Each apprentice gondolier was required to take a day off once in a while and today was Akari's. Taking her gondola to a peaceful submerged piazza she let the gentle current push her along as she relaxed, one hand trailing in the water. President Aria lay stretched out next to her on the seat sunning his belly. A soft light dappled the tranquil scene.

Akari's eyes were closed in relaxed pleasure and she had almost slipped off to sleep when she felt something light and soft land on her cheek, soon followed by several more. Opening her eyes she gasped at the sight of many delicate pink blossoms gently tumbling to the water before her, a windfall from some unseen sakura tree beyond the impressive buildings that surrounded her.

She stretched out her arms and cupped her hands. Once they were full she held them to her nose, savoring the delicate scent. President Aria stood with his front paws on the prow of the gondola and attempted to catch the flowers in his mouth. When he finally did catch one he seemed to enjoy it.

Before too long the shower of blossoms slowed and finally ceased. The air was ripe with the scent of sakura and the water shimmered with them. Akari smiled down at President Aria who slept in a pile of pale pink flowers that practically filled the gondola. Picking up an oar she prepared to head back to Aria company, to home, to share a present from Neo-Venezia with Alicia-san.