I sigh, staring at the book-covered walls surrounding me. Seriously. I can't even see the pitch black paint that was there a couple years ago, it's so filled with books. But that's how I like it. Books are my friends. Books are my only friends.

Well, my name's Kiwanaii, but people just call me Kiwii. Kinda like the fruit. But different. I'm not that into sports. I'm just not a people-person. I don't mix well with electronics, and music is just a distraction. I'm what you might call Emo. Long, black hair, black nail polish, dark clothes, ect... The usual. I don't talk much, and am quite reclusive. Dark, alone, emo. That's pretty much me.

Life at school isn't difficult. Or easy. It's just monotonous. Boring. Dull. One day is just like the other. Elementary was a breeze. Middle school: a walk on the beach. And high school is like a stroll through the grass right now.

I don't have many friends. Sure, people talk to me. They say 'Hi' a couple of times a month. Strike up a one-way conversation. That's about it. My life socially is about as exciting as watching grass grow. In winter.

I'm not all the way dull. I do have things I enjoy. Like reading, writing, singing, and drawing.

I love reading. Anything. From Harry Potter to Naruto. Fiction to Autobiographies. If there are words, I'll read it. I like to write down ideas. English is a breeze for me because of this. Drawing follows writing. From real life people to manga characters. Dogs to dragons. Everything!

Singing has only just become a habit. It's not something I love, more just a habit. My mother sang to me a lot.

James's, my dad, isn't hard on me or anything. No, he couldn't care less what I do. I'm just another person living in his house. That's about it.

Now you know all about my exciting, thrilling life. Yay...