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( A week before The 2nd Task)

Harry, Fleur, and Parvati were walking away from the Defense against the Dark Arts class room when he ran into a two people he didn't like currently. Justin and Ernie.

"How you doing Potter?" asked Justin in a rude way.

Harry looked at him. He noticed he was wearing a badge that said POTTER STINKS. "Fine Justin, just like always," said Harry.

Ernie smirked, before spitting at Harry's feet. "You won't be for long Potter. Cedric is going to wipe the grounds with your arse," said Ernie.

Harry glared at both of them, but chose not to do anything. "Well. Have a good day Gentlemen," said Harry as he knocked shoulders with both of them before walking off.

Fleur and Parvati caught up to him as he made his way to the grounds for Care of Magical Creatures.

"Why didn't you hex them into next week Harry!?" asked Parvati standing in front of him. "They were rude to you, and you let them get away with it," said Parvati looking at her friend.

"You don't understand Parvati. They wanted me to retaliate. The whole of Hufflepuff house does. They want me to fire the first hex, just so they have a reason to fire back. I'm a bigger man then that. I don't play other peoples games when something happens that's beyond my control," said Harry as he walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I'll see you in the common room later," finished Harry as he walked off.

Parvati wanted to scream. "UHH! That man is so damn frustrating!" yelled Parvati.

Fleur smirked. "Get use to zit Mi amare, but that's the way men are sometimes and I'm not apposed to sharing either," said Fleur walking off leaving a blushing Parvati, before she ran off to Ancient runes.

(with Harry)

Harry was making his way down to Hagrid's cabin when he head someone tell him to stop. He turned around and saw that it was Cedric. Cedric stopped in front of Harry and panted.

"What's up Ced?" asked Harry not to trilled to see the other Champion at the moment.

Harry and Cedric had a friendly rivalry going on the Pitch, but off the Pitch they were cool. A function of the School that only the Quidditch players knew about was a room hidden in the castle that was the lobby for the Players. A rule of the room is that you left your problems and houses at the door. While in their Harry had found out a few things. That they had an upstairs bathroom, as well as a few other nice features. Harry had seen a few people vanish into the room and not come out for a few hours.

Harry returned his attention to Cedric as he stood straight. "Nothing much Harry,I've tried to get them to stop wearingthose damn badges, but they won't," said Cedric.

Harry looked at Cedric. "It's 's not your fault," said Harry

Cedric looked around, before turning back to Harry "Harry I need to tell you that the Bath is the Perfect place to relax and think things though. Also you might want to take your Egg in there. It's on the fourth floor inside the Picture of the Lady of the lake. The Password is Brave," said Cedric patting Harry's shoulder.

Harry nodded before walking off. "Look like it's time to pull out my dad's clock," thought Harry

(Later that night)

Harry waited until Midnight to go the baths. He found the baths easy enough and entered it. Once inside the baths he noticed just how large it was. The bath was the size of a small pool it had many different sized Nozzles for different bubbles. Harry slipped off his bath robe and slipping pants and slipped into the water. He sat back and relaxed. He sighed before looking at the egg.

"What the hell am I suppose to do with this thing?" Harry asked himself as he looked at the large golden egg.

"Maybe you should try putting zit under the water Arry," came a voice Harry knew all to well.

Harry turned his head and blushed crimson. Standing there near the entrance was Fleur, but what got him was her bath robe. It stopped at her upper thighs and was parted slightly giving him a clear view of her nice breasts. Harry turned around as Fleur disrobed and got into the bath with him.

"Is is nice," said Fleur as Harry chanced a glance at her. He could still see her firm breasts.

"How did you get inside the baths Fleur. Only

"Dumbledore provided my schools perfects with the password for this year so we could use the baths," said Fleur.

"Of course he would," said Harry as he leaned back.

"What's the matter Arry?" asked Fleur.

Harry shuck his head. "It's nothing you need to worry about Fleur," said Harry.

Fleur swam up behind Harry and hugged him. Harry felt her press her breasts to his back. She then began to kiss the back of his neck. Her hand lowered and soon she found her prize. Fleur grinned, before she licked his neck. She liked how the thing in her hand felt. She guessed it was a good 7 or 8 inches. Fleur stroked Harry's cock, before he pulled out of her grasp and pinned her to the wall of the pool. Fleur grinned at Harry before he kissed her on the lips.

Fleur moaned into the kiss and could feel a slight tingling between her legs, before she felt a slight prodding at her entrance. Fleur knew that things were about to get very heavy when they both heard a slight giggling. They turned and found the Ghost of a Claw named Moaning Myrtle. Fleur glared at Myrtle with anger. She had wanted to have a bit of fun with her mate, before he decided to work on his clue. Myrtle flew over and sat next to them before Harry felt something on his cock. He looked at Fleur.

