Tsuna stared ardently out of the backseat window, unable to restrain himself for much longer. He had no idea how long it had been since he and his friends had the chance to slack off together at the same time. He still found it strange and ominous that his bum of a father had just suddenly contacted him and left him and his friends tickets for a weekend getaway, but his mom convinced him that his father was just trying to connect with his son. It didn't hurt that Kyoko was all excited about going either. Ahh, Kyoko, the girl of his dreams....

"Tsuna, we're here," Takeshi Yamamoto, one of his first best friends, called from the front seat.

"Baseball nut, he can see that with his own eyes!" Hayato Gokudera, Tsuna's other best friend, clenched his fist at Yamamoto from Tsuna's side.

Well, at least things were normal with them, but Tsuna didn't entirely like how Haru, a friend who went to another school who was completely obsessed with him, was being so unnaturally quiet. He figured that he would have almost been almost annoyed enough with her constant and crazy yammering to tell her to shut up by now, but ever since he had shown her the ticket, she had been impossibly silent. He just pushed it from his mind at the time, but now in this sunny and welcoming setting, he just couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong with her.

Being the kind guy that he was, he asked her what the problem was, "Haru? Are you alright?"

She blinked at him, as she had been zoning out and not on complete autopilot for several hours, "I'm great! The sun is shining, the waves are sparkling, the seagulls are cawing, and most importantly, I'm here with you!"

"Right," Tsuna was glad that they were not alone, because he feared that she might try something, like treatening to kill him if he didn't marry her on the spot.

"Oh, Ryohei's already here," Yamamoto pointed to the other car full of their group as everyone exited the cars, carrying their things in the most precarious fashion.

"Tsuna, I wanted to thank you again for inviting my brother and me," Kyoko blushed as she thanked Tsuna.

Everyone in the group was still so stupid and inexperienced with the opposite sex or relationships, no one caught the romantic air floating throughout every single one of their pubescent bodies. Or the fact that their best friend was also a competitor in the affections of their crush. Not that matter in the long run, because there would be only one winner in the end.

"So, what are the rooming arrangements?" Gokudera asked, knowing inside every single one of his cells that he would be sharing a room alone with Tsuna.

Tsuna grabbed the paper that had their information on it and read it out loud for everyone else to hear, "It looks the girls get room 0000, Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Gokudera get room 8059, and I get room 6927,"

Haru frowned and pushed herself closer to Tsuna, "But sounds like we're all on a different floor!"

Gokudera glared at her and pushed her back just by the look on his face, "This is only a one story building, you stupid girl, how could you miss such an obvious thing?"

Haru huffed out her cheeks, "I'm not a stupid girl!"

He smirked at her, "I believe that one, you stupid boy,"

"Get a move on, you're crowding up the door," Someone with an all-too-familiar voice quietly said beside them, his murderous intent almost palpable.

"Hibari...." Tsuna sweat dropped and quickly headed for his room, leaving his friends to fend for themselves. He felt bad, but Hibari scared the crap out of him!

In his mad dash to safety, Tsuna ran straight into somebody as he looked behind his back to see if he was being pursued like a herbivore by the carnivore known as Hibari. Tsuna quickly forgot Hibari as he rubbed the back of his head and looked at the person he ran over.

"Sorry!" Tsuna didn't know what to say, but he was sure that if he had an excuse, it would have been lost as he looked at the man he knocked over with fascination. The man, even though he had hair that reminded Tsuna of a pineapple and mismatched eyes, was very striking and had a charmingly arrogant aura about him.

The man, who was the co-owner of the hotel they were staying at and was on the pursuit of a suitable challenage, stared at Tsuna with great pleasure, his pursuit for fun now at an end, "Ah, no need to worry, Hibari,"

Tsuna turned around, and sure enough, Hibari stood there glaring down not at him, but at the man, "Mukuro,"

Tsuna had never once heard even half as much animosity in Hibari's voice that he now had, speaking to this man. The man merely grinned back at Hibari like a starving wolf. Hibari glared at him for a second more and left them both alone.

The man turned his full attention to Tsuna, taking in his milky skin, hopelessly tousled brown hair, and his innocent yet sinfully tempting brown eyes, "Are you alright? I'm afraid I was being careless,"

Tsuna didn't notice the seductive undertones in the man's voice, "Um, no I'm sorry, I wasn't paying any attention at all to where I was going,"

The man grinned wildly in pleasure, "And may I ask where you were going in such a hurry?"

Tsuna felt the blood rush to his cheeks but didn't understand why it happened, "692-" He caught himself before he gave away to much to the alluring stranger, "My room,"

This was definitely going to be fun, because he was staying in the room next to this boy, room 6996, "Well, I hope we can meet again,"

"Tsuna!" His friends yelled out to him, seeing him staring at the strange man and holding a conversation with him.

He frowned and finally got up, looking at Chrome from the entrance, then he turned to Tsuna to help him up, smiling brightly like a man who knew that he had won a battle before it was even announced that there was a conflict, "Well, I certainly hope to meet you again, Tsuna,"

After helping Tsuna up, the man just walked away toward where Chrome was waiting for him. Tsuna stared at him in wonder. Just who was that man?

Gokudera glared his retreating back, "Damn pervert!"

He paused for second, as he had heard what Gokudera had said all the way from across the vast and spacious room, but he didn't turn around or anything, He merely paused in place for less than half of a nano second before leaving the building. Gokudera exhaled in relief, not wanting to get Tsuna in trouble, even though he knew he would have won that fight. That tight-leather-pants-wearing pervert looked like he would have gone down before you had time to blink.

"Tsuna, should we go to our rooms?" Yamamoto asked Tsuna, pulling him back into reality and casting an unnoticed worried glance at the retreating stranger. Yamamoto didn't like the feeling of that guy at all.

"Yeah," Tsuna said in a high-pitched voice, like one that could only come from a dazed person lost dep in thought who was suddenly called to attention.

They all left to their individual rooms for the moment to relax and get settled. Tsuna immediately took a bath before he even opened his suitcase. Gokudera would have done the same, but two things prevented him for relaxing. One was that he was too distracted by that creepy pervert who was trying to touch on his Tsuna. The other was that he was too slow. Ryohei barely even entered the room before he sprinted toward the bath. Yamamoto was on the same hassled page as Gokudera. They didn't like this at all, but as long as Tsuna was fine, they resolved themselves to at least pretending to enjoy themselves, and how knows, they may end up enjoying themselves for real. Haru and Kyoko both laid down to take a short nap.

Meanwhile, Mukuro was on his way to meet up with his most reliable source for information on this Tsuna kid he had found to pass the time. Ahh, he was planning on having such a fun time, it was almost criminal, if it wasn't already.

Ok, this is my first ever Yaoi, so please, take it easy on me! Maybe I should have focused solely on Mukuro and Tsuna, but I couldn't leave the others out, so I will also be adding other parings, like 8059. Yummy.