I do not own Final Fantasy. Do I seriously have to tell you this EVERYTIME? This is not a real story, it's written like an anime. It's for my entertainment. If you don't like it, don't read it. Tifa buys a karaoke machine. Enjoy!


Cloud: What is this?

Cloud, Marlene, and Denzel were sitting on the couch waiting for Tifa to hook up whatever it is to the t.v.

Tifa: It's a karaoke machine! I thought we'd have a karaoke night.

The other three members sweatdropped.

Denzel: When you say karaoke, you mean...


Tifa got the microphone to work and started singing. She grins when the microphone cooperates and turned to her family.

Tifa: Who wants to go first?

*Crickets* Tifa shrugs.

Tifa: I guess I'm first. Cloud put in one of my CDs, please.

Cloud did what he was told. He then went back to the children.

(AN: She's about to sing "I Fought The Law" by Clash. _.)

Tifa: I'm breakin' rocks in a...hot sun,

I fought the law, and the...law won,

I fought the law and the...law won,

I needed money 'cause...I had none,

I fought the law and the...law won,

I fought the law and the...law won,

I left my baby, and it...feels so bad,

I guess my race is run,

She's the best girl that I...ever had,

I fought the law and the...law won,

I fought the law and...

Marlene started cheering for Tifa. The boys were just...in shock.

Cloud: Tifa didn't have that coffee again, did she?

Denzel: I don't know?

(Two minutes later)

Marlene stood up and clapped for the older woman.

Marlene: Yay! Good job Tifa!

Tifa took a bow. She then smiled widely.

Tifa: Who's next!?

Marlene and Denzel were gone in a flash, leaving poor Cloud with the madwoman.

Tifa: Your next...*Maniac laugh*

*Phsyco music plays*


Yeah, Tifa was OOC. What do you think Cloud would sing? Anyway, the song "I FOUGHT THE LAW" is a good song, you should here it. It's by Clash. REVIEW!!