. Jack sat in his seat with a somber, but sad expression appearing on his face. However before Dr. Goodena could continue her speech, there was a knock at the door. Dr. Goodena rolled her eyes and said "Come in! This had better be important!" A nurse popped her head in.

"I apologize profusely for interrupting Dr. Goodena but there has been a breakthrough with one of your patients."

"I am sorry," Dr. Goodena hastily apologized, "but I must excuse myself for the time being." Without another word she was gone, leaving Amy's small family there to think about what was to happen to the horse girl they loved so very much.

About two hours later Dr. Goodena returned. She no longer looked somber but was beaming. "I have some great news, finally, for you wonderful folks!" she exclaimed happily. "Amy has finally awoke from her coma." Sighs of relief filled the atmosphere and the heavy huge tension left. "And that's not even the greatest part of it; she's 100% fine. She remembers what happened and can talk and communicate. We went ahead and did some scans of her brain and she is 100% healthy. I have never seen a recovery like this before in my life. It seems so unlikely that it's real. I would still like to keep her for at least a week to monitor her closely." Lou went over to the doctor and slung her arms around her.

"Thank you so much Dr. Goodena! You saved my sister's life!" Dr. Goodena chuckled.

"I don't believe I did... The machines may have kept her alive but your sister truly had an angel watching over her. It's an honest miracle..."

Jack, Lou, and Scott shared a look. They knew who their Amy's guardian angel was and prayed to the Lord to thank Him and Marion for protecting Amy and bringing her back to them at last; Amy would be alright and she would be wholesome. They knew they had Marion to thank especially. They knew she was Amy's guardian angel.

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