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4 Years Later

If Alice had a superpower it would be the power of manipulation. Though, I'm not so sure if that's if that's so super.

"Bella, put it on," My 'beloved' Bridesmaid, former Nazi, Alice instructs me.

"Alice, I don't need these," I said waving the skimpy piece of lace which Alice calls lingerie, honestly I would get more coverage out of a tissue.

"Edward would love to see you in these," Alice tried.

"Alice," I sighed, "Edward's alright seeing me in granny undies, as long as they're coming off I don't really think he cares." I reasoned.

"Yes, but this is a special day,"

"I would rather wear no underwear!" I screamed at Alice. She didn't respond but gave me a pointed stare that said put them on or else. I sighed and sauntered into the bathroom. Alice always gets her way. After she found out about our Vegas wedding she let me believe that she had dropped the subject of remarrying for 32 days. Yes I counted; I think I can get that number into The Guinness Book of World Records. Promptly after those peaceful 32 days she pounced. Full force.


"Bella," Alice said coyly as she flipped through her Vogue, "What do you think of this dress?" She asked showing me the white, puffy wedding dress.

"No," I said

"But why?" She pouted.

"I'm pretty sure I would die in that, either through overheating or a broken neck." I told her.

"Overheating?" She curiously asked.

"Well, yes," I stumbled, "If I am to ever remarry Edward it would be a summer wedding, that is our anniversary after all." I tripped over the words praying that she didn't take that as a yes. How wrong was I?

"So this summer? She asked, "That only gives me 5 months, but don't worry I can do it." She positively beamed making my coming refusal break my heart.

"No, sorry Alice, not this summer, maybe in a couple of summers," I said watching her face break out into a pout.

Eventually a twisted little smile crossed her face, "Don't worry Bella, you will remarry one day. Soon." She told me. How was that meant to not make me worry?


I shoved the lingerie into one of the makeup bags that were in the bathroom, I would rather go commando. No longer would Alice's manipulation override me. I laughed, who was I kidding? Of course it would, but at least not today.

"Did you put them on Bella?" Alice asked seriously as I exited. I nodded and looked towards the window where I could see the car pulling up in which Edward would be in.

"Yes Alice," I said as annoyed as possible. Please don't blush, I begged my cheeks, it would give me away.

"Bella," She said sternly, "Did you-" She was cut off by the door opening and Charlie and Ben entering.

"Hi Dad, Hello Ben," I said taking the 15 month old off of my father.

"Mah!" Ben squealed wriggling, trying to get out of my hold, so I put him on the ground watching him run around in his little tux.

"Hey Bells, ready for the big day?" Charlie asked, "Is this like a real wedding, or what?" He asked.

Yes, Charlie knew about our Vegas wedding. Funnily enough he's ok with it, now; once I'd assured him no one died he was looking forward to being a grandpa. No I haven't confused the stories again because really they're the same one.


My head swam as I answered my phone. I don't understand why doctor's offices all smell like this, it's making me feel worse.

"Hello Alice," I said after checking caller I.D.

"Bella, how do you feel about the colour green?" Alice asked jumping straight into the conversation. The colour green? Oh great wedding stuff. Yesterday I had accidently given in to Alice's constant nagging about a vow renewal.

"Uh, green's great." It's the colour of grass, Edward's eyes, and, my head spun, and vomit. Lovely colour.

"Great, because I was thinking,"

"Sorry Alice, the, uh, someone's here." I said hanging up on her.

"Sorry Doc," I said first, "Do you have my results? Am I dying?" I asked death might just be a sweet release from this nausea.

She laughed, "No Bella, you're pregnant." She said cheerily.

I frowned at her, was she serious, "What?" I really wanted to ask how, but that would seem stupid. I knew how and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with our 2nd anniversary and a broken condom.

Edward and I returned to Vegas for our 1st because of business with the bar so for our 2nd we returned again. The bar was running very well due to our 'fame'. For our second Edward and I were just on a high, we drank a little too much and sang a little too much – I believe it's on YouTube under the name Bennie and the Jets Regroup Vegas. It was a good night, I remember that Vegas trip.

The Doctor said, "Congratulations," and I realised the consultation was over.

I drove home in a daze a little unsure about how I felt about the whole thing. Edward and I hadn't discussed kids. He didn't even know I went to the doctor this morning, so this is going to hit him like a ton of bricks.

