A Beautiful Moment

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The weekend was rather eventless. The only class we didn't have homework in was potions. Good, I thought, he's meeting John. I really wanted to tell Ron about the whole black-mail thing, but I knew I couldn't. Still, whenever we met at lunch he'd greet me by saying, "what's up, Harry?" I wanted to scream, "What's UP? I'll tell you what's UP! I learned that Snape was GAY, he's unnaturally EMOTIONAL, he CRIES, he's got this LOVE POTION, and he's going out with some guy named JOHN!" but all I said was, "nothing much, you?" Oh, the bloody irony!

Malfoy, I saw, got that Hufflepuff girl right where he wanted her, which made me feel a little better. Ron was spending a lot of time with that Ravenclaw girl he 'knew so well'. Hermon and I were having fun too. And the newly-found-orange-headed Snape was still the laugh of Hogwarts. Even during Quiditch matches a joke was made now and again, espicially when the Slytherins lost.

The Fat Lady had-somehow-gotten herself into even, excuse my language, sluttier clothes. But that meant the Summer holiday was coming soon. I guess it was a good year. I FINALLY got a girlfriend, and so did Ron. Hermon, of course got herself a boyfriend too, and a hot one at that! The weekend, as you can imagine, went really fast. And yes, by Monday morning I could hardly eat breakfast. My lips were so sore!

"Harry-are you okay? You're eating through your nose."

"What?" I said, sounding like a stuffed up nerd.


I swallowed. "Okay, now what's the problem?" I said in my normal voice. "I can't eat very well through my mouth. My lips hurt too much!"

"From snogging Hermon all weekend?"

"No-from snogging Malfoy-YES from snogging Hermon-where ya been?"

"In the Ravenclaw Common Room!" He replied shooting a glance at the table next to ours. "How's Hermon doing? Can she eat normally?"

I pointed a finger at Hermon. "You guess." Hermon was using a straw. One end was in her cereal. The other up her nose.

"Oh. That explains it!"

* * * * *

After classes were over, I decided to see what happened with Snape and "John". As usual I headed over to Snape's office. It was after hours, but tonight a lot of people were out. Ron had, again, snuck into the Ravenclaw Common Room. (How do I know? His shirt was lying on the floor next to the hidden door.) Malfoy was again in brightly colored pajamas. This time, however, they weren't pink with bunnies, but a dark red with tiny white hearts scattred all over it. They were made from real Chinese silk. His natural blond hair was obviously not slept on, but had been messed up. (On purpose to redeem his reputation after Hermon left him for me, I thought modestly.) He was probably out trying to find the Hufflepuff door,

When I got to his office, it was again lit up with that faint but familiar glow. Snape's bright orange hair seemed to light the room all in itself. But I hardly noticed. "Spike look hot tonight?" I came in saying.

"Oh God-don't DO that!" He shrieked. "You scared me almost straight!"

"Almost, huh? So your date went well?"

"Well, let's just say he didn't not go well."

"So, you're gonna be okay then?" I asked, starting to sit beside him.

"Yeah, I am. Thanks Pott-Harry." He turned to me and for the first time I think since James left him he smiled. "Thanks."

We then both turned to the TV and watched Buffy. It was one of those beautiful moments that don't come along every episode. In the background we heard a scream that we took to be Filch. Then Ron's shrieks echoed through the walls and Malfoy's sobs ran through our minds. But neither of us talked or looked away from the screen. Like I said, it was one of those beautiful moments that don't come along every episode...