Transformers 305/07/2009 22:15:00

Zane got up. He grabbed a black Dethklok shirt and some black jeans with chains. He went into his car and turned on the radio. Eminem's "Superman" played on his CD. He drove down to Sam Witwicky's house. He walked out of the car and knocked on the door. "Sam!" he screamed. Sam walked out. "You feelin' okay?" he aked. "Yeah, Yeah I'm fine I need a shower though," Zane walked in and sat down. "So Zane, how's Mikayla?" Sam asked. "In life or the bed?" he laughed. Mikayla met Zane in community college when he was a student teacher. They fell in love. Sam didn't like it for a while until he met Alisson. She was the girl that last year was kidnapped by a Transformer and became an imposter.

After the shower they got in the car. Zane's Burnt CD played "War Inside My Head" By Suicidal Tendencies.

They pulled up at Sam's college. Zane found Mikayla and they went inside and found some seats in the auditorium. "Zane you look so hot today. I can't believe your leaving me for Harvard. I'm gonna miss you so much," Mikayla said. The Dean went up to the stage and said a long speech. Zane didn't pay attention. He looked at Mikayla. He didn't deserve her. He was way out of her league. How she fell for him he'll never know but still she's hawt. The Dean began to call up students. "Leo Spitz," he said. Leo, his old kindygawden friend walked up and got his diploma. "Samuel Jame sWitwicky!" he said. His good Buddy walked up. He waved to him, Mikayla, and his parents.

After graduation they went out for some beers. "To Sam and Leo!," Zane Shouted. Little did they know what was about to happen.