"Hi love," He greeted me as I walked into the house, "Alice would like us to go over to her house for 'drinks, dinner and death' or wedding discussions as she likes to call it." He smiled. Wedding discussion, drinks? It only took those 3 words for me to snap.

"I can't!" I screamed at Edward who looked a little shocked at my outburst, but I was too far gone to realise, "I can't, I can't, I can't," I chanted over and over again.

"I can't get married in a year's time, I'll still probably be fat and lumpy," I rambled much to Edward's confused look, "I can't go to Alice's tonight because I can't drink, and she'll be suspicious, she's freekin' Alice for goodness sake, and you don't even know, so if she works it out it'll be bad because I haven't told you yet, and dinner, I don't even know if I'm able to eat and keep it down." I swallowed, I feel like I need to throw up, but I can't.

"Bella?" Edward walking towards me slowly, arms extended as if he was walking up to a wild animal, trying to catch it whilst it was unaware, "What's wrong?" He asked cautiously.

"I'm pregnant." I said and because Edward didn't answer immediately I walked out the front door and drove to Charlie's.

I was speeding, a lot, so I made good time. Edward would be proud. My unprovoked anger had started to ebb as I thought about Edward and I was no longer feeling angry. Actually I felt like shit, poor Edward, I'd just walked out on him. Water filled my eyes and I cried. I needed to turn around and go back to him, but at that moment I pulled into Charlie's driveway.

I got out and walked into Charlie's house.

"Dad!" I called out and he came in from the living room.

"Bella?" He asked perplexed, "What are you doing here?" He asked, but then took in my face, "Are you alright?" He asked noticing my tear stained face.

"Oh, yeah, I'm fine." I said hoping I could brush it off. He led me into the kitchen, got me a glass of water and sat me down at the table for an 'interrogation'.

"Dad, really I'm fine," I said emphasising my feelings.

He laughed incredulously, "No you're not, now speak." He said using his Police Chief voice.

"Is it Edward, is he alright?" He asked.

I laughed without feeling, "No he's fine; it's me,"

"Did he break up with you?" He asked angry, his facial colour deepening.

"No!" I screamed, "It's me, all me, and Alice, she deserves to hold some of the blame here, maybe even Emmett!" I ranted.

"Bella, tell me please," Charlie asked.

"Ok, well, Alice started this with all this pressure for a vow renewal,"

"Vow renewal?" Charlie interrupted.

"Yes, exactly, why do I need one? You get married once and bam! You're done, it is for life."

"But you've got to be married," Charlie hedged.

"Yes, well Edward and I got married two years ago in Vegas while we were both drunk now because of Vegas and alcohol and Elton John I'm pregnant!" I yelled but quickly regained composure once I realised that I'd accidently release two secrets.

"You're pregnant! You're married!" Charlie screamed and I watched while he tried to work out which one he was angrier over.

"Married! In Vegas! To a stranger!" he decided.


"I'm proud of you Bells," Charlie said snapping me back to reality. He eventually got over the two big surprises of that day and was happy for Edward and me.

Edward, there was his name again. Edward was still the same old Edward. Thinking about him still created butterflies in my stomach, seeing him still made my heart stutter, kissing him...well that did all kinds of things.

Rosalie waddled into the room, but don't let her catch you saying that. She's 7 months pregnant, but looked like 12, it is Emmett's child after all, and he is going to be huge. Despite looking so large Rose had retained an amazing figure. From behind you couldn't even tell. She could also still fight one hell of a battle, which was proven so when she insisted that she was one of my bridesmaids. She was always going to be one, but when I voiced that she shouldn't feel obligated she cut me down so fast threatening me saying that she could make Emmett an only child. Death threats do wonders for her attitude.

"I've got to go Bells," Charlie said hugging me, "I'll see you at the big event," He grinned and I smiled.

"See you Dad," I said.

"Bye squirt," He said to Ben rumpling his hair.

Benjamin Anthony Cullen. I had wanted to call him Edward, after Edward of course, but being Edward, he didn't allow it. Instead he allowed carrying on his middle name. Ben's first name took a while to get. You see Alice rang-trust Alice-to tell Edward and me that she had found another Bennie and the Jets rendition on YouTube. Yes, it does bother me that when Alice is bored she Google's the most humiliating moment of my life. This one had Edward and I singing but our voices had been edited so we sounded like chipmunks. My water broke halfway through the second verse of Bennie and the Jets. Edward joked that he must've like the name Bennie, but funnily enough Benjamin just stuck.