"Fleur this isn't the time for that sort of thing," said Harry looking at the Veela woman.

Fleur looked confused. "What are you talking about Arry? My hands are right here," said Fleur lifting her hands out the water.

They both looked at Myrtle who was giggling. "Oh my. Your A little bigger then Cedric is. That would have made many a claw girls squeal back in my days at this school. I'm sure many a puff and Claw as well as snakes will want this thing in them," said Myrtle releasing Harry and floating away.

Fleur looked ready to burst into flames and kill Myrtle. "If this bitch was a live I'd skin her and rip her head off, before burning her body and then scattering the ashes to the farthest corners of the earth and make sure they' can't even be found with magic," thought Fleur glaring at the ghost girl and read to go bang, bang boom on her.

"You two might want to hurry it up," said Myrtle.

They looked at the ghost girl and stared at her. "Why Myrtle?" asked Harry looking at her.

"no reason, but I'm sure you have only a few days left before your task," said Myrtle.

Harry grabbed his egg. Harry knew that what Myrtle said was true. They only had 5 days until the second task Harry was about to open the egg, until Fleur stopped him by grabbing his hand. Harry looked at fleur and all she did was shake her head.

"If you don't want to go Deaf Arry I suggest you put it under the water," said Fleur in a light tone of voice.

Warning Lemon

Harry nodded, before placing the egg under the water and unlocking it. Instead of that terrible screeching sound her heard one of the most beautiful sounds in the would. He dunked his head under the water to get a better ear for it when he saw Fleur sit on the partial ledge that was under the water and spread her legs slightly. Now Harry like any young hot blooded male was quite hard. He looked at the egg and listened carefully.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
And while you're searching, ponder this;
We've taken what you'll sorely miss,
An hour long you'll have to look,
And recover what we took,
But past an hour - the prospect's black,
Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.

Harry remembered that only one type of Creature could truly sing under the water. Merfolk. Now that what was out of the way he had something else to take care of.

He swam over and gave fleur a small kiss on her stomach. Harry worked his way up and bit down on her left breast making her moan in pleasure. Despite how firm her tits were Fleur always knew they were sensitive.

Fleur moaned again, before he came out the water and began to kiss her. Fleur squealed as she felt his hand touching her lower lips and rubbing two of his fingers against it. Fleur's hand went down and wrapped around his shaft before she began to pump on it. Soon both were close to cumming. so they got out of the water. Fleur looked down and then got to her hands and knees, before she licked the tip of Harry's cock. Harry groaned, as she began to suck on the tip while still stroking him to release. After a few minutes Fleur took a bit more into her mouth. Harry moaned as she sucked on his cock like a lollipop.

"Fleur, I'm about to…" started Harry.

Fleur smirked to herself, before she speed and after a few more strokes Harry came in her mouth. Fleur struggled to swallow it all and some landed on her breasts and mouth. Fleur took her finger and wiped the seed off of her before licking it up. Harry gently pushed Fleur to the ground, before he began to suck on her breasts again. As fleur moaned she was jumped for joy on the inside. She knew her Harry was a tit man from the way he keep staring at her breasts and that was just fine with her. Harry moved down until he was at his prize. He kissed Fleur's lower lips making her moan in pleasure. Fleur grabbed Harry's hair and threw her head back. Harry's actions made Fleur flare up with desire. Harry gently began to pinch her clit, and soon Fleur came. Harry lapped up her juices, just loving how she tasted. Harry pulled away and looked at Fleur in the eye.

"We can stop now if you want to Fleur," said Harry.

Fleur smiled before she kissed Harry deeply. "Your kind Arry, but I don't want to stop," said Fleur.

Harry nodded, before he put himself as her entrance. He slowly pushed in and this made Fleur wince slightly. It was her first time and she was sure that it was going to be the most enjoyable. Harry was fully in after a minute. Fleur's toes were curling at the feeling of being full. They both paused for a minute before Fleur started to move her hips giving Harry the Okay. It wasn't a widely known fact, but most Veela were born without a Hyman, just so they could enjoy their first time all the more.

Harry basically lifted both of them up and carried her over to the wall while they were still connected. Fleur moaned in pleasure at the feeling as he penetrated her deeper then before. He started to thrust into her body and pull out most of the way before thrusting back in. Every time Harry did this Fleur's brain turned to mush. Sweat poured down their bodies and neither wanted the feeling to stop. Fleur felt fire burning in her stomach and hugged Harry's neck.

