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Drinking + Vegas = Bad Idea.


To alcohol... The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
– Homer Simpson.


My head throbbed; I groaned and shifted under the covers.
Where were my clothes? Actually where was I?
The last thing I remember was sitting next to a really hot guy with a video camera at the bar drowning my sorrows.
The thinking was making my hangover worse, I thought groaning out loud.
I opened my eyes only to get a giant window with the sun shining through in all its glory mocking me for drinking so much.
I groaned again as my head pounded, why couldn't the room be dark?
I thought slamming my eyelids shut and rolling over.
Why was I naked I thought again? I had no clue so I squinted through my eyelids.
Thank God it's not as bright on this side of the bed, probably because there is a big mountain in the way.
But why is there a mountain in what I assumed to be a hotel room.
I fully opened my eyes to find two giant green orbs staring back at me.
I screamed and so did the owner of the green eyes.
I jumped out of the bed and so did he.
Realising I was naked I made an attempt to cover myself, placing my left hand across my boobs and my right on my nether region.
My head was killing me and at that moment my good old friend the sun decided to come out and focus on me.
That's when it hit me.
Square in the eye.
The sparkle of a diamond.
A diamond that sat on my left hand.
On my ring ringer.
What had I done?


That must have been one of the best night sleeps of my life.
Except for the pounding headache that just made itself known.
How much did I drink last night? Heck what the hell did I even do last night?
The last thing I remember was having my fifth or sixth drink while sitting next to a beautiful woman at the bar.
My head pounded again.
Christ how much did I drink? Normally I could handle my liquor pretty well. Unless I drank whiskey.
I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to remember where the hell I was, and why the hell was I naked?
I thought as I shifted under the sheet.
I opened my eyes to get a better sense of my surroundings, but instead I ended up staring into two milk chocolate eyes.
She screamed making me scream too.
I jumped out of bed to realise that she was naked too. She was breathtaking, but I quickly shifted my eyes back to hers.
But this time instead of seeing her gorgeous brown eyes I was hit with a bright light coming off her left hand.
Either I just slept with a married woman or I just married a woman.
From the shocked expression on her face I don't think it was the first one.