He had a thick mop of Edward's unruly hair, but in my colour and green, hazel eyes. Edward was always telling me how much he looked like me to which I would reply sarcastically, "My poor son, you think he looks like a girl?" I would say pretending to be indignant. It was easier than creating a mini fight over who he looked like. I believe he has more Edward in him, but Edward was always disagreeing. And he calls me stubborn!

Alice was finalising my hair, it was all up in a bunch of elegant twists and curls. It looked phenomenal. Alice was also instructing me on what to do.

"So Charlie will walk you down the stairs," I cringed, stairs plus heels, God help me!

"I've marked out the step where," She talked. She had told me this at least 60 times today and yesterday. When she reached a certain stair Charlie and I would begin. It was no problem.

Instead of listening to Alice, which today had become increasingly so-I wonder why?-I watched Ben.

I watched him as he and Rosalie played, really he was running circles around the chair that Rose had collapsed into.

Alice broke out the hairspray making me gag. I reached up to touch my hair. As expected it was rock hard. Alice slapped my hand away. I sighed, it looked beautiful but poor Edward won't be able to run his fingers through it tonight. I giggled at the prospect.

"What's so funny?" Alice asked, "Do you find falling flat on your face funny?" She asked.

Oh, she must have been talking to me about how to walk correctly in heels. Like it would help with my balance, but Alice thought that it would, and I appreciated her concerns.

"I'm sorry Alice," I mumbled.

"It's alright," She said, "You're all done, you look beautiful Bella." Alice said and turned and hugged her.

"Thanks to you," I grinned and she shook her head.

"No, you always look good; I just accentuate your already strong features." She explained.

"Thanks for the accentuating Ali," I laughed.

"Thanks Bella," She said then frowned, "I'm going downstairs to check on everything, I just got a feeling," She said tapping her head, "Stay put," She ordered, "I'll see you if you don't." She grinned evilly and disappeared through the door.

I walked over to Rose and Ben, pulling Ben into my lap and sitting down next to Rose.

"Does mummy look pretty Ben?" I asked him and he giggled.

"Yeb," He nodded, "Booful." He smiled. I'm pretty sure Edward had been teaching our son a whole set of compliments behind my back. I guess it was better than swears.

I smiled and pulled him in closer and kissed him while he giggled.

"Isn't Benny standing at the altar with Edward?" Rose asked.

"Yes, I guess I should hand him over," I replied.

I stood with Ben but haltered at the door, "I can't leave, Alice." I hissed.

Rose made false attempts at getting up, "Darn, I can't get up, and you know Alice would hate for the ceremony to be late all because she forgot to transfer Ben." Rose laughed deviously, "You should do it Bella." She laughed.

I took the chance, "Thanks Rose," I said and running down the hall to where the boys were getting ready. I just hope Edward answers the door.

I knocked, and was thankfully met with the muscular build, strong jaw, untameable hair, smiling crooked grin and gorgeous green eyes of Edward Cullen.

But those green eyes were promptly shut upon seeing me, "Do I honestly look that appalling?" I joked.

"No, quite the opposite actually," He said smiling, still with his eyes shut; though I'm pretty sure they twitched in disapproval at being shut.

"DAD!" Ben cried.

"Open your eyes Edward, this is purely business," I said, "Mr Cullen, I've got your son." I said in a mock secretary tone.

He laughed and opened his eyes, "Purely business?" He confirmed and took Ben out of my arms kissing his forehead.

"May I be an unlawful businessman?" Edward asked

"If you must," I replied.

"You look beautiful, love," He said and leaned down for a kiss.

It was quick but still sweet. I could hear Esme coming, "That better not be who I think it is," Esme laughed.

We pulled apart and I blushed like two teenagers who had just been caught making out on their parents' couch. Actually it's almost exactly the same, except for the fact that I'm an adult, we didn't even get close to making out and Alice would be the overprotective father that everyone's scared of.

"Ha ha!" Esme laughed, "Caught in the act, isn't seeing the bride prior to the wedding suppose to be bad luck."

"Well, technically it's a vow renewal." Edward said to his mother, Esme knew about Vegas too.

"And this is a business transaction, right Edward? I brought Ben." I said taking him out of Edward's arms, kissing his cheek and then forcing him upon Esme as a distraction. Aren't I a good mother?