Fleur, I'm about to cum," groaned Harry.

"Me too. Cum inside me Arry!" moaned out Fleur.

After a few more thrusts they both came hard. Fleur felt Harry splattered her inner walls with his seed and was glad she placed a birth control spell on herself. She laid her head on his shoulder, before looking up. She saw myrtle and gave her the one finger salute, not very lady like, but it got the message across.

"Look like at us, we're all Dirty again," said Harry with grin.

Fleur grinned back before kissing him. "Well then. We better take a bath," said Fleur.

Lemon end.

(Next day)

Harry walked down the hall with a smile on his face that made everything else seem so small. Ron had asked him what had happened and Harry didn't tell him shit. Hermione also wanted to knew what had gotten into her best friend, but he keep his lips shut. Parvati was currently with Harry in the Hall, before she grabbed his arm and took him to the side were no one would hear them.

Once on the side Parvati stared into Harry's eyes making the young wizard sweat.

"Alright Harry spill," said Parvati.

"Spill what?" asked Harry trying to lie smooth though his teeth.

Parvati glared at Harry. "Don't Lie to me Harry! I've seen that smile before. It's the smile a lot of boys get after they get shagged. And lavender is normally the cause," said Parvati heatedly.

Harry stared at her. "Are you trying to say something Parvati!? asked Harry hotly.

Parvati got closer to him. "Yeah. I thought we had a connection Harry, but then you go and fuck some harlot behind my back! What does that say about you! It's say's your a right Prick!" yelled Parvati panting hard.

Harry glared back at her. "Don't come to me with this bullshit Parvati! Who I shag is none of your damn business! It's not like we're dating anyway!" said Harry heatedly.

Parvati teared up before she slapped Harry as hard as she could leaving a red mark on his face. "If that's how you feel don't talk to me again Harry!!" yelled Parvati before she ran off, leaving and angered Harry with his left check red.

Harry looked at where she ran before his temper flared and he smashed his fist into a wall. He felt blood on his knuckles and knew that he had busted at least to of them. "Damn I shouldn't have let my anger get the best of me," said Harry as he decided to take a trip to see Madam Pomfrey about his fist.

(Hospital wing)

Madam Pomfrey looked at his knuckles and sighed. At least he wasn't in for something more serious. "Alright Harry what happened to make you bust your hand like this. I knew when I see self inflected wounds and this is one of them," said Poppy.

Harry didn't want to tell, but he knew he did. "Me and Parvati got into a bit of a row and after she ran off I hit the wall," said Harry.

"Ah," said Poppy. She had heard a few things about Harry getting on with Parvati in the last couple of weeks. Poppy knew that McGonagall was the girls confident, but Minerva often talked to Poppy about things as they were both Gryffindors from the same school year.

Poppy quickly fixed his hand, but left the pain. "Madam Pomfrey is my hand still broken?" asked Harry as he still felt the pain.

"No Harry it's not. I left the pain on it though. It should be gone in a day or so. I left it as a reminder that words can be just as lethal as the Killing cruse at times, but far worse," said Poppy

Harry got up and thanked Poppy before he left.

(Night before the Task)

Harry sat in the common room and everyone was wishing him luck, everyone, but the one person who mattered right now. After the row with Parvati she didn't want to talk to him. He had even been slapped by her sister. Hermione wasn't taking any sides and Ron had said she could go bugger herself, that earned a mighty punch from Harry. He had even nearly blown off the whole finding a way to breath underwater thing.

Hermione found her way over to Harry and sat next to him. "I don't want to say I told you so Harry, but you kind of desired what you got that night," said Hermione looking at her best friend.

Harry tighten his fist and felt the pain from when he had busted it. It still lingered and only appeared when he tightened his fist. "I know I do Mione, but how do I fix what I fucked up," said Harry looking at Hermione who shrugged.

"I don't knew Harry, but you should try talking to her before the task remember it starts at 2:00 Sharp So you'd better get some rest," said Hermione, before she gave Harry a quick peek on the cheek, before she went up to bed.

(In Harry's Dorm)

Harry sat on his bed when he looked over at his best male friend who just stared at him. "How's it going Harry?" asked Ron.

"Alright I guess," said Harry.

Ron sighed. "Listen Harry I'm sorry that I've been acting like a right git for these past couple of weeks. I've been letting my jealousy get her best of me at times. So I was wondering could you give me another chance?" asked Ron.

Harry thought about for a second, before patting his friend on the back. "Alright, but we got to work on that part of your personality," said Harry making Ron smile.

