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Where All the Pain Goes

Chapter One – Shattered

Isabella Swan

So there I was, once again at one of these ridiculous formal parties on the arm of the man I loathed. This one was different though, I thought as I looked up at Max, the suave debonair movie producer, with the entire package. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with enough money to fund NASA, and own half of San Diego. His charming smile made him have movie star status and his amazing body put him on the cover of GQ. I was the envy of thousands of women across the country, and I would give him away to anyone who asked, only they didn't have to ask me.

His fame, looks, and charm certainly did not out weigh his many affairs and excessive drinking. He was a playboy, and I was his fiancée. I couldn't believe that I had taken him back again. With each time he cheated, I found out, and then he would grovel to no end, and I was back with him. It was a cycle and each time, even the night after I took him back he would be completely distant from me. I sometimes wondered why he even bothered to come back to me, and why I would ever take him back so many times.

I didn't understand why he would do that to me, but I knew it was because I just wasn't worth it to him. He knew I would take him back no matter what he did, and it was because I was in love with him. I was so unconditionally in love with him, hopeless and stuck, and I didn't even know why. I was so irrevocably in love with him, that it didn't matter, and he used that to his advantage.

He broke my heart over and over and over again, with only enough remorse to show me the eyes that stopped my heart. Every time I caught him he just had to look at me with those deep dark brown eyes and I couldn't think straight enough to walk away. It wasn't even like there were good times, it was just him not caring about me, at all.

It wasn't like he hit me, Max would never hit a woman. He didn't need to, some of the looks he could give made you want to bleed out with guilt so that you had to forgive him. He had a good routine going on and he wasn't about to change. I desperately hoped that he would, each time, but this was our engagement announcement.

After the last girl, which I had found out was more than once, unlike most of the other girls, and had been going on for several months, I thought I was saved. I was angry more than any combination of eyes and facial expressions could get him out of, and he couldn't just let me go. He proposed to me on the spot, right in the hotel room that I had just caught him in with the little leggy blonde, and I caved. I was beating myself, mentally, over the head with a stick for it too.

"Sweetheart," He said, in his flawless British accent, which always made my knees quake, "Shall we head over to the refreshments?"

"Sure," I said and he led me over to the table, where he dropped me went to talk to the usual buddies over by the bar, figures.

I started filling up my plate with the food as I tried to keep the tears from falling. I couldn't control Max, but I could control food, and that meant my plate was going to be full, even if my heart wasn't.

"Have you been fed in the past few months?" A kind voice said, and I looked up.

Before me was a man. No, man wasn't the right word. Before me was a god in human skin. While, he didn't even begin to compare to Max in the least on looks alone, he had kind honey eyes and a smile that warmed my broken heart. His hair was blonde and shined in the lights coming from the dance floor nearby, it was wavy, but combed.

"No," I said sarcastically, and he smiled.

"Oh, well then you won't even be able to eat all that," He said, walking closer, stopping a foot or so in front of me, "The stomach shrinks."

"I think I'll be fine…" I said, leaving the blank for his name.

"Carlisle," He said, looking into my eyes as he reached out to shake my hand, "I work with the groom to-be. And you are?"

"You're going to have to work harder than that," I said, looking across the room to Max, who was talking to a group of young women, typical.

"Ok," He said kindly, "How about I ask you to dance?"

"Ok," I said, putting my plate down and allowing him to lead me by the hand over to the dance floor.

The songs were all slow, so there was no danger to it not being a slow song as he wrapped an arm around my lower back and took the hand I hadn't rested on his shoulder in his hand. We danced around the floor in silence, sweet, perfect, comfortable silence, while we listened to the music play.

"So, do I earn a name yet?" he asked sweetly, looking down at me with stars in his eyes, which I returned.

"Not so fast," I said, not wanting him to realize I was the bride to be, "What's your full name?"

"Carlisle Stregone Cullen," He said as I looked up at him.

"Your middle name's Italian," I observed.

"It's my mother's maiden name," He replied sweetly before adding flirtatiously, "Anything else? My driving records? My non existent FBI record perhaps?"

"No," I said, inhaling his nearly perfect scent.

"Ok," He said as the song was starting to come to a close, "So?"

"My name is…"

"Bella! Darling? Where are you?" I heard Max's perfect voice coming over the speaker, and I saw the spot light searching the crowd as I pulled away from Carlisle and looked to the stage where Max was standing, "Come up here, my sweetheart."

The spotlight found me and the crowd parted for me to walk up the stage steps. I blushed as I walked through it like Noah in a sea of people as apposed to a the red sea. I got the edge of the stage, and Max pulled me up by my hand and I stood there next to him as I got a good look at the crowd.

Carlisle was standing where he had been standing when I walked away, as though he were frozen in shock. The look on his face was one I would never forget, he looked, dare I even think it? Heartbroken.

"Darling," said Max, not even noticing that I wasn't paying attention as he pulled me into his arms, and I looked into his eyes, "I am announcing here, and for everyone, that we are now, officially engaged."

He pulled a little box from his pocket and slid the biggest diamond I had ever even seen onto my finger. I caught a glimpse of Carlisle, who, with the devastated expression on his face, turned and headed for the door, shoulders shrugged as Max brought his lips onto mine.


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