"Hi Benny," Esme cooed, "Alright, be quick you two," She said to Edward and I, "Really Bella, I just fear for your health," She smiled, "Alice." She whispered her name as if it was taboo before returning back into the room.

"Maybe we should end this business meeting?" I said seriously.

"An official goodbye?" Edward asked hopefully.

"Of course," I answered, and kissed Edward a little deeper this time.

"And Edward," I whispered huskily in his ear after we'd pulled away to breathe, "I'm going commando." I said before turning and heading back down the hall leaving a smirking Edward behind.

Before I could even reach out to open the door it opened for me.

"Where have you been?" Alice asked, "Bel-la," she whined, "You know he's not allowed to see you, its tradition!" She yelled.

"Now, now Alice, it was supervised, and there were blindfolds, and it was strictly business." Esme told Alice, making me jump in shock.

Alice's eyes narrowed but let me inside. I sent Esme a silent thankyou and she just shook her head and hugged me.

"No, thank you Bella," she whispered in my ear.

"Why, I haven't done anything," I said a little shocked.

"Thanks for doing this, for getting married again; I must say I was a little hurt when my only son got married without me." She laughed a little.

I cringed and smiled all in one, "It's alright, I'm glad we can do this for you, but I want to marry Edward, you can't take all the blame for this shindig."

"Bella, only you could ruin your make-up in such a short time," Alice said ruining the moment Esme and I were having. I gave Esme another hug to hide my blush from why my make-up was ruined and to thank her again.

Alice led me over to the make-up chair and began fixing my face. Esme is truly an awesome woman.

She has always been without a doubt supportive and loving.


"Wine Bella?" Esme asked. Edward and I decided dinner was the best way to tell his parents that I was pregnant; it was a better option than just dropping it on them, like I did Charlie. Just ease them into it, or maybe not. I think that question just blew our cover.

Edward gripped my hand, "No thanks, not tonight Esme." I responded.

I looked at Edward and squeezed his hand; why not get it over and done with?

He nodded and smiled, "Actually," he said, "We have something to tell you." He started and then stopped.

"It involves wine," I said looking at Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle smiled but waited, I think he knows. Esme smiled wide, I'm pretty sure she knows too, she's practically bouncing in her seat.

Edward laughed and looked at me, "Yes, wine," He said amused at my approach of the subject, "Bella can't drink wine because,"

"Because I'm pregnant." I cut in and he laughed at my eagerness.

Esme jumped up and screamed hugging me while Carlisle shook Edward's hand.

They were very happy for us.


Carlisle and Edward insisted that they washed up tonight ordering Esme and me to sit and enjoy another serving of ice-cream.

"I'm so excited," Esme confessed to me.

"Thank you," I said.

"Bella dear, why are you thanking me?" She laughed.

"For understanding, I know we're not married," I said letting the words sit.

Esme didn't respond, actually she looked downright awkward, like she knew something she shouldn't.

"Esme?" I questioned.

She sighed and dropped her spoon dramatically into her bowl like she was confessing to a huge secret, "I know about Vegas, sorry Bella, Alice told me."

My eyes widened, "Alice?" I'll kill her.

"I'm okay with it; actually I think it's rather funny." She laughed and continued eating her chocolate ice-cream.

"It's quite a story to tell the Bub," She laughed and I joined in.


"All done," Alice smiled. I stood and straightened out my dress just as Charlie and Emmett walked through the door.

"Squirt!" Emmett said picking me up and twirling me around.

"Em, put me down!" I ordered as he obliged letting me breathe again.

"Bells, you look beautiful." He told me sincerely.

"Thanks Em," I said hugging him.

He kissed my cheek, "I should get down there; I've got to keep your men in line." He joked.

"I should go down too Bella, you do look beautiful honey." Esme said and exited with Emmett.

"Ready Bells?" Charlie asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I smiled. I was marrying Edward today! I squealed internally.

Rose hugged me wiping tears from her eyes, "You are really stunning Bella," She said.

"Thanks Rose, you too," I said wholeheartedly.

She grimaced but said, "Thanks," anyway. "I love you Bella." She said and started heading down the stairs.

"Alright, remember what I said Bella," Alice said very seriously.

"Yes, when you reach the mark, we take off." I said and Alice cringed at my terminology.

Alice sniffed, "I love you Bells, I'm so happy." She squealed.

"I love you too Ali, thank you." I said and she smiled and took off.

"Don't forget," She reminded me.