Hedwig flew into the window and landed on Harry's bed. "Hey girl what you got for me?" asked Harry as he untied the package and gave her an owl treat.

Hedwig looked at her human and ruffled her feathers. "Not sure but it came from that greasy Human," said Hedwig.

Harry did a double take. "Did you just talk?" asked Harry looking at Hedwig. Hedwig hooted and Harry put it off.

Harry opened the package and saw that it was some kind of plant. He picked up the letter and read it.


This is Gillyweed. It will give you the ability to breath underwater for 1 hour exactly. So don't waste it.

Severus Snape

"What you got there Harry?" asked Ron.

Harry smirked at Ron. "A way to win," said Harry as he crumpled up the note and burned it.

(Next morning)

Harry found himself in the Great hall and saw that there was a small table with Four drinks on it. He noticed that Fleur, Victor, and Cedric were around the table. He walked closer and saw that the center piece of the table was a bottle of fire whisky.

"What's going on?" asked Harry as Victor poured each of them a shot of the powerful flaming drink.

Victor picked up his. "We are commiserating this moment like we should have done before the first task. We the champions will share a drink. This is for a good and challenging companion that I hope will inspire the flames of friendship to last us well beyond this tournament," said Victor

Harry smiled and picked up his. "I'll drink to that," said Harry picking up his own.

"As will I," said Cedric grabbing his.

"I will too," said Fleur picking up the last glass.

They clinked them together, before they downed them. Each of them slammed them back before. Harry felt as if he throat was burning, but felt more righteous because of it.

"To good sport," said Cedric.

"To a grand challenge," said Fleur.

"To worthy foes that have earned my respect," said Victor.

"To honorable people who have become my friends," said Harry

Everyone in the Great Hall clapped and Harry could swear he heard a camera in the background. They all turned away and there standing behind harry was Parvati. They stared at each other for a sec.

"Hey Parvati," said Harry not looking directly at her.

"Hey yourself Harry," said Parvati looking down

"Listen about what I said the other night...," started Harry only to be stopped by McGonagall.

"There you are Miss Patil. I have need of you currently," said Minerva as she began to leave.

Parvati turned to Harry and stared at him. "We can talk after the task, if you want to," said Parvati looking at the floor.

Harry looked at her and smiled. "Sure," said Harry as she ran off

She quickly turned around. "I'll be routing for you Harry," said Parvati blwoing him a small kiss.

Harry smiled. "Okay not much, but better then we were before," Harry said to himself, before he walked out he needed to get ready for the next task.

(At the Lake)

Harry was pasting back and forth. He was starting to get worried. He hadn't seen Hermione or Parvati in the last few hours and that was truly troubling for him. Neville and Ron were by his side. Ron was trying to keep his best friend calm while Neville was helping him go over the Strategy.

They made their way down to the boats and prepared to leave to begen their task. Harry lined up on the platform with the other champions as Dumbledore got up and began to explain the rules.


Bagman let a bang fire from his wand and Harry quickly shoved the Gillyweed into his mouth, before he had problems breathing. Neville saw Harry having trouble so he pushed him into the water.

Ron stared at Neville. "Neville what did you just do!?" asked Ron looking at the Longbottom boy

Neville had a horrified look on his face as he turned around and put his hands on his head. "Your right Ron. My God… I killed Harry potter!" said Neville.

If he had turned around for just a split second he would have seen Harry jump out of the water at nearly 20 feet in the air, do a back flip and land in the water.

(under the water)

The water was so warm, not cold like he expected it to be in the late winter months. Harry didn't seem to have to much trouble breathing. It was like he was taking a breath for the first time in a long time, but he didn't have time to worry about the feeling in his body. He quickly took off cutting though the water like a knife though butter. He saw what looked to be Fleur and followed her. They swam until they reached a small forest of seaweed. Harry took out the knife that he brought with him and began to cut though the seaweed as Fleur blasted her way though.

It took him a few minutes to get though, but then he heard it. It was the song that he heard before.

Half of your time has all but passed, If you wish to recover your item then you must move fast.

Harry's eye's widen as he hard the song. He had to move fast. Sheathing his blade he quickly took off and soon found a large amount of me people gathered around four people that made Harry's eyes widen. Hermione, Gabby, Cho, and Parvati. Unsheathing his knife again he went over to Parvati and cut her loose, before going to Hermione. He was about to cut her loose when he found himself flung away and with 6 tridents at his throat.

The voice that came from the leader was nothing like the song it was harsh and sounded like it had sandpaper in it. "You can only take one boy!" said the Merman.

