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"So the Tri-Wizard tournament is going to be held at Hogwarts?" Harry was lounging on a rather plush couch in Malfoy Manor. His hair was tied in a loose tail, brushing his shoulder blades when he walked, and currently squished between his back and the couch. His scar was especially visible because he didn't have the cover of bangs, but Lucius said, and Harry(, Draco, Gregory, Vincent, Pansy, Blaise, and pretty much everyone else who mattered) agreed that his hair looked much better long. He was currently wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with white stitching, and a form-fitting white polo shirt with a green-with-silver-snakes denim vest strapped over it, closed up his front by sixteen hidden hook-and-eye fasteners underneath four straps that buckled tightly.

"Yup." Draco was sprawled across a second couch, his own hair kept short and styled to look like he'd barely taken the time to comb it. His pants were leather, much to his father's dismay, black with house-elf sewn silver serpents twining down the seams. His shirt was silk, silver with green serpents, with full sleeves, modern cuffs and neck, and Slytherin-crest-stamped buttons.

"And Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are the other two competing schools." Harry didn't look at Draco, and Draco didn't look at Harry. Had they broken this unspoken rule bad things would have happened.


"And your father is a fish."

"Nope." Draco paid attention, he just didn't show it.

"Okay. Tell me about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang."

"Beauxbatons is somewhere in south France, light blue robes, father would have killed mother if she'd tried to send me there, too flashy-fancy school of light. Durmstrang is somewhere north, Bulgaria, Scandinavia, something like that, blood red robes, dad wanted to send me there but it was too far, nice school that teaches dark arts." Draco's bored drawl listed off the facts that were the most important to plotting, location, color, and teachings, with indifference.

"Wait, south France? They're not going to have anything that'll hold up to our weather." Harry said, sitting up abruptly, a plan starting to form in the back of his mind.


When the students of Hogwarts lined up to welcome their guests sixteen Slytherins were missing. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were among the missing. Dumbledore was very unhappy about this. Whenever those two disappeared something bad happened.


Harry and Draco hadn't gone far. They and the other Slytherins were, in fact, waiting just beyond the front doors, blue cloaks of a velvet-like material that was heavy and warm but wouldn't rumple anything under it tossed over their arms. They were not watching the landing strip, but their lookout, who would be letting them know when the Beauxbatons students had stepped out of their carriage.

Oohs and Ahhs were annoying to have to listen to when you couldn't see what was causing them, but then the signal came, and all sixteen strode purposefully forwards.

{Oh the joys of pen pals.} Harry chuckled to himself, striding towards one of the ten Beauxbaton girls, one Fleur Delacour. They knew the names and faces of the ten girls and six boys from Beauxbaton and the nine boys and five girls of Durmstrang. They had cloaks sized for each Beauxbaton entrant, and the ten boys and six girls of Slytherin each had a particular student to gift their held cloak to. After the Beauxbaton students had been settled nine of the boys and five of the girls would greet pre-determined Durmstrang students, each of them ready with a tidbit with which to start conversations. They had not, of course, let their esteemed Headmaster in on their plans, though Professor Snape knew just enough to cover them.

Every Slytherin involved in their...escapade...was well-instructed in the courtly arts, and right on cue the boys bowed and the girls curtsied to their assigned, shivering target, offering the cloaks with a murmured 'courtesy of Hogwarts and House Slytherin.' The students took the cloaks with very little suspicion, throwing them on quickly.

When all the Beauxtbatons students were wearing their cloaks they were presented with the arm of their greeter, and escorted out of direct sight-line of the ranks of Hogwarts students to await their headmistress.

It had been long debated whether the greeters should remain with the Beauxbatons students or leave them, and the final decision was that they would be uncomfortable with the Slytherins so they were left with whispered encouragement to sit at the Ravenclaw table.

When the Durmstrang students strode off their ship after their Headmaster. Harry and the other Slytherins, minus two as Durmstrang was bringing nine boys and five girls, used the time in which Karkaroff greeted Dumbledore to introduce themselves to their targets and strike up soft conversations.

Harry, because his fame made him relatively immune to the fame of others, and because they'd already met, was paired with Victor Krum. As he started talking to Krum he kept his eyes and ears trained on the other Hogwarts students and their Headmaster.

"Do not vorry. I varned Headmaster Karkaroff of vhat you vere going to do. Othervise he vould haf cursed you." Krum had been the Durmstrang 'pen pal' that Harry had been in contact with since he and Draco had first learned of the tournament. Harry had explained his intense desire to needle Dumbledore at every opportunity, and after hearing some of what the estimable headmaster of Hogwarts got into Krum had agreed that it was an appropriate pastime.

Harry and Krum led the Durmstrang entourage, happily chatting with their Slytherin greeters, into the entrance hall as the Hogwarts students were dismissed. Both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang wanted to make secondary entrances to the feast, so they waited in the entrance hall as the Hogwarts students trickled into the great hall. Only the Slytherin greeters, rejoined by the two who hadn't been part of the secondary greeting, loitered in the great hall, bringing the students from both schools into animated conversations.

"Ahem." Severus Snape's purpose was to get the attention of his students and send them into the great hall as the last of the other Hogwarts students were trickling in. "Dumbledore is going to kill you." He added as Harry passed him.

Seating at the Slytherin table was left open in such a way that each greeter had two seats to attend to, each purposefully arranged for the Durmstrang students to re-join their greeters.

The Beauxbatons display was impressive...in a fluttery, light way.

The Durmstrang display was impressive in a powerful, dark way.

Dumbledore was glaring daggers at Harry and Draco, but mostly at Harry, the entire time.