Snape and His Many... Interests

by Marty

A/N: ok, this is my first story and I'm new at fanfic. So give my a great welcome and R&R! It starts slow, but it gets really good-really fast! Just don't be in a serious mood about Buffy or Spike (those of you who watch it) when you start this, or you'll hate the story, and review it badly. Other than that, as long as you're not creeps, please R&R! And by the way, here's a famous quote that applies to my story: "I'm not dissing gays, I'm dissing the HP characters" So please keep that in mind. Please. Please. Please. Ok, and my computer, made in the Stone Age, doesn't have spell check, so just live with that. Oh, and one more thing, the chapters are short, but that means 2 good things. Good thing the first: It's fast moving and won't get boring. Good thing the second: It means if it's short it'll still have a lot of chapters, and that's how I can present it! So go!

Rating: pg13. WHY? Because nobody would read it if it weren't (we're all hoping) And because it's not bad (unless you think bloody is a bad word-I use it a lot)


The First Question

I was walking down the long corridor, creeping down to conceal myself in shadows, jumping at every sound. Hogwarts looked even stranger after hours. Pulling out my invisibility cloak, I wrapped it around myself. Instantly I became nothing more than a bobbing head about 5 and a half feet above the floor. I quickly covered my head also and continued to the dungeons.

I crept along, avoiding any mirrors. It looked too strange to see nothing, no reflection, in the shiny glass. No matter how long I had the Cloak of Invisibility, I couldn't shake the feeling of being invisable.

I had reached the last staircase-the one that landed at the dungeons. I steped onto the floor and immidiatly took my foot away. The cement floor was as cold as a winter in Sweeden, it surged through my body like sugar through even through my shoes.

I shivred as I recalled my plan, knowing I'd have to walk on that floor of ice.

I continued on, until I came to the forbidden door: Snape's supply closet.

I tried the door, it was locked of course. I took out my wand and, brandishing it like a fork at a piece of turkey, waved it at the lock and willed it to open.

With a short click the door unlocked and stood slightly ajar. I opened it all the way and peered inside. There were shelves from the floor to above my head., completely lined with equiptment: jars, bottles, pouches, and bags of reused plumes, their stems frayed and broken with time and enchamtment.

I looked around, searching for what I needed: a cure to Ron's sudden outburst of hysterical laughter, which kept us up all night and was bloodly annoying! Unfortunetily for me, I was voted to steal the ingrediants.

Suddenly a shadow loomed over me, a shadow which I realized with dread was Snape.

"Evening, Mr. Potter," he said with as much meloncoly as was allowed.

Snape, I thought, just my luck to run into that beast of a man. He sure smells horrible, too. But, wait-how did he know I was here?

As if answering my question, he said, "one must be careful while being invisable." He held up the cloak. "Like not showing oneself."

I turned around and looked up into Snapes...grogy eyes? In fact, the closer I looked at him, the more I saw how disoriented he was. "Snape?" I asked, astonished, "are you drunk?!?!"