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(Night of the Yule ball)

Harry James potter was Having one of the best days of his life so far. He had gotten Sexy Gryffindor Fourth year Parvati Patil to be his date for the ball. He had to admit that he was a little nervous about asking her out at first, but after talking about it with a few of his friends he decided to take a shot and ask her out. it had worked out well and he had even gotten a kiss from her. It was also by slim Chance that he was able to get Ron a date as well. it was her sister Padma He grabbed Parvati's hand and dragged her off the floor so they could sit down. They had danced for nearly an hour and he was starting to feel it.

Instead of her sitting in the chair she took his lap as her preferred sit making him blush. He had only had one other person sit in ihs lap and that was Hermione and it was by complete accident. Both had cup of pumpkin Juice in their hands and she was a bit giddy. They both took a sip before setting them down. Normalysomeone like Snape or Malfoy would ruin his good mood, but not tonight. Snape was Busy in the Dungons whipping up postions, while malfoy was busy snogging the crap out of that bulldog parkasion.

"Mr. Potter would you be offended if I gave you a kiss?" Parvati asked in a husky tone.

Harry looked at her for a second. "Miss Patil I would be offended if you didn't," said Harry as he kissed her.

Parvati smirked into the kiss, before she slipped something out of her robe pocket and into Harry's drink. She had heard from her friend Lavender, that she was going to try and snag Potter just days after the tornament was over weather he won or not. She didn't have anything against Lavender going around and shagging all the boys senseless. Parvati really didn't care to much about that, but she wanted to lose her innocence to the nicest Guy in the whole school, before he was taken to bed by that whore she called a best friend.

(Hermione's point of View)

"Uhh! I can't believe I got roped into coming here with this bastard. Why didn't I take Harry up on his offer when I had the chance?" thought Hermione glaring at Victor kurm.

Hermione and Victor had danced a lot and her feet were killing her. He also showed her off to his friends and big brother who attending in place of his father and mother. He had talked about himself all night and hardly seemed interested in her. Hermione excused herself when he started talking to a few other people, mostly girls.

She turned around and began to look for Harry only to find him lip locked with his date. She was not a Jealous person, but she didn't like the way that girl was on her Harry's lap. Hermione was about to turn away when she saw Parvati slip something into Harry's drink. It was a powdered version of a love potion. Hermione glared. She was not about to let anyone ruin her Harry by some silly little potion.

(Back to Normal POV)

Parvati was moaning a bit as Harry kissed her neck like a skilled expert and that wasn't helping her lust for him any. Harry stopped and grabbed his cup.

After he takes a swig, we're going to find a nice and quiet little room to… talk in," thought Parvati with a giggle.

Just as Harry touched the cup to his lips Hermione walked over. Harry took it away and looked at his best friend. "Hermione what are you doing here?" asked Harry.

"Nothing Harry, but Mr. Bagman wanted to see you in the entrance hall and asked me to get you," said Hermione lying smooth though her teeth.

Parvati growled. "Can't he bloody wait!" asked Parvati in a n annoyed tone.

"Sorry, but he said it's Tournament Business," said Hermione as she grabbed Harry's hand and that shot into the hall.

Once there Harry looked at Hermonie. "Alright then tell me what's wrong Hermonie," said Harry as he had seen Hermione lie before. Her right eye twitched ever so slightly.

"Sorry Harry, but she had doused your Juice with a Powdered version of a love potion," said Hermione.

Harry sighed. "Alright. I'll head out onto the grounds," said Harry walking out the castle doors.

Hermione was about to go after him when Parvati walked into the hall. Hermione were is Harry?" asked Parvati hoping to still get her man, before anything else happened.

"Mr. Bagman asked him to help him and Professor Victor out on the 3rd floor," said Hermione.

Parvati wasted no time and ran up the stairs, leaving behind a smirking Hermione.

(On the grounds)

Harry was a upset that Parvati thought she needed a potion to win him over. He would talk to her later and he would also need to talk to Hermione. Having a protective friend was okay, but sometimes she acted like they were dating or married. Harry walked a bit further until he heard a thud come from the bushes. Harry removed his tie, before walking over to the bushes.

Standing over Fleur was Her date and Captain of the Ravenclaw team Rodger Davis. Harry had only met him a few times and he seemed to be an asshole to everyone even his own teammates. Some people wondered if he was in the right house sometimes.

"What's the matter you little cunt? I thought you veela were whores who got men off for free," said Davis sneering at her.