Harry glared at him. "There all my friends!" yelled Harry only to have one pressed closer to his face.

"Only One," said the Merman again as he signaled the others to release Harry.

Harry didn't like how he was told to save only one of his friends, but damnit he would wait to see the others though. It only took another 5 minutes for Cedric to arrive and blast Cho's rope off her leg, before he took her up to the surface of the lake. Cedric grabbed Cho and then pointed to the water proof watch on his wrist signifying they didn't have much time left. Harry nodded as Cedric went to the surface with Cho. Harry turned around when he heard something fast approaching and moved out the way just in time as Victor took a bite at Hermione's rope. After a minute he stared to claw at her robes. Harry didn't like this so he hit victor on the head and made him turn to Harry.

Victor charged at Harry, but Harry hit him in the nose with a solid punch. This knocked some kind of sense into him as he looked at Harry.

"Get Hermione and go!" yelled Harry.

Victor nodded, before he freed Hermione and swam to the Surface.

(Back on the surface)

It was quickly reaching the time limit. Fleur had been disqualified, While Cedric made it back with Cho in 45 minutes. Victor came up with Hermione at the 53 minute mark. Harry was still down there.

Dumbledore turned to a Aruor Diving team that was on standby. "If Harry does not surface by and hour and 2 minutes you are to retrieve him at ALL costs," said Dumbledore.

This was not going well. He had taken both Parvati and Gabrielle to make Harry make a hard choice. Perhaps he had let the boy become to much of a Hero in his own mind for his own good.

"I'll deal with it later," thought Dumbledore

(Back underwater)

Harry looked at his watch. He had less then 5 minutes to make his choice. So he decided. He took his wand and blasted both robes before getting them and swimming as fast as his legs would take him. The Mermen saw this and charged at Harry. Harry let go of Gabby's Robe and pointed his wand at the Mermen.

"Garduha!" yelled Harry as 5 blasts of blue beams shot from his wand. The blasts hit the Mermen sending them back . Harry holstered his wand, grabbed Gabby, and began to swim again.

The Mermen laughed as they righted themselves. They had been told to make sure that everyone got back to the surface, but to be harsh on the champions if they got a little to bold. Now all they had to do was watch and make sure that he got back to the surface.

As Harry got closer and closer he noticed that the Gillyweed was wearing off, because his hands were no longer webbed. He had to hurry or else he and the girls would die. He was close to the surface when a turtle like thing smashed into his chest and made him lose his grip on the girls. Harry Glared at the creature and knew that it was a Kappa almost instantly. Remus had gone over them in his class last year. It charged at Harry again and clawed him across the chest leaving long blood gashes. He grabbed his chest and noticed that his feet were no longer webbed and the water was losing it's warmth. That meant that his time was almost up.

He glanced around and pulled his knife into his left hand and his wand into his right. He saw the kappa coming at him from the side with it's mouth open. Harry moved aside and stabbed his knife into his unprotected neck. The kappa screamed in pain before Harry leveled his wand at the Kappa.

"Bombada!" yelled Harry blasting the Kappa in the face killing it. "I'll be needing a new knife," said Harry as he quickly retrieved the girls and rushed upwards as his time was up and his gills vanished. Harry still had another 20 feet to go and he was fading fast. He aimed his wand down and knew that only one spell would probably save his life.

"Everte Statum!" yelled Harry using all his magic to blast them to the top.

Once they breached the lake surface Gabby and Parvati woke up. They looked at Harry.

"Where's my sister at Arry?" asked Gabby.

"Harry what's going on?" asked Parvati.

Harry smiled at them, before giving Parvati a small kiss on the lips and Gabby a small kiss on the forehead. "I'm glad your both safe," said Harry as he blacked out. Harry began to sink into the water.

"Harry!" yelled Parvati and Gabby as two people grabbed them and pulled them to shore

Minerva frown, before she throw off her hat and dived into the water to retrieve her student. Minerva placed the bubblehead charm on herself, before she swam towards Harry. She saw him sinking and quickly grabbed his arm, before putting the charm on him. She throw his arm around her shoulder as she swam up, She broke the surface as a boat pulled up next to them and pulled them on. Harry wasn't breathing right. Minerva didn't want anything to happen so she started to pump his chest trying to force the water out of it. She then bent his head back and gave him CPR.

Most people would have found this disgusting, but she needed to save his life. After giving him a lung full of air she pumped his chest a few more times, before he spat up water. Harry turned around and began to breath when he felt a hand on his back. He turned his head to look at Minerva.

