I actually wrote this one a while back when I was in a horrible writer's block. So I experimented with free verse and came up with this (and various other poems that aren't fanfics). It was quite interesting and quite fun actually to do free verse. It gives much more freedom to express emotions and such. Of course, it doesn't sound as nice and nicely written rhyme verse poems. Anyways, here's my tribute to 5 Centimeters Per Second. Enjoy! x)

Do you still remember?
Remember that one day?
That one snowy day
When the world turned white
I had hoped
That you would stay
But I was happy,
Happy enough
To finally see you again that day

Do you still remember?
That one, big tree?
Where we shared
One most special kiss
One kiss
That ate my heart alive
And replaced it with something
Something warmer
Something better
Something like you

Do you still remember?
That last letter?
Of course you don't
That last letter
That I never sent
That I never touched
That I never thought
To give you that day
To tell you that
I love you

Do you still remember?
Remember me?
I bet you don't
But I remember you
I remember you
As the cherry blossoms fall
As they fall to the ground
Onto my hand
As they slowly drift down
One by one
At 5 centimeters per second