Fleur got up and covered her exposed chest. "Zit's be nothing like that you pig! We Veela are a proud race and for you to try and take my innocent is zhe most hateful thing a person can do to us," said Fleur glaring at him

"Whatever," said Davis as he grabbed her hands and pinned her to the ground.

Fleur tried to scream, but he covered her mouth with his own. Harry had seen enough so he jumped out of his hiding spot and charged at Rodger and pushed him off Fleur. He gave his jacket to Fleur. Before kneeling before her.

"Are you alright Fleur asked Harry throwing of her charm in worry for her.

Fleur was shocked. Here was a boy she had dismissed becasue of his age at the start of the year, but now he was saveing her. "Yez. I'll Be alright Arry. That bastard tired to take me against my will," said Fleur.

Rodger got up. "What!? That little bitch ripped her clothes on the fucking bushes. Besides who are you going to believe me, your Hogwarts brother or some foreign slut? sneered Rodger.

Harry looked at Rodger, before coming out of his left pocket with a Powerful left hook that sent him back to the ground hard.

"I'm on this young ladies side and as a gentlemen I can't allow you to hurt her," said Harry removing his glasses and placing them in his pocket.

"You bloody tosser!" yelled Rodger as he charged at Harry.

Harry held up his dukes and ducked a straight jab to his head, before retaliating with a powerful uppercut. Rodger was sent back with a bloody lip, before hitting him with a jab in the nose. Rodger grabbed his nose and hit the ground, before he got back up, only to get caught by a right smash so hard that it opened up the underside of his left eye and above it. Rodger got up and glared at Harry who was bouncing lightly on his toes. Rodger wasn't so sure he'd be able to take any more punches. He was fairly sure his nose was busted and he knew that he was bleeding from a few places on his lips and face.

He charged at Harry only for Harry to move aside and hit him as hard as he could in his kidney. Rodger nearly hit the ground only for Harry to grab his jacket and continue to tenderize that kidney.

Fleur watched stunned that a boy not even 15 years old was handling someone in his last year like it was nothing. What Fleur didn't know was that Harry often had to spar and most likely lose to his fast arse Cousin who had taken up boxing.

"What is Going on here!?" came the harsh voice of Snape. Standing next to him was madam Maxime who saw her girl on the ground with her dress ripped.

"WHAT ZIT'S THE MEANING OF ZITS!" yelled the large Woman.

Fleur quickly told them what happened and Snape glared at Davis. "Well Mr. Davis you will be heading to the head masters office now," said Snape.

"But professor what about my face," said Davis only to get slugged by Snape in his other eye.

"What about it? As for you Potter. Good job. I can honestly say you remained me of your mother," said Snape walking away before Harry could ask him anything.

"I'd like to see my Mama and papa Madame," said Fleur.

"Of course my dear Fleur. You Boy come with me," said Madame," as they began to walk towards the entrance hall.

(Great hall)

French Minister Marcus Delacour frowned when he saw the state of his eldest daughters dress. Professor Snape had dragged a boy behind him that was a bloody mess, and next to Fleur walked a young man of 14 maybe 15. Delacour was a monster of a man standing at 7'4",black hair, blue eyes, and wearing his formal robes. His wife for 40 years stood next to him. Apolline stood next to him. She was maybe only 5'11", long slivery blonde hair, blue eyes wearing her formal robes. Apolline ran over to her daughter and began to whisper to her in french.

Marus narrowed his blue eyes in fury. "What the hell happened to my daughter!" his gruff voice thundered making many back away from him in fear.

"If you would like I was able to extract the Memory and with the permission of Professor Dumbledore I would like to show it," said Snape looking at the man who held his leash.

"Very well. After this is done the Ball will end, so that this matter might be investigated further," said Dumbledore hoping to put this matter to bed quickly.

Snape showed the images to everyone and many were shocked that Davis did such a thing, even his own sister Tracy Davis who tried to stand up for him at times could no longer deny that her brother was a fiend in every sense of the word. Daphne excarteced her friend out of the hall, before she became a crying mess. The other thing that shocked many was the way Harry had handled him so easily, without a punch hitting him. Dumbledore stopped everything and glared at Rodger.

"Mr Davis we will be speaking in my office tomorrow about your expulsion from this school. Also Mr. Potter will be awarded 100 points for selflessness in aiding another," said Dumbledore.