Minerva smiled at Harry before giving him a small hug. "Welcome back to the land of the living Harry," said Minerva as they got back to shore were Harry was hugged by Parvati and Gabby.

"Harry I'm glad your alright," said Parvati as they lead him into the healing tent.

"Me too Arry," said Gabby as Poppy wrapped a blanket around him.

"I'm just glad your both alright and Parvati can you forgive me for all the things I said and did wrong?" asked Harry looking at her.

She shuck her head. "There's nothing to forgive. I overstepped my boundaries when I tried to control you. Can you forgive me?" asked Parvati.

Harry smiled. "How about we just forgive each other," said Harry as Parvati gave him a kind smile

Fleur stood behind the Parvati and Hermione stood behind Harry. They pushed the two of them together forcing them into a kiss. This shocked both of them, but they quickly got into it, before backing up. Both breathed heavy sporting a blush.

Hermione and Fleur laughed at their friends. "I guess that's one way to kiss and make up," said Poppy as she checked over Harry and then Parvati. Bagman came into the tent and gathered around the Champions.

"Come outside quickly. We must see the scores," said bagman as they walked out.


Everyone charged towards the champions and began to give them handshakes and gave hugs to the hostages.

"Whatever I'm just tired," said Parvati as she laid her head down on Harry's shoulder.

"Your right about that, but maybe we should sleep in the common room," said Harry as Marcus walked up to him.

"Hello Marcus what can I do for you?" asked Harry.

Marcus sighed. "It's Gabby. It seems that you won't have just one of my daughters as your bride, but both of them," said Marcus looking at Harry.

Harry looked at Marcus, Parvati looked at Harry and Marcus just looked at both of them. "what do you mean Marcus? I only did what anyone who was her friend would have done" asked Harry.

"You see Gabby is deathly afraid of being underwater. She has aqua phobia. She's had it since she was a young child. Anyway her Magic felt that she was in danger and reacted. After you got her out of the lake it formed a bond between the two of you," said Marcus.

"I thought that a light shines when things like that happened," said Neville as he had joined during the explanation.

Marcus shuck his head. "When are you kids going to realize that magic isn't all flash and bang, but will and intent," said Marcus taking out a ciger and lighting it. "Listen Harry we may not be seen for a few days. We have some things to take care of," said Marcus as he walked over to his family.

Harry looked at his friends. Before shaking his head. "I'll see you all later in the Common Room," said Harry as he walked off towards the forest.

"What was all that about?" asked Parvati.

"He's just a confused young man with a great deal on his mind," said Apolloine walking up behind the girls.

"Hello Mrs. Delacour. Is there something we can help you with?" asked Parvati

"Yes. I would like you to meet me in one hours time at my families suite. We have much to talk about ," said Apolloine before she walked away.

Hermione looked at Parvati. "What do you think that was about?" asked Hermione

The other girl shrugged her shoulders. "The way she sounded I bet it has something to do with our relationships to Harry," said Parvati.

Hermione sighed. "it could be worse you know. She could be threating us with her wand," said Hermione as they walked away to get ready

(an Hour later the Delacour Suite)

Parvati and Hermione arrived at the Delacour suite and were let in by a house elf. They entered the room and noticed that they each chair had a name on it, Hermione's was next to Pansy, who was next to Gabby, and the last two chairs were filled with Madam Maxime and Apolline. Hermione and Parvati took their assigned seats and awaited Fleur, Gabby, and Pansy. The other three girls walked into the room all noticeably worried about something.

"Alright girls have a seat," said Apolline.

The girls did as they were told and quickly sat down. Apolline took a sip of her tea, before she looked at each of them. Hermione looked the calmest of them all, but Apolline could still sense her fear. Pansy and Gabby seemed to be the most nervous of the girls. Pansy she understood. She hadn't meet the Delacour family yet. Gabby was a mystery at the moment. Maybe it had something to do with the bond she shared with Harry.

"Alright ladies it's clear to me that all of you have some kind of feelings for Harry. I've done a Emotional probe to see and you are all very much in love with him," said Apolline.

"WHAT!! You used Legilimency on us!?" asked Pansy.

"No she didn't. It was a cousin of Legilimency that is perfectly legal but frowned upon," said Madam Maxime.

"Well I want to get his out of the way so let's begen with Miss Granger," said Apolline.

Hermione blushed. "Me? Began with what?" asked Hermione.

"Tell us why you started to like Harry," said Fleur.

Hermione blushed before looking down. "It started in first year. I didn't have any friends and when Ron insulted me I began crying. I wound up in the toilets and a few hours later found myself face to face with a troll," said Hermione.

