I watched then and I watch the replay in my dreams over and over again, now. Even though it has been twenty years, James continues to haunt me in my nightmares. My heart jolts as I hear the faint whirring of a chainsaw. My eyes snap open and I walk to close the window in my bedroom.

The same room where twenty years ago James murdered the love of my life and then raped me.

The very same room where the grandfather clock stands, regal as ever but still broken and chiming irregularly.

As I walk, the clock chimes midnight but it is already later than that. I close the window, but, then I see him.


James, hiding in my bushes.

I try to run and lock the window but James is faster. He jumps through the closed window, glass shattering around me. He's grown older. His face has wrinkled and his dirty, messy hair has turned grey. His red eyes are not as bright as they once were but they still continue to shine evilly. The black chainsaw in his hand continues to snarl threateningly.

"You didn't love me," growls James. "Now, you'll pay!"

James leaps forward as I cower in to the wall paralysed with fear and terror.

"Come a little closer sweet," whispers James roughly.

He shoves me into the centre of my bedroom and circles me, holding the chainsaw menacingly. James jabs the chainsaw into my thigh. The hot blood pours down my leg as I begin to scream. He continues, allowing the chainsaw to cut through the bone, muscle and sinews that attach my leg to my torso. I collapse to the wooden floor in a bloody heap, howling in agony as James dismembers my body. I barely have the strength to cry, yell of scream as I watch my left arm and leg drop to the floor beside me. James laughs and cackles, his face beginning to fade from my sight as he edges closer to me. He walks closer and closer, until our noses are almost touching.

"Bye-bye my sweet," he murmurs as his lips touch mine.

My vision begins to fade and my head swirls as I feel something cut into my neck, sawing away at the skin and sinew paralysing me. I try to find my voice and protest. I move my lips but no sounds escape. I struggle against James with the strength I have but the world seems to be closing in on me, on top of my head. The black smothers me and I can't breathe. I close my eyes and hope the blackness will accept me and stop suffocating me. At the end of the black I see a light.

A white light.

I hear angels singing and I can see Edward, standing, welcoming me with open arms.

I sigh, and stop fighting. I allow the black to close in on me.

And then, nothing.


I watch proudly as Isabella's head soars into the grandfather clock. It's her own fault that she's dead now. If only she would of tried to love me, she'd still be alive. I sigh as I plunge the chainsaw into my own chest, piercing my beating heart.