"To hell with that Dumbledore! This boy will be rewarded by me personally for saving my darughter," said Apolline

Many glared at Davis, but the worst had to come from his sister and Fellow Claws who spat upon him and slapped him. He was taken to a secure location by Hagrid and would remain there until the morning. Harry decided to accompany The Delacour's to the Hospital wing.

Once Fleur was in the bed and resting thanks to a claming draught given to her by Madam Pomfrey.

"Thank you for saving my Daughter from that man," said Apolline.

Harry looked at her. "It was nothing ma'am," said Harry.

"Nothing! Arry waiting a bit of juice on my dress is nothing saving my Daughters innocence is everything," said Apolline.

"I'll explain dear. You see a Veela's Innocence is her most valued treasure. To have it taken from her without consistent is like her losing her life. She will lose the will to live. I don't know what I would have done if that had happened to Fleur," said Marcus clenching his hand into a fist only for it to be grabbed by his daughter.

"But it didn't papa. I was saved by my mate," said Fleur shocking everyone there.

"Fleur Are you sure about this?" asked her mother.

Fleur nodded. "Yes Mama I'm sure about this. Just like you were sure about father when you were both just out of School," said Fleur making her parents blush.

Harry looked around. ":Can someone tell me what the hell is going on?" asked Harry in a polite yet rude way.

"It's something Veela find in a love that they want. We are related to a succubus only slightly. While they value sex Veela value love. And for a Veela to Claim someone as a mate they must turely mean it. The reason I'm skeptical is because of what happened to Fleur only hours ago," said Apolline.

"Excuses me ma'am, but I have an idea. We could have it set to a trail phase. If Fleur still wants to Mate with me after the Tournament I will of course not object," said Harry.

"Noble and Young. I think I can train you to be a nice pet Arry," said Fleur smiling at Harry who bowed.

Harry smiled at her before winking. "I wouldn't mind if you're my owner Fleur," said Harry bowing.

Apolline grabbed harry's hand. "Alright young man time for you to go to bed," said Apolline.

"But Ms Delacour it's only 12:10," said Harry.

"Call me Lline, like a lot of people do. And even if my Daughter doesn't mate you your still a member of this family," said Apolline.

"once Harry was at the door he looked back at fleur and waved, before blowing her a kiss goodnight.

Marcus glared at the door before falling back into his chair. "I don't know weather to play the overprotective father or thank that boy for saying my daughter from a faith worse then death.

Apolline sighed. "Now Marcus remember you almost crapped yourself when you first met my father. And he was only 6'5"," said Apolline.

Marcus mock glared at her. "Your father was a Boxer, as well as one of the best duelists around! Of course I was scared of him," said Marcus.

Fleur smiled at her parents playful banter. "I wonder if me and Arry will be like that one day?" thought Fleur falling asleep with visions of her future with the boy named Harry potter.

(Dumbledore's office)

Rodger sat still as the headmaster passed him a large sack of gold. Almost 100,000 gallons that he grabbed up. Rodger glanced at the old headmaster and shivered a little. He had been acting as Dumbledore's spy in the House of Knowledge to make sure that nothing happened and no initial on the Dark lord slipped by him. Dumbledore didn't feel bad about what had nearly happened to Fleur and although Rodger thought of the Veela girl as nothing more then a slut, he felt kind of bad for what he did thought. Oh well it wasn't his problem anymore.

"Are we clear on your instructions mr. Davis? Go in to hiding and if i see you again i will have to turn you over to the Ministry of Magic and you could face the possiblity of trail by another country after what happened" said Dumbledore

Rodger put the sack in his truck before shrinking it and slipping it in his pocket. "Don't worry professor. I'm like a ghost. No one will see me anytime soon. I'll send in reports from time to time on any intail i get," said Rodger.

"See that you do mr. Davis. I don't have time to worry about you," said Dumbledore as Rodger left, ever to be seen in person again.

Dumbledore popped a lemon drop into his mouth, before chewing on it. He hadn't ordinary planned for that French girl to want to be harry's mate. He wanted Harry to end up with Ginny Wesley or another pureblood girl like Tracy Davis or Daphne Greengrass, as both families were in his back pocket. He knew that the Granger girl had feelings for Harry, but he wanted to put an end to that as quickly as possible. He modified his plans a little to gain a powerful political Ally as well as powerful fighter. Dumbledore smiled.

Harry would have to suffer a few more years as well as the possibility of defeat, but it was all for the grater good.


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