Pansy looked at Hermione. "You mean that was real?" asked Pansy.

Hermione nodded. "It was. If it wasn't for Harry I'd be dead right now. That's when I first started to like him. In second year after I was petrified he came and visited me everyday and even though I couldn't react I could still hear," said Hermione as she blushed. "He was very caring then and still is," Finished up Hermione.

"What about last year?" asked Parvati.

Hermione sighed. "It happened during his game against Hufflepuff. When he fell off his broom u was so scared. I didn't think I could breath let alone live without Harry around and that's when I realized I loved him," said Hermione trying to hide the scarlet red blush on her face.

"Being in love is nothing to be ashamed of Miss Granger. Why I remember my first time falling in love…," started Maxime.

"Please stop. We still have much to discuss. Pansy please go next," said Apolline.

Pansy sighed. "Well it was the first day on the Train," said Pansy.


Pansy was sitting down reading a light muggle novel her mother had given her. It was an American book called Where the red fern grows? It was a rather interesting read.

"Those Muggles, always coming up with something interesting. Even better then what most wizerding writers come up with," said Pansy as her compartment door slid open. There stood 11 year old Harry potter.

"Hello there," said Pansy.

"Hi," said Harry.

"What are you doing?" asked Pansy looking at the boy her own age.

"Looking for an empty compartment," said Harry.

"Well you can join me if you want to. I'm Pansy Parkinson by the way," said Pansy.

"Harry," said Harry.

"What? No last name?" asked Pansy teasingly.

Harry blushed. "Well Potter is my last name," said Harry.

Pansy grinned as she thought of a way to tease the boy. "Pansy Potter… It has a nice ring to it, wouldn't you agree husband," said Pansy as Harry blushed. Pansy let out a little Laugh, before she told him she was joking.

They talked for several minutes, until it was close to time to go. Harry told Pansy good-bye and said they would talk later.

(Day after the sorting)

Harry found Pansy sitting in the library and sat next to her until she handed him a note.

Harry picked it up and carefully read it.


I'm sorry, but it's a sort of Taboo for our two houses to talk together. I'm sorry I really wanted to be your friend too. Maybe I'll write you later so we can talk.

Harry looked sad for a moment, but understood.

Flashback end.

"That's some story, but what happened next?" asked Parvati looking at the other girl with interest.

"Nothing we talked for a while and in second year we had a bit of a romance," said Pansy.


(Halloween night)

Harry and Pansy had attended a Masked Ball together Harry dressed in a black suit with a jacket, and Pansy dressed like a princess. They had danced for a bit before they decided to leave to have some alone time. They found themselves out on the grounds. Harry pulled out his wand and did a few fancy signs in the air, before PP+HP appeared before them. Pansy smiled at her boyfriend before she kissed him. Pansy was a little shorter then Harry even with the heels on so she had to lean up. Harry returned the kiss, before he fell backwards and landed on his back. Pansy landed softly next to him and put her head on his chest.

"Do you ever wonder what the stars say?" asked Pansy.

"Nope," said Harry.

Pansy got up slightly to look into his eyes. "And why is that Mr. Potter?" asked Pansy.

Harry looked back before giving her a light kiss. "Because they don't interest me the way you do Miss Potter," said Harry.

Pansy smiled as she remembered that joke. "Come on Romeo. Let's get back to the castle," said Pansy as they walked back.

As they entered the castle they found Dumbledore awaiting them. "What were you two doing out on the grounds?" asked Dumbledore looking at them with a twinkle in his eyes.

Both blushed. "We went for a walk headmaster," said Pansy quickly.

"Very well, but that was dangerous with the way things are now. 20 points from both of you and I will need to speck with you two separately about safety and your actions tonight. Harry please follow me to my office," said Dumbledore.

Flashback end.

"The next morning Harry didn't remember a thing about what happened. I went to our usual meeting place, but he didn't show up… and the next time I saw him he called me Malfoy's little love dog!!" said Pansy as she began to cry.

Hermione looked at the girl. "Harry wouldn't have done that! He's not that kind of person!" yelled Hermione protective of her friend.

"Actually in some cases things like this are a sign of the Impruis Cruse or the Obliviate Charm, and a slight memory modification charm," said Madam Maxime.

"How do you know so much about the mind Madam Maxime?" asked Fleur looking at her teacher.

"Believe it or not I majored in Mind Magic and what can cause strange affects on people. My guess is that Dumbledore did something to his memory of you," said Madam Maxime as she felt a magical flare.

Everyone looked at Pansy to see long black hair flying wildly. "That old bastard! If he did anything to fuck with Harry's head I swear I'll kill him myself!" yelled Pansy.