"This is it Bells," Charlie said, "Don't trip, because if you do, I'm not saving you." He joked last minute as Alice reached the step.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Dad." I cringed at going ass over head into my own wedding.

Charlie just laughed.

"If I ever do this again how about we ride down on mattresses?" I joked.

Charlie laughed again, "Deal," He whispered as we reached the end on the staircase safely. "You are beautiful Bells," Charlie added awkwardly, emotions still aren't his strong suit.

"Thanks dad," I whispered as we started the walk up the aisle.

I could see the altar, Rose and Alice were on the left looking beautiful, and Jasper and Emmett were on the right with Ben, each holding one of his hands.

I looked last at Edward. He was standing there in the middle looking as handsome as ever. His head was held high, proudly. He was smiling staring directly at me and I was doing the same. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Everyone else did not matter in this moment.

Charlie and I reached the altar and Charlie placed my hand in Edward's hand, kissed me awkwardly on the cheek and went to take his seat while Edward gave me a quick peck on the lips.

We turned to face the priest who started with the official hello business. Edward squeezed my hand, well he kind of did. The thumb of his left hand was fixed, he could no longer bend it, there was slight movement, but not much. It was my fault too...


Alright Bella, one last push," The doctor said. I had been in labour for 12 hours, my body felt like it was trying to tear itself in half and I hadn't slept.

"I can't, I changed my mind, and I don't want to do this." I pleaded.

"A little too late love," Edward said and my eyes narrowed at him. He got the message and shut his goddam mouth.

I started to push focusing on the good that was going to come from this pain, and all the things I could do to Edward for putting me through this. I may've said some out loud too, but Edward's feelings were the last thing on my agenda today. I gripped Edward's hand, this was the end.

I was squeezing his hand so hard that my fingers were numb, but that didn't matter.

A little baby cried loud and strong. Our baby.

"It's a boy." The doctor said holding up our son.

"You did do well Bella, I love you," Edward said kissing my sweaty forehead. He turned away as a nurse rushed to him.

"Edward?" I managed but was interrupted by another nurse carrying a blue bundle over to me.

He was squished looking and a little slimy but utterly beautiful.

"Hey baby," I said softly running my finger over his tiny fingers, "ten fingers, ten toes," I whispered.

"He's perfect," Edward said returning to us. He was pale and sweaty, I frowned at him and he just shook his head. He placed a soft kiss on our son's forehead and a rougher kiss on my lips.

"Does dad want to hold him?" The nurse asked and Edward nodded.

She placed him into Edward's arms, "Oh dear." She said.

"What?" I worried.

"He's fine Bella," Edward reassured.

"What is it?" I panicked.

"You might want to get that checked out dear," the nurse said to Edward pointing at his hand.

His thumb was at an awkward angle to the rest of his hand.

"Edward what happened to your thumb?" I asked.

"Uh," He stumbled, "Isn't he beautiful, you've got a strong grip there love, do you still like that name?" He said hiding the answer. Strong grip aye? I laughed.

"Yes he his beautiful, sorry Edward, did I break your thumb, yes I still like that name." I said answering his questions like he answered mine.


I snapped back to reality just in time.

"Isabella, do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?" The priest asked.

"I do," I said with conviction now staring deep into Edward's green eyes.

"Edward, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?" The priest asked.

"I do," He said too, I could see the love in his eyes shining out lighting up his whole face. The belief in those two words made me weak at the knees and my face break out into a huge goofy grin.

We were pronounced Husband and Wife and Edward got permission to kiss me. He did of course, wonderfully as usual, making my stomach knot and my skin tingle. Though technically you could say we've been married for four years, this kiss was our first-memorable-one as man and wife. You could feel the love, devotion and passion; our lips moved expressing our love and at the same time recognising what we had entered into promising each other that the vows we had said only moments before were true and unbreakable.

We broke apart and the crowd applauded as we made our way down the aisle. Edward pulled me outside and we both stood there deliriously happy, but unsure of what to do. I giggled and Edward laughed pulling me into his arms. Alice had told me what to do down to the second when I was walking down the aisle, but never what to do once we were married. I guess we'll just have to figure that one out.

"We're married," Edward whispered his hot breath tickling my ear.

"So Mrs Cullen, how do you feel being tied down?" I giggled, uttering the same line I had said after our first wedding.

Edward responded the only way he should've, "Pretty darn good Mr Cullen, what about you?"

I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Never Better."

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