"Emiko should be around here somewhere," said Itsuka looking at the ground. She noticed there were some dirt tracks along the road, which means that Emiko has caused a kidnapping and digging up for the unknown child she abducted. Kana closed her eyes and buried her face into Sana's chest. Sana held on tight to her little twin sister and sighed in disappointment of Emiko.

"Why would she kidnapand bury a little child?" Haruka questioned the group. "We don't know why, but there's no struggle here, and no ripped nor bloody clothes lying around, so that must mean that Emiko ripped the clothes off from the child, buried the child, and dashed off with the clothes. But we need to look further into her sick ideas to find out what she's going to do next."

"What do you mean by that, sister?" asked Sana.

"We have to go after her before she does something really bad," she answered her.

Haruka bit her tongue gently, trying not to scream in horror. Itsuka looked up at the sky, knowing that it's already morning. They're still not tired after the battle they had that night, because when they're in their PreCure form, they don't sleep at night nor day.

After Emiko and Nijiiro first met each other and left each other for their own purposes, Emiko herself was still on the move. Nijiiro herself was traveling on foot to somewhere she wanted to be. Nijiiro, as Cure Rainbow, decided to fly off to find a place to stay. She has a home, but her cousins told her to stay out for now just to be safe. She never knew when she'll return. She tried once, but her cousins told her in about a few months, She can come back. Nijiiro once again left the house, but never returned, for she knows that they might give her one or two years to come back and continue to trick her again, again, and again.

"What happened to the child, Mocho?" asked Mocho. He hopped onto Sana's right shoulder while Mei hopped onto the left. Their tails tickled her neck as they swayed side to side and back and forth.

"Kana, what are we going to do, Mei?" asked Mei. Kana tried to respond to Mocho's question after he asked her, but she didn;t want to tell him, but her sister told Mei her answer.

Princess Yuki suddenly appeared before them.

"Did you call her, Mocho?" said Kana to Mocho, who giggled with Mei. Yuki giggled a bit and smiled happily at the girls and the mascots.

"I'm glad Mocho's safe," she told them.

"Why did Emiko tried to capture you?"

"Because she's trying to use our powers for her own purposes, Mocho!" Mocho cried out. Mei comforted him and patted him on the back.

"Well, she'll be gone soon, guys. Work hard and, oh! I almost forgot! These little sticks are called PreCure Maximum Ultra. Each one of these has your Cure Symbol (Cure Symbol is for individual PreCures, while the PreCure Symbol is for every single PreCure used for signaling a new PreCure). You're able to use them, so be careful. I'll be leaving now. Be good to your friend, Mocho."

"I will, master, Mocho!" he laughed. Yuki disappeared in mid air.

"Let's go catch up to Emiko!" Itsuka said.

Kana remember what she was going to say to her group.

"We can use the PreCure Teleport since we have enough power to take us to where Emiko is! It can automatically find her hideout or where she is right now!"

"That's good, but what do we have to do?" Haruka wasn't sure what to do to teleport to where Emiko is.

"Put your hands in," said Kana. Everyone nodded and placed their hands, stacking them on top of the others.

"PRECURE! TELEPORT!" they shouted. They instantly went to where Emiko is. Emiko gasped in surprised, after seeing them use the teleportation power.

"You'd you punks find me here?!" she growled at them.

"Because we know!" Sana answered.

"Shoot! I guess we have to settle this in the T.O.P!"

"Top?" Itsuka cocked her head.

"That's right. T.O.P. It stands for Toho Origin Toyo. We have half of the PreCure power, so we need to take yours and that will be it!"

"PreCure ready?!" shouted Cure Dragonfly.

"SET!" the others shouted.

"BEAT UP!!!" they all shouted. Cure Cloudy first attacked using her PreCure Maximum Ultra.

"Cure Cloudy Maximum Ultra!" Cure Cloudy shouted, as the PreCure Stick transformed into a nun chuck. The ends on the sides of the nun chuck turned a deep gray, then had tiny tornadoes surrounding the two sides.

"PRECURE! CLOUDY TORNADO DISASTER!" shouted Cure Cloudy. She spun and twisted her nun chuck around her body, causing a large tornado around her. She flew in on Emiko and spun her around. Emiko still survived the attack, but Itsuka tried to attack next.

"Cure Ruby Maximum Ultra!" shouted Itsuka. Her's transformed into a staff with a little piece of ruby on top.

"PRECURE! SHINING SPHERICAL ACHE!" she spun her staff. It spun aroun around her until a red circle was around her. Then Itsuka used her Cure Symbol on her red glove to control it, sending the red ring towards Emiko, which caused electricity to shoot out.

"MY TURN! Cure Moon Maximum Ultra!" Sana's PreCure Stick turned into a crescent shaped weapon, which looks similar to Mew Ichigo of Tokyo Mew Mew's Strawberry Bell, but the shape isn't a heart, it's a crescent moon.

"GOODNIGHT... MOON BERRY SMASH!" Sana had the best attack second to Itsuka's. The Crescent Berry Bell shot out a shadow of a full moon underneath Sana's feet, which dragged itself underneath Emiko and shot out a circle of light just like an underground water pipe bursts open to the surface.

"FINAL BLOW! Cure Dragonfly Maximum Ultra!" her stick turned into a spherical weapon. She held it up in the sky, making it glow.

"DRAGONFLY.... HEAVY ULTRA SMASH!" she shouted as she threw her weapon at Emiko, causing a ball of light to shoot out from it. Emiko was captured inside the ball, and disappeared inside it. She was never seen from again until they go deeper into the secrets and plans of the evil.

"YES!" the girls shouted.

"We've finally got Emiko, Mocho, Mei!" Mei hugged her friend.

"I know we did, Mei, Mocho!" Mocho hugged her back.

A day later, the girls were still on the run, trying to find more PreCures.