Hermione and Fleur put their hands on her shoulders to help settle her down. Once she was calm. She sat back and sighed. She smiled at Hermione and Fleur for helping her calm down, before Apolline looked over at Parvati.

"What's your story Parvati dear?" asked Apolline.

Parvati blushed. "It's kind of embarrassing. It happened in third year…," started Parvati.


(3rd year)

Parvati sat by the black lake with tears in her eyes. She had just caught her boyfriend since last year Zacharias Smith kissing Mandy Brocklehurst. She had thought he was a sweet boy, but he turned out to be a real bastard. Parvati looked out at the lake.

"You know you shouldn't be out here alone, especially with Black on the loose," came a voice from behind her.

She turned around and saw Harry walking towards her with a bag and his broom slung over his shoulder, no doubt just finishing practice with wood. He laid his broom down next to her and sat his bag down. Before sitting nest to her.

Parvati snorted. "That's calling the kettle black Harry. Your out here aren't you?" asked Parvati.

Harry shrugged. "I came out with the team and I was going to go visit Hagrid until I noticed a bright red sweater over here all alone," said Harry.

Parvati looked down. She forgot that she had put on the red sweater her mother gave her last Christmas. "So what.

Harry smiled. "You want to go for a ride?" asked Harry pointing to his broom

Parvati looked at him. "I beg your pardon?" asked Parvati.

"I'm going to tell you a secret of mine. When up in the sky, soaring as high as the clouds, it feels like everything else is left on the ground, my problems, my fears, everything," said Harry starching out his hand for Parvati to grab.

Parvati smiled at Harry. He was a nice guy and even though they weren't best friends they still got along well. Harry mounted his broom with Parvati sitting in front of him. He kicked off the ground and Parvati closed her eyes in fright. She had never done well with heights. She felt an arm grip around her and she turned her head to look at Harry. She blushed. The setting sun gave him a different look.

"Don't worry Parvati. As long as I'm here I won't let you fall," said Harry giving her a smile.

Parvati blushed and looked away shyly. "Thank you Harry," said Parvati as they spent the rest of the evening flying around.

Flashback end.

Parvati looked at the girls. "We flew around like that for a few hours. Sometimes when he just wanted to fly around or talk he would come to me," said Parvati.

Hermione looked down in sadness. "But I'm his best friend, why didn't he come to me?" asked Hermione.

Pansy smiled. "There are something's that men will keep to themselves," said Pansy.

"Well here's one thing that he wanted to keep from all you girls," said Apolline as she took out a folded piece of paper.

The girls gathered around and looked at the paper.

"What is that Mom?" asked Gabby.

"You see Harry came by to visit a day ago and asked me if I knew how to write pority. I said yes and instructed hm on how to do it. This is the first one he wrote and I personally didn't want to read it. I charmed it so that it would self read in his voice," said Apolline.

"Well can we hear it?" asked Fleur

Apolline nodded. "I warn you, all of the pain, sadness, and anger that he felt is within this poem," said Apolline as she tapped the paper with her wand.

The paper unfolded and began to speck in a voice that was Harry's but didn't belong to him, not him at all.

"Family are good to you love protect you this is how it should be . alas tis not how it is for me disgrace, belittle, and hate are directed at me they hate me beat and throw me away Darkness is All I have around me. I see light and it call me the warmth I feel I pray maybe it is real and I may Have found what I seek and I pray it last and is real.

The paper refolded and there was not a dry eye in the room. Pansy was on the ground and was saying she should have tried harder, Hermione and Parvati were both crying and thinking it was so obvious that he was in constant pain, Fleur and Gabby, tried to understand, but couldn't for the pain was to great even if it was fake. Madam Maxime was raging inside, while Apolline was thinking about the steps she planed to take to get Harry out of that house.

(With Harry)

Harry stood alone in the entrance hall after just coming back from flying only to be meet with the one person he didn't want to see right now.

"go away Malfoy, before I kick your ass," said Harry.

"No help this time potter," said Malfoy.

"I'm going to tear you apart Malfoy," said Harry.

"That's were your wrong potter," said Malfoy as he snapped his fingers and 4 students most 7th years and one Blaise Zabini appeared.

Harry dropped his broom and pulled his wand quicker then they expected. "You'll find Malfoy that unlike last time I won't hold back," said Harry holding his wand straight out.


Zaara: Sorry that took so long

Killjoy: yeah but we wanted to make it good.

Zaara: it was an issue of setting everything straight.

Killjoy: but we think it came out great let us know please and have a good day and night.