Hi guys x) Finally after a lot of procrastination, writer's block, (more procrastination), and some pressuring from a friend, I'll finally submit my first entry for fanfiction. *fires off fireworks* Oh wait, I'm a day late... I was pretty much dead set on submitting a poem as my first fanfic so hehe xD Took me long enough too. Anyways, this is my little tribute to Elemental Gelade. Enjoy x)

It could be midnight, it could be noon

It could be later, it could be soon

It could be a day when the sun shines bright

It could be a night when the moon glows nigh

It could be fall when leaves fall like rain

It could be spring when flowers bloom again

It could be blue, green, red, gray, light, dark

But you'll always be here in my heart


All the trials, all the lies

All the anger, all the sighs

All the sadness, all the tears

When someone close, someone dear

Someone special is ripped away

To be forgotten as their presence fades

But to live in our hearts as one we trust

As one we cherish, as one we love


Flying out here, this cool, moonlit night

I feel you close and I hold you tight

Listening to memories dance in the breeze

Sighing at some, laughing at these

And after all, I still can't believe

I can be with you and you with me

And content am I, as we fly to the moon

You love me and I love you

Yeah, yeah. I haven't written a poem in a while so it's probably not my best...but the pairing should be pretty obvious. Comment if you wish. Ciao xD