Okay, so this is been in my head for about a week and well I had to start it. Don't know how this will turn out. Well this is short because its a prologue.

Life, it's something we all took for granted.

Some of us, throw it away, like it's nothing. Some of us, live our life in fear. Some of us, like me, lived our life to fullest.

Most of us, won't just push the boundaries a bit. I was raised to believe that you had one life and you had to live it the fullest. My name is Bella Swan, and this is my story of how I died.

It was other rainy day in forks. Surprise, Surprise. In this little town, I called home, rain more than any place in the world. I live with my dad, Charlie, who happens to be the chief of police here. He was the first one to teach me to push the boundaries. Not talking about anything big, just once in awhile it was okay to go talk to someone you never had before, because you heard rumors about them.

That's how I met, Jasper Hale.

He was my first friend at Forks High and he wasn't the last friend either. With him, I met Edward Cullen, his crazy girlfriend Alice Brandon. Emmett Cullen, Edward's half-witted big brother and Rosalie Hale, Jasper twin sister.

At my old schools, I never fit in. I had only one friend I keep in touch with all the times my mother made us move. Jacob Black. We had been friends since I was five and he was three. We always keep in touch but when I made friends with Jasper, Jacob was shoved to the side. We talked but he had closed up to me and I couldn't take it.

Yes, I had tried to talk to him but the last time we talked, he called me a heartless bitch. That was month ago. Jasper told me it was because he was jealous of me having more friends then him. But that wasn't true.

Jacob had a pack of friends. It was more like gang, and Sam was the leader. Jacob had always seems to be second in charge. If Sam wasn't there, everyone looked up to him. Other then me, Embry and Quil had been his best friends forever. When we was little, I had a thing for Embry, even if he was six months younger than me.

Jacob had been the next person to teach me, to live life to it fullest. His quote was 'The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.' Jacob had taught me how to ride motorcycles and to cliff dive. Jasper wasn't happy with Jacob when I told Jasper who had taught me how to ride. Jasper wanna to be the one to teach me.

All these people I had name, have a part in my life and a part in my death.

Like I said before, this is my story of how I died. Like Jacob had told me, 'The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.' But Jacob wasn't the one who had died trying to follow his quote now was he?

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