Konichiwa, ladies and gents! I was watching Whose Line is it Anyway when I started thinking that it would be funny if the Bleach characters could play. So, with a little help from a friend, I started making this story!

Ichigo: But a lot of the game has to do with acting. How are you gonna do it?

Me: Shut up! You're paid to host, not complain!

Ichigo: But you're not paying me…

Me: Do you want me to set Zaraki-taicho on you?

Ichigo: 0_0 I'll be good.

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GAME #1:

Host: Ichigo Kurasaki

Contestants: Renji Abarai, Rukia Kuchiki, Gin Ichimaru, and Yumichika Ayasegawa

Ichigo: Hey everybody! I'm your host Ichigo Kurasaki, come on down, let's have some fun! Hello! Welcome to Whose Line is It Anyway Bleach Edition, where everything's made up and the points don't matter! Yes, the points don't matter, just like Unohana=taicho's age! So, ummm… the person at the end of the show with the most points, the person I like the most, gets to, ummm… do a little something special with me… [Sigh] [CROWD GOES WILD]

Here are your contestants. The prettiest guy in town, Yumichika Ayasegawa! [Crowd goes wild] The not as pretty Renji Abarai! (Crowd laughs) The bunny loving Rukia Kuchiki. And of couse, the guy who can't see a thing, Gin Ichimaru! [Crowd goes YAY] Okay, so were gonna start of with a game called… Number of Words; this for all four of you.

The game goes like this… Yumichika can say 1 word, Gin can say 2, Renji says 3 and Rukia can say anything. The scene is: two sisters, Yumichika and Rukia,are coming back home when Gin, a robber, jumps out at them. Renji, the cop, comes in and beats Gin up. GO!

[Gin pops out of nowhere]

Yumichika: GASP!

Gin: I'm gonna…

Rukia: Gonna what?

Gin: Steal your…

Rukia: Steal what you creep!?

Gin: Purse,WOMAN!

[Rukia and Yumichika scream]

Renji: Stop it you…

Gin: You what?

Renji: Hooligan! Take That!

[Renji starts to beat up Gin]

Rukia: You're not supposed to do that for real!

Renji: Oh… Oops… Sorry…

Yumichika: BAD!


Ichigo: Plus 100 for beating up Gin, but minus 100 points because the producer would tell me too! Okay, when we come back, more Whose Line is It Anyway, so don't go anywhere!

Ichigo: Okay, welcome back to Whose Line is It Anyway. Our next game is Questions Only. This is for all four of you. You can only speak in questions. Okay? The scene is… Renji is out in a bar trying to get girls. Rukia comes in. when one gets out, Yumichika comes in, then when another person doesn't say a question, Gin comes in. Okay? Lets go!

[Rukia comes in the bar]

Renji: Hey girl, wanna drink?

Rukia: Does it look like I wanna drink?!

Renji: Why are you in a bar if you don't wanna drink?

Rukia: Is it okay if I want a drink but don't want one from you?!

Renji: Dude, why don't you just take a chill pill?

Rukia: Well, is it bad f I don't want to take a chill pill from you?!

Renji: You know a chill pill isn't an actual object, right?

Rukia: Whatever!

{BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ} Ichigo: Not a question. Rukia is out!

[Yumichika comes in]

Renji: Hey beautiful, you wanna drink?

Yumichika: Oh, you think I am beautiful?

Renji: You're the prettiest girl in sight, right?

[Yumichika, looks around and he does not see anyone else in the bar]

Yumichika: You're so funny; what gender do you think I am?

Renji: You're a chick, right?

Yumichika: Hahaha, are you always that funny?

Renji: SHIT! Is that a d…. I'm out of here!

[Renji walks out, Gin comes in]

Gin: Can you spare a second for a blind man?

Yumichika: Aren't you just Chinese?

Gin: No, I am blind. Can you please help me?

Yumichika: Will I be able to help a Chinese guy such as yourself?

Gin: I am blind, not Chinese, okay?

Yumichika: Not Chinese…hmm… Japanese or Korean?


[BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ} Ichigo: Not a question, Gin is out!

Ichigo: Okay, 1000 points for Yumichika for being the last one standing, 100 points for Renji for thinking Yumichika was a girl and hitting on her. Okay, when we come back, our winner will do a little something special with me. (I am not being paid enough for this… I'm not being paid at all!)

Ichigo: Okay, everybody, this game is called What Are You Trying To Say? A piece of trivia: this game was only ever used on the real show once. Basically, we'll try to talk to each other, but we'll read the comments of the other person the wrong way. I'll be starting off. Hey, Yumichika, how are you and Ikkaku?

Yumichika: What do you mean, how are you and Ikkaku? You think that we're in some sort of relationship? Huh? Is that what you think? Because we're just friends.

Ichigo: Wait a minute. You think I'm a homophobe, don't you? Because I'm not. I accept people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Yumichika: And you think I don't? That is so shallow!

Ichigo: Oh, so now I'm shallow now, huh? Well, excuse me, but aren't I the one with the Mexican friend?

Yumichika: He's not Mexican, you idiot, he's Latin-American!

Ichigo: So, do you think I'm an idiot? Well, at least I haven't been hanging around with 11th Division all day long.

Yumichika: You're comparing me with those thugs, huh? Well, I am more beautiful than them. Don't classify me like that!

Ichigo: I am not judgemental! You ask everyone! I'm as fair as fair can be!

Yumichika: So you're saying that I'm unfair! How ugly!

Ichigo: You calling me ugly, featherhead?

Yumichika: How dare you! Birdbrain, indeed!


Ichigo: And that's all the time we have, folks! Tune in for the next episode of Whose Line is It Anyway!

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