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Where All the Pain Goes

Chapter Twelve – You'll Be in My Heart

Isabella Swan

I woke up the next morning, ecstatic. I had actually been out on a date, and I had had fun last night. Was I with Carlisle now? Was he my boyfriend now? And really had I gone straight from Max to another guy, though, true enough, one that I liked. I wasn't sure if I loved him yet, but he was most defiantly growing on me, and consuming just about all of my free thought, and my not so free thought too.

I stretched and yawned as I headed towards my bag. I showered and dressed before heading to breakfast and walked into the kitchen with a smile, which faded as I saw all the shades were drawn.

"Good morning," He said with a smile and twinkle as Alice ate her cereal, it was Saturday wasn't it, oh, that explained him being home, and he blew me a kiss.

"What's with the blinds?" I asked and he stood up, putting his coffee mug on the table and walking over to kiss my cheek and he handed me a hot cup of coffee.

"The media decided to have a sleepover in the driveway," He said as he headed back to the table to clear his breakfast stuff.

"I'm sorry," I said, feeling immediately depressed.

"It's fine," He said sweetly as he took Alice's empty plate from her and headed over to the dishwasher.

"Daddy won't tell me why they're here," said Alice, "He said I would have to ask you."

"I didn't know what you wanted to tell her," He said quietly, trying not to be heard by Alice.

"The truth'll work," said Alice and I smiled as he realized he had failed and sighed, shaking his head.

"Why don't you sneak out the back and head towards Eddy and Jazzy's house?" He bluffed and I smiled, "Just don't talk to any of them, ok?"

"Edward hates it when people call him that," Alice informed him and I chuckled, "And their mom took them up to Disney for the weekend. Bella? Can you just tell me?"

"Hmm, no press allowed in Disney," said Carlisle as he turned around and leaned on the counter, "Sound good to you, Bella?"

"Dad! Stop trying to change the subject, Bella?" she said.

"She's good," I said and he nodded.

"A little too good," He muttered.

"Max was famous, kind of like a movie star, or the people you see on TV," I said and Alice nodded.

"Yeah," said Alice.

"And I just broke up with him," I said, not quite knowing what Carlisle wanted Alice to know.

"They just want to get pictures of us together," said Carlisle for me and Alice just frowned.

"That's dumb," Alice said and I nodded, "They shouldn't bother, Max was the jerk-brain, are they following him too?"

"I would assume so," I said, and Carlisle just kind of smirked.

"Are we really going to Disney?" Alice asked hopefully and Carlisle shook his head.

"Sorry, sweetie," He said, leaning down and kissing her head as he gave her a little hug, "I don't want you getting on cameras."

"Ok," said Alice, "It's raining anyways. Will you and Bella watch a movie with me?"

"Sure," I told her and Carlisle seemed pleased that I didn't mind spending time with her.

"Who wants popcorn?" Carlisle asked with a smile and Alice smiled.

"I do," she said, and he looked at me so I nodded and he turned back to the cabinet.

"Bad news," He said a few minutes later as he turned around, "No popcorn."

"But I want popcorn," Alice said and he nodded.

"Ok, no problem, I'll run to the store," He said and then he looked at me, "Bella would you mind keeping an eye on Alice? Make sure she doesn't burn the house down, or talk to the photographers outside?"

"Sure," I said, "But why don't you just let me go? They want pictures of me anyways, maybe they'll go away."

"That's sweet but not necessary," said Carlisle and I shook my head.

"It is necessary," I said and he shook his head again.

"Ok, I see this is going to be difficult for you two," said Alice piping up, "Why don't you both go and leave me here with Cynthia."

"There's an option," said Cynthia as she walked into the room, "We'll be fine, you to go."

"You're acting more like a on call babysitter than the maid," Carlisle commented, "Maybe full time?"

"Not even if your life depended on it," the slightly elderly maid joked back and Alice laughed as Cynthia went over and sat down next to Alice.

"Thank you," said Carlisle and he took my hand in his and led me out into the family room, and over to the door, "Ready to make a break for it?"

"Yeah," I said as he went to pass me one of his hoodies, "It's summer."

"I noticed that you were a little camera shy last night," said Carlisle kindly and I smiled.

"Thanks," I said, "But I'll be fine."

"Suit your self," he said and tossed it back over to the hooks before kissing my cheek and then opening to the door.

We made a mad dash to his car as the light bulbs and flashes went off from the street. Our rush was in vain, because once we were in the car Carlisle had to back down the driveway slowly to avoid hitting the line of photographers and reporters formed at the end of the driveway. Then, once we were onto the street we saw a couple hop into their own cars to follow us and a few others just stayed where they were, taking pictures of the back of the car. He sped along a little until he reached the main road and could lose the followers enough in the other traffic.

"Sorry," I said as he pulled into the store about a mile from his house.

"Not your fault," He said as he pulled into a parking space about as close to the store as he could.

"Popcorn?" I said and he nodded.

"It's what the princess wants," said Carlisle with a smile, "I do need a few other things too."

"Alright," I said as we hopped out and walked over to the door, the media hadn't caught up with us just yet, so there was no need to run.

A few heads turned to look at us as we walked in, but I brushed it off. Soon we had a basket full of necessary and not so necessary foods and supplies, Carlisle had insisted on a flash light, just in case the power went out and we couldn't leave the house for fear of killer paparazzi. That, I knew had not been an actual fear, but more of a way to lighten the mood a bit while we noticed a few of the more recognizable cars from outside the house appeared within plan sight out the front window of the store.

We headed to the cash register and Carlisle took out his wallet to pay as I glanced over to the magazine rack and froze. The covers of each of the magazines had a various picture of Me and Max or Me and Carlisle, or even both. There were pictures of the three of us from the vineyard a week ago and one even had a picture of Max at our table from the night before. The one from the night before had the quotation of 'Imiss you' from Max and then 'I never want to see you again.' Another one had 'Max's long Time girlfriend/Fiancee cheats with Max's less attractive friend', another 'Hollywood hottie's heartbreak: Experts try to explain why she cheated.' And yet another read 'Another Heartbreak in Hollywood'.

"What the heck?!" I said as I continued to look at them, my mind whirling and I noticed out of the corner of my eye Carlisle looking over from the cash register.

He handed the cashier some cash before walking over to me and putting an arm around my shoulders. He kissed my cheek to try and comfort me before speaking.

"I am so sorry, Bella," He said as he hugged me, "It'll be ok, though, I promise. I don't know how the story got this twisted though. It was the other way around."

"Thanks," I said, "And I know, it was Max, he's just protecting his reputation."

"We can go out there and tell them the truth," He offered as he grabbed the bags off the end of the conveyer belt, holding both in one hand so that he could keep and arm around me, "They may not believe it though, he got to them first."

"No," I said rolling my eyes as we headed out, "At least not right now."

"Ok. Whatever you want, Bella," He said, as we walked out the door and into the sun, he kissed my head quickly as lights flashed, then added sarcastically "Might as well give them a good one."

I chuckled, suddenly everything was a little less stressful.