What To Say To a Bird Far away

By: Mikan

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Disclaimer: (If there was any doubt…) The story "Juline" is owned by: Narumi Kakinouchi.

"I… love you." Juline said without a second thought in her head. But her simple words left Ryoku in utter shock. Over the past few days all he could think about was why she had said that to him. He didn't need this now. Sure she was a teen but at fifteen when you say, "I love you," It usually means something different then when you're six. And the way she said it, so heart felt, it made him feel strange. Like she had feelings for him that had been building up. The deepness of her words only confused him more and more…

~Why? ~

Why did you have go and tell me now?

Couldn't it have waited?

Or maybe you just don't really know,

How you really feel?

What should I say to you?

~Me? ~

You're way to young for me

And in a sense I've grown to care


You're best friend has a crush on you

But you remain to be strong

And when I think about how much he loves you

Heh, I don't even compare.

~What? ~

What should I say to her?

To a young girl I hardly know

And I'm only just her guardian

So what, what does she want?


Maybe the only thing I can do

Is to understand

Sure, it will hurt her to face the truth

But dreams don't always last.

And I'm so sorry Juline

So sorry I don't feel the same

But I do care for you

And I always will

~I do~

A/N: So what do you all think? I personally like it; it's sweet. *Looks over it again* But it's kind of sad at the same time. I feel for ya Ryoku. Anyway please tell me what you ppl think of it! Did I express Ryoku's feelings right? I sure hope so… But I'm not sure myself how he really feels about Juline. I take it that his love for her is more of a fatherly type. Please Review! Do it for me! NO! Wait! *Laughs* don't do it for me! Do it